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Can you wear Apple Bottoms if you have no booty?

Submitted by on March 28, 2007 – 12:24 pm110 Comments


Here at DrJays.com we were recently discussing Nelly’s very popular women’s line, Apple Bottoms.

As we know, all of the clothing, especially their range of jeans, is aimed at celebrating women’s “curves.”

The question is, what if you don’t have curves in the right places? What if your booty’s much more on the smaller side?

Would you still rock your Apple Bottoms jeans with pride?


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  • Ilovesmurfbitches!!!!! says:

    it for people with booties, but if yo stomach bigger than yo ass them jeans aint 4 u

  • i say us gurl like me wit the big azz should have apple botoom to our self because all this flatazzz gurl has them jeans but wE had to go out and find ours us thick gurls need more pants we like to rock jeans becuz they sex so my opion is that this is only for thick gurls and some fat gurls and that a gurl wit a flat azz shouldn’t wear apple botoom

    duces ppl

  • Teeza says:

    I love Apple Bottom and stay in em. I hate the attention I get from men but I’m not gonna stop wearing em because of it. I love em and it’s my favorite line of clothing. I was one told by a n***a “You always wearing em because of how they make your ass look!” They next week I throw on a sweatsuit, baseball cap and stilettos, walk by the same n***a who doesn’t recognize me and he’s trying to holla sumtin tuff. I turn around and quote to him what he had said to me last week and ended the conversation saying, “I make the clothes, the clothes don’t make me! Is this Apple Bottom or J****!” To make a long story short, whatever you buy to wear must have caught your eye and you liked it! You don’t have to be curvey to wear em. If you can afford it, it’s your size and YOU like how it looks on you, so be it! The make a long story short, they make little girls Apple Bottom…..get my point!

  • aNgry dude says:

    can you wear pants if you only have one leg??? or do you have to wear pant??? dumb ask question!

  • BABYPHATdownSD says:


  • Fasttract says:

    First of all if we are created in Gods image then we are all created perfectly.
    You do not have a big Ass to have self worth. Our society focuses on the wrong things.I thought it was whats in the heart that makes a person who they are,not a fat ass and a pair of jeans.But if your self worth is in a pair of Apple Bottom jeans then God bless you.

  • shay shay says:

    I am skinny, I have a booty and a small waist, I happen to own a pair of apple bottoms and i love them! my friend who is taller and thinner than me has a pair of apple bottoms also; she doesn’t fill them out at all but the girl knows how to work them just like me. It really does not matter how fat in the ass you are you just have to have the swagger and confidence in being a woman we all are made differently and every woman can be sexy! And I also agree with Teeza, Nelly do make apple bottoms for little girls who haven’t yet developed an apple nothing!

  • well really i got a pair of them and im a big girl and i think these jeans are hawt…but if u dont have the booty for them…DONT BUY THEM

  • LaLa Escobar says:

    yeah i think if u aint got da ass for those jeans, don`t waste ya money. cuz people gonna be wonderin why u spent 70 suttin on jeans that dont even look right on u….

  • Actual Apple Bottom Girl says:

    Buy as many as you want! They are NOT for real bootys!

    The FIRST reason that I was skeptical is that they were located in the JUNIOR department. Last time I checked, an teenager and a real woman had significantly different bodies.

    And I don’t mean to be racist, really I don’t, but black women and white women do have different bodies. Black women with big bootys have more of an hourglass shape, white women do not have the same waist indentation. Also black women carry the booty in the back, white women often carry it in the hip as well as the waist. I know some white women with “black” bootys and we commiserate together.

    (That’s why we have a problem finding jeans. When we find some that fit our butts, we end up with 3 inches of material hanging around our waists. If I sat down, people could have a contest pitching pennies into the space between. And don’t even thinking of using a belt, it chafes at your waistline.)

    The SECOND reason that I was skeptical was because the store that I saw the Apple Bottom Jeans in was not known for it’s black clientele.

