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The Bape argument: creators vs biters

Submitted by on March 2, 2007 – 10:38 am82 Comments


Bape have just released their leather Apestas (hi and lo) and they’re definitely clean, nice-looking sneakers.

One must ask the question though: looking at these kicks, does it seem the Japanese brand survives simply from using other companies innovation and then adding to it?

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Images: High Snobiety

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  • katherine says:

    bape sucks…period
    why it gotta be costly?!!

  • katherine says:

    bape sucks…period
    why it gotta be costly?!!
    designers these dayzzz
    its like he bootleg dem or sumthin

  • dagrlplAya says:

    like us latinos say….
    these shoes APESTAs(stink, kiss ass)

  • smooth says:

    yall are wack… Bapes are just like anything else. them shits was hot when they were exclusive, but now the kid at the local mall is rockin’ em and you know them shit is fake. it’s like you got a hot pair of ones and them you see a kid with some fake ass off colors J’s, but can you hate the little man cause he got his swagger on lookin’ clean in his $70 kick you know he got on ebay or another website. you see when it comes to gear, it’s how you rock shit. i got bapes, and everywhere i go people ask me about them. then i can rock the cheapest shit, and my game is the same. step your swagger up homies!

  • Priddy Boi says:

    TRACKSTARRRRRR,you are just another ignorant waste of sperm who cant think for themselves.Obviously these shoes are knockoffs, over priced,and some even very ugly. And for you to say they are hot because rappers, who can actually afford to buy them consistantly,are wearing them, that just makes you a dick rider who tries to live in the next mans light.Words of advice:GET YOUR OWN SHINE,running behind the pack aint cute…..1

  • Bill Walsh Da Gangsta says:

    Whats the MSRP on these?? They wack either way. Im waitin on the BAPE Pro Wings or maybe some Coasters! WALSH!!

  • Saga says:

    Bape’s are too fruity, especially those lame colorful hoodies, but this just takes the cake, lol!! And I bet they want like $300 for those Chucks.

  • Nathaniel says:

    In my words: BAPE is a waste of MONEY!!! I never did like that brand, and for that company to “bite” a CLASSIC brand, well words won’t do justice…take it from me, BAPE should stick to that COLORFUL ISH they put out…

  • deltadiva05 says:

    Yes, these shoes look like converse, the other sneakers look like air force 1′s with lots of color and the clothing are mediocre. But hey, what clothing line actual does have their own unique style that no one else is doing, besides the high fashion and high urban fashion wear?

  • friendoffoe says:

    now i agree with most of yaw n****s on this point…them is jus some leather chucks ok we all no that and i like most sensible people would jus but some real chucks. but most of yaw is some hatin ass fake ass broke mafukers.fisrt off we all no and no one could lie the bapestas (BAPE airforce1s) was the hottest joints since the originals period. cant nobody lie and say when they seen them shitys they didnt want or go get a pair . and the BAPE clothes is excluisve if more people could buy them more people would get them. yeah the trend cooled down but BAPE clothes is so original matterfact companies started bittin off him. and besides all yaw mufuckas no yaw dress a certain cus of some shit u seen someone else wear so stop talkin bout n****s bittin cus if thats the case we all do it

  • datdude says:

    Now first off…. dispite the fact u may or may not lik bape in general, u have to aaaaaadmit these are clearly a variant of the desing that has trademarked converse making it 1 of the classic sneaker lines in the world…. in my opinion bape is overpriced, but as long as people keep buying the products and “hypin” their products off its going to continue…. all this said I have to give credit where credit is do, bape all in all has helped the fashion revolition that we are living right now… to some poeples dissapointment the baggy look is out and the fitted look is in… I personally lik the new fashion trend, I feal it looks much better than the OD baggy look from a couple of years…. the bottom line is that fashion is never still, so who ever doesn’t like what fashion has become now a days, then just don’t wear it…. do u, dat other people r goin to them regarless ya dig….

    “I’m not a fashion person. I’m anti-fashion. I don’t like to be part of that world. It’s too transient. I have never been influenced by it. I’m interested in longevity, timelessness, style—not fashion.”- Ralph Lauren

    Stay fly plp!

  • carmal boo says:

    those bapes right day is ugly the up to date ones are HARD

  • thee Original says:

    I think people don’t understand the whole reason why bape was created. If they knew, then they’d GET IT. All the shit they make and do is purposely done, at the expense of idiots. Ya’ll should really get ur reading skills up. Learn something.

