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Rev. Run’s daughters launch footwear line

Submitted by on March 2, 2007 – 6:03 pm210 Comments


Vanessa and Angela Simmons, daughters of rapper/TV star/author/businessman Reverend Run, make their footwear debut with the hunger-inspiring name Pastry Footwear Cake Collection.

The initial line to debut on March 23 is The Cake Collection, an offering of colorful, mid-priced athletic-inspired shoes designed for stylish young ladies, carrying tasty names such as Chocolate Mousse (brown with pink highlights), Strawberry Shortcake (pink with white highlights), Red Velvet (red with white highlights) and Sprinkles (white with small multi-colored dots).

Vanessa (23) and Angela Simmons (19) are the down-to-earth sisters known to television viewers from their appearances on the popular MTV reality series, Run’s House.

A new season of Run’s House debuts this Spring.

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  • James says:

    THEY DO NOT READ THESE COMMENTS !!!!!! stop asking questions people, like the f*ckin girls are gonna write you personally, YOURE DUMB

  • It doesn’t make sense how people ask questions in the comments…

  • Eduardo says:

    I just saw the episode of you ladies flauntin’ your new idea. It seems like a hot idea. I’ll make sure to buy my little cousins a couple pairs!

  • Janaye says:

    I think they the best job on the pastry I think they will be makeing pastry in time and i want thank for making these shoes

  • Janaye says:

    and this is popin

  • Those shoes are right on target…with their customer.

  • Melissa says:

    I love the shoes! Might buy them all.

    But can anyone tell me where to get one of those “Caked Up” shirts that they have on display with the shoes. I think ya’ll should sell those too!

  • brianna says:

    nice sneakers i will have me some on soon i love the show and the shoes i dont know how you guys came up with this great idea i would have never thought of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • brianna says:

    u gus r the best i was just looking for some colorful cool shoes to wear this is the best idea for women you should come out with an pastry clothing line it will be a big hit with me buying it all lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

  • anonymous says:

    what is the prics of the pastry shoes and when do they come out in stores? anyway congrats on your pastry line keep up the good work

  • Amanda Threatt says:

    I think the shoes are cute I would wear them all. I would pay 100 dollars these shoes. I think they should make some more shoes for girls. Keep up the hard work.

  • Nay says:

    First of all, congratulations on launching your shoe line!!! On the episode of “Run’s House”, I loved seeing how you two came up with the name and designs for the shoes. That was the day I said that I will make sure I buy at least 2 pairs of them, no matter what the cost was. I can’t wait to go shopping and but them!

    Keep up the good work and I agree with the others, you two should come out with a matching clothing line and more shoe designs.

  • jay says:

    i wanna fuck angela

  • Jeffrey says:

    its a good idea girls love brown and pink together. Both of them are sexy as hell too.

  • Alonna says:

    I think they should have some black and white shoes called cookies and cream or somthing b’cause pepl always wear black and white. they could be all white w/ black cookie like droppings. I dont care but i do like the whipped icing idea, that’s a good idea 4 pepl that always wear white. i might not get it if they did make one b’cause i like to wear black ‘n’ white alot!!!!!!!! :) :):):):):):)

  • Raven says:

    these shoes are hot i had saw the episode on when yall had got the idea and i was like i have to get those shoes for school

  • Ms. Masters Degree says:

    Please to all of you young people, please spell check before you send out your response. Also the foul language is un call for. Why must you present your self in such way to get some one to read what you write. The praises and great comments are enough for the ladies, but when you start talking crazy and rude, you get no love back. Have a bit respect for yourself and others. There’s enough iggnorance in the young generation today, lets stop with you!!!

    Love, Gina in NY.(West Side)

  • Angela says:

    What is the address for the Meet and Greet in New York? The “events” is not clickable on their site, so can someone send me an e-mail to [email protected]

  • carol knight says:

    I love your show, and i grew up with run DMC. Iam a TSA Officer at Midway Airport in Chicago . And i have been waiting for you lady’s to put out this shoe. Im so proud of you guys and thanks. Even thou we can’t wear them at work, i am passing the word around about your line. And so far its a big hit here. Stay as beautiful and sweet as your new line.
    Love from the knight

  • Ariayn says:

    This is a great idea. I want a pair so bad! I love the sprinkles.

  • bruce campbell army of darkness

    Man i love reading your blog, interesting posts !

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  • Gabriella says:

    hola amigas. los pinta y navas la bien amallio blanco

  • Gabriella says:

    savas y cumpleateos

  • Gabriella says:

    hola i can speak english too look good evening

  • Bianca says:

    i love this shoes they mad hot

  • Pastry Shoes says:

    Incredible shoes, love em !

  • araceli says:

    i luv yr shoes their zo cute

  • We’ve been trying to keep up with all the sales over the holidays of Pastry’s. They have been flying off the shelf. Our pictures page has all the styles and has been a great help in getting users to find the kicks they want.

  • Amber R. says:

    The shoes are cute and i believe that you two did a wonderful thing of creating the shoes. I also say you both did a great job of encouraging your father too let you creat anddesign gurla nd lady shoes!

  • Amber R. says:

    Oh, I’ve got a pair of pastry’s and theycouldn’t have been better!!!!!!!

  • Aaliyah says:

    hey i luv ur shoes were can i get them how much r they

  • Pastry says:

    Pastry sneakers totally rock i love em

  • love the new addition to the fab line, when are we going to see the new cloths

  • Roc says:

    Check out myspace.com/milkshakekicks
    Find us on sneakerplay too

  • chuy says:

    dam yawll got some big ass tities espacially you vanessa i would suck on those tits

  • chuy says:

    i would fuk the crap out of both of yawll

  • dam jojo ur fuken ugly you and you crusty lips. And dont even get me started wit yo lil brothers looking like spoiled ass bitches. Always have it the easy way. OH AND YOU SISTERS THATS A WHOLE NOTHER STORY ID LOVE YO TO BE YOUR BROTHER IN LAW I WOULD LOVE TO SUCK ON THEM TITS

  • heavyminds says:

    I think those are cute and I think they will take off. I like the whole pastry theme, I think it’s clever.

  • bunnyluv says:

    I think these will make me look so with good fashoin I luv them!!!

  • Dee says:

    dam jojo ur fuken ugly you and you crusty lips. And dont even get me started wit yo lil brothers looking like spoiled ass ****es. Always have it the easy way. OH AND YOU SISTERS THATS A WHOLE NOTHER STORY ID LOVE YO TO BE YOUR BROTHER IN LAW I WOULD LOVE TO SUCK ON THEM TITS

    Who the fuck is jojo? just wonderin coz ur dissin sum1s family!1

    Like da shoes by da way!!!!

  • ALLDAY says:

    listen Nessa its me its your baby come get me you know yoo love me girl im sorry for all the hurt ive caused you please forgive me

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