    So I immediately was thinking, “hmmm these jeans are being marketed to young ladies who are white and 18 or younger. What are the chances that they will actually fit a real apple bottom.” But it was a Saturday afternoon and I had plenty of extra time.

    AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW. These jeans didn’t even come CLOSE to what I needed. They were definitely made to fit the people to whom they were being marketed.

    And please don’t get me wrong. I’m not fat or weirdly shaped. I have a NICE shape. About at 26 inch waist and a 40 hip, and a nice washboard stomach I might add. I just have a lot of back. NOT hip, NOT stomach, JUST BACKSIDE. I used to get enraged when looking for pants, now I just give up and pay money when I find something that works (MISS SIXTY!!!)

    I plan to try Beyonce’s Jeans. Since she has a similar shape, I am hoping that they will fit. I am hoping that she will understand our pain when it comes to finding cute jeans.

  • Actual Apple Bottom Girl says:

    And for those that don’t know… That picture on the top is NOT a REAL apple bottom.

    1. Look at the right side of the picture. Check out her hip, does it look like there is much difference between her hip and her waistline, NO.

    2. Look at the waistband, does it look like her butt is creating a “shelf” that things could be set upon, NO.

    Really, this is a woman with a pretty flat but leaning forward. DUH, that’s WHY she’s leaning forward. Trust me, if I were to lean forward, I might cause a traffic accident.

    But I’m glad their out their. If it makes some women feel like they have something, go ahead.

    We’ve come a long way baby. I remember when I used to wear long shirts to hide mine. :)

  • LaTiNa HoNeY says:

    I think Apple Bottoms are fo gurls dat actually HAVE an A$$! LISTEN UP YEAH U CANS SPEND ALL YO DAMN MONEY ON APPLE BOTTOMS BUT DAT DONT MEAN YOU GONNA LOOK GOOD IN DEM !!! YO A$$ IZ GONNA LOOK LIKE A DAMN DEFLAITED BALLON, SoOoOoO if you eva come to atlanta wearin Apple Bottoms AND YOU HAVE A DEFLAITED BALOON BEHIND YA …. LOL !!!…. you gonna be criticized people gonna b talkin bout … dat girl got no a$$ why she wearin those & the girls are gonna b talkin ESPECIALLY if they the ones that ACTUALLY HAVE SOMETHIN ……………..TO ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL MAH GURLZ WHO ACTUALLY HAVE A SOMETHIN SOMETHIN … DIZ IZ WAT WE SAY ,………….. IF YOU GOT IT FLAUNT IT !!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DONT, CHOKE ON IT b!T(H !

  • Cornell Haynes Jr. Wifey says:

    I think if you have the money, why not? I know alot of people that don’t have a “APPLE BOTTOM” and a flat ass still lookin nice. To me it doesn’t matter if you have a Apple Bottom,its just you have to know how to wear them and work them. Like some people wear the jeans and their bellys and shit is hanging all out with their back fat all out.

  • Ray'Shana says:

    I know i can be the AppleBottom Top model. I have the attitude,body,face and just the total package. Trust me,i want this badly

  • James says:

    that model in the pic with nelly gives me a boner!!!

  • i sWeAr I g0 duMb! says:

    flat booty hoes is better off in some levis

    its like a nigga wit a little dick tryna put on a magnum n fool somebody

  • JUiCY!!! says:

    I agree with i sWeAr I g0 duMb! Like Remy Ma Said in Where Da Cash At “One Thing I Can’t Stand is A BAGGY MAGNUM” Some Saggin Ass Apple Bottoms is not what it is. Now I myself have booty with a very skinny waist, therfore I culd wear them if I wanted cause my booty wuld fill em out but my waist is so small i gotta wear belts, which causes my pants to bunch in the front. So I stay in the hoop shorts. But Yea… No Apple? No Apple Bottoms! Plain and Simple!