  • Tony says:

    Bape is wack. They ain’t even really Japanese. They make all their clothes and shoes in China. What people don’t know is that they just make their shoes in the same factories as the ones that make fake nikes. I laugh at people that pay $300 bucks for a pair of fake nikes. I went to shanghai for vacation last year, and they were selling all the bapes for $20 us a pair. They’re straight wack and have all the hypebeast fooled like no other. Gotta give them props for hustlin’ all the bape lovers.

  • people pay 300$ for shit that cost the company 5$ to make. the profit on you fuckin idiots is crazy. im gonna go into the fashion business, you fools will buy anything

  • wik2716 says:

    i think a few ofusarelosing our heads here..

    > BAPE has done what the fashion world has been doing for years. Taking last years styles and making them better. Theres so many times you go shoppin and u say to yourself ” if this looked like this or had this color it would look so much better” I personally wasn’t a fan of the bright colored kicks da first time round but these are hot. I have leather chucks and trust they arent worth it, the soles are wack and the materials are cheap. What BAPE has done is take a staple shoe like the Converse Chuck Taylor and redesigned it to be a higher class item. Im sure the leather, comfort,and look is much better than that out your CHUCKS

    >>and al the heads buyin fakes.. your WRONG simple as that. If you cant afford it or believe its overly priced dont buy it or speak to a company rep. When companies dont sell merchandise They go out of biz if you want companies to keep doin what they do. Spend da money

  • le_derriere says:

    Bape is a little overrated. I`m a female & I like the style & vibe but this article does have a hint of truth in it.

  • SBE says:

    What has happened to original inovation? is this what “high blend fahion”
    has come down to? I agree with everyone that says bape is overated and overpriced. its good to support foriegn designers. but never ever take credit for a original and most respected shoe the Chuck Taylors.
    Nigo. needs to go back to japan and close bape
    this is whack.
    Be easy-SBE

  • sman07 says:

    ok yea dis is gettin outta hand, at first evrybody was rockin bape cuz it was unique n different but den dey came out w/ da bapestas dat look like forces now i wasnt trippin cuz alotta other shoes companys use dat same cup design, but den i saw dem adidas lookin shoes dat dey came out w/ n now dese r jus an expensive pair of chucks n i bet ppl still gon rock em jus cuz dey bape, silly fools

  • BP says:

    Just a question,

    Would everybody like bape better if it wasn’t overly priced?

  • j sipp says:

    the ones they got on dat air max style is tight but I can’t get down wit these mayne lol.

  • Plover says:

    nice colors but if you like playin wit crayons or something you are not going to like um sneakers are wak wak wak tripple wak this company will not be here for long unless they come up with something real creative and I have just what kind of creativity that they need allthough they will not get it because my creativity cost$$$ bling bling bling and it’s a sure thing think crazy and you will come up with a hit maker

  • aNgry dude says:

    Man this type of shit makes me wanna buy wranglers and etonics

  • Thick_chick07 says:

    Bape can b 2 easily recreated. I c so many people selling fake bapes out of their trunks. And it seems as though they basically took ones, removed the signature swoosh and added a fuckin shootin star. Same thing wit these Apestas or whatever they called. They took some chucks and removed the sign and put whatever they wanted on there. Black fashion is so creative and is inspired from street and hood wear. When a Japanese tries that, puts a $300 tag on it, and persuades Jay Z or sumbody 2 where it, we think its all good when they actually out there lookin like sum damn clowns.

  • HUMAN says:







  • traxstarr says:

    look here “Priddy Boi” , shut ya mouth cus you got no clue what you talkin bout . if you hate bape so much then why dont you start ya own damn clothing line n see how far it goes ? jus cus yo broke ass cant afford some bapestas dont mean you gotta knock em off iight ? n what you talkin bout runnin behind tha pack ? man you a wack ass kid who got nuttin better to do than hate on ni***s who get the money right . i bet if you were to start your own clothing line you wouldnt get 50 cents with ya gay ass . you got no clue what you’re sayin so shut ya mouth n go play in traffic . bitch ass n***a … n bape still hot no matter what yall niggas think cus as i mentioned before, tha hottest rappers out now [pharrell, lil wayne, swizz beatz, juelz santana just to name a few] is rockin bape to tha fullest . so anyone that says bape is wack n all that then yall are jus a bunch of haters . if yall hate it so much then jus do somethin about it . if not then shut ya mouths n let nigo do his thing . have a nice day haters .

  • LaLa Escobar says:

    their ugly and they need to go back where they belong…in da damn garbage

  • sam says:

    I do agree, the bapes hoodies, shirts, etc. do SUCK. But you have to admit, the bapestas are da shit man. They are much higher quality then them dam AF1s everybody has

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