  • eboni says:

    Now that I am done laughing, I can actually comment. I dont think you should wear ANY jeans if they dont compliment your butt. Why buy them if they dont compliment your butt? What would be the point? I’d fill out a pair of Apple Bottom jeans very nicely(27″waist, 45″ hips) as I have ass and hips but I dont buy Apple Bottoms because at 5’8″ they are too short for me. Soooo, Nelly, how about adding a 33″ inseam to your women’s clothing line? I know I’d appreciate it!

  • eboni says:

    Actual Apple Bottom Girl Says:

    April 30th, 2007 at 11:47 pm
    “now I just give up and pay money when I find something that works (MISS SIXTY!!!)”

    Ok, ummmm, I visited the miss sixty website and in a word…..no.

  • Heaven Sent says:

    Applebottoms to me are lame. Even with a big butt, they are ugly jeans and I do not like them. I will stick to true relgion, dereon, etc.

  • TestName says:

    Test myfunction comment

  • Amy says:

    lol i want a pair.
    ITS LIKE..
    but nicely lol x :)

  • Mell;;Sexual says:

    YEHH,, Y SHOULDNT YUU B ABLE 2 WEAR WOT YUU WNT,,, if yuu hav a fat arse,, well tht gurdd 4 yuu, if yuu got a flat arse thts gurdd 2 because it dnt matta yuu cn hav a fat or a flat 2 b BOOTYLICOUS! :D ,, dnt listen 2 anii1 ,, if they fit ,, show them apple bottom jeans off baybee ,, woop woop :D

  • Young Renaissance says:

    Well imma say it like this Question 1: Who are these jeans made for? Girls with curves right? Question 2: Who are they sold to? Everyone right? So can’t everyone win. If u confident in’em then do u. If u wanna look like u gotta AppleBottom in some AppleBottoms, get some azz pads lol. But in all seriousness, it don’t matter, eitha way Nelly makin money.

  • wq4tq3tb says:

    I think dat chicks wit big big fat booties dont look right in them thay gots 2 have a nice round ass

  • rick lexington says:

    look i’ve seen gurls with fat and/or flat asses in juicy sweats. And they acteded like they had the roundest ish on the planet. I’m looking at it to figure out if I can sue for false advertising and they think i’m jockin lol.

    So yes they will.

  • emma says:

    the entire point of these jeans is for curvy girls. so if u aint curvy just buy another pair of jeans.

    but w.e floats ur boat i just wear whatever fits and i do have mad curves but i aint fat.

  • emma says:

    and as we all know them rappers aint singin bout flat ass chicks when they talk about apple bottoms

  • .:LADii rAND0m:. says:

    allright heres my comment thingy…my friend said that i am really skinny but i have a BIG ass. wtf right?lolz n.e.ways those jeans look nice, but i cant afford them thyre like 70$ right? it sux. i wish they were less expencive…n.e.ways. i hate it wen chick that got NO ass think theyre the shit and somtimes they are the more hoeish ones.wtf has this world gotten 2?? neways these jeans r for curvey gurls so they should b the ones wearing them not flat pancake asses lolz

  • nikkie pooh says:

    i’m skinny with a plump butt backside and i rock them and don’t be hatein if you can’t where any other jeans thick girls cause skinny girls can work it out to
    big may be better but skinny can still get into anything. Applebottom is for any one with an ass big or small

  • Blairr says:

    heyyyy i love the jeans and i want the so baddd but i an 12 but she wont let e have the a i to young

  • mo says:

    u can wear ur APPLE BOTTOMS any way u want 2 even if u don’t hav a butt r if u do it’s ur choice. U WEAR WAT U WANNA WEAR.

  • Skinny Cutie Wit A BOOTY says:

    wear it if it looks right. if u need a booty to make it look right, than get one! if u dont know how, do some research on google or ask.com, im sure you’ll find plenty of ways to make ur booty bigger. And for dem big gurls out der who be talkin bout skinny gurls, honey we din ask to be skinny just like u din ask to be fat, so stop putting us down bcuz its hard for us to find jeans that fit just like its hard for ya’ll to find jeans that fit.

  • crazyness says:

    I don’t think that anyone is trying to put down skinny girls, but i believe that this line of pants was created for the sole purpose of accommodating the needs of women who have bigger booty. This doesn’t mean that you CANNOT wear them it simply means that the rounder asses look better in them. But hell girl, if u like it, then wear it, there aint no law sayin u cant!!! But in my opinion the typical flat butted women will not look as good as those with a rounder butt. Not true for eveyone, but for the most part, true.

  • mizz beauty says:

    look appel bottoms is for girls with booty read a-p-p-e-l b-o-t-t-o-m-s what that say girls with ass!!!! know to all you fuckin other girls who thiks you got it but you dont or you white the go buy them you know why cuz it gives us girls with ass a laugh when you walk but thinkin how could you be so stupind lol so please go wast your money to llook like shit youll jus make mynday

  • JUIICII3Y{{SO}} THICC says:


  • Stephanie says:

    Why is this S*** sounding so segregated big booty girls against flat ass girls, I am a white/hispanic girl and I have a nice A**, someone even called my a** beefy but I use to be the flat a** girl………I rock Dereon, Apple bottoms, Baby Phat……..every trickle up Fashion there is, and I don’t get laughed at………I have friends with smaller bootys then me and they don’t get laughed at………I think you guys need to calm down…….there is no such thing as fASHION pOLICE!

  • dejone' says:

    i jus wanted to say, im jamaican, i got a skinny enough waist and a round bootylicious booty, its not nasty big but it is far from flat. i can shake it without popping out my back and it turnns dem heads if ya know what i be meaning. i just wanted to be saying that skin color has nothing to do with it. and girls with flat asses can wear whatever they want, it annoys me when some skinny ass girl with a pancake fo an ass walks by with apple bottoms on and she think she got it… so i say no dont put pancakes into apple bottoms put nice apples into apple bottoms.
    dejone’ xoxo

  • dejone' says:

    ALSO BEYONCE has got a booty!! SO TO WHOEVER SAID BEYONCE NOT GOT A BOOTY dey better be lookin again!

  • dejone' says:

    but if a flat ass be wearin them apple bottoms let her wear em, she payed for em! MINE BE GETTING HERE IN 1 WEEK!!!! SOO EXCITED.

  • indemjeans says:

    listen up er body cuz dis whats goin down, if you are funky fresh damn well wear em. I’m white and although my monkey isn’t my best attribute, i still wear apple bottom jeans cuz i got mad chedda and credda. I’m curvy enuf and when ever i walk down tha streetz all dem boyz be hollerin “damn mami shake dem [email protected]#$” i hope this helped ya’ll independent women unite!

  • Josh says:

    People wear Antik jeans but can’t pay they’re damn light bills. Wear what you want people!

  • sexii says:

    hu would wonna see a pancake ass in sexi jeans? u tell me …. i wouldnt …
    wats der to bang? bones? fat galzz r da best

  • NahKnee Bee says:

    well i think apple bottoms were made for women with curves.!!!
    meaning women with figure to their bodiess so if you got no booty but nice hips wear em if you got thick legs and no booty then wear em and if your fat then wear em too… you thick anyways lol (no offense) or plain old BIG ASS BOOTY then wear em some kind of curve or body will do kuz a lil skinny flat board chick wont do it either better off in seven jeans kuz yess crack killss thick chicks in 7 jeans know what i mean jeans are made to format to your body and c’mon lets bee real apple bottom jeans…

    yeah apple BOTTOM but if you look good and you feel top notch then it got swaggah ;) F*ck haterss even if they think there better
    (yeah you cute but dont let that shit go to your head kuz what this cutie wont do another one will)

  • Dee says:

    @Beautifulyaya: that was little harsh you worte..if a skinny person wants to buy apple bottom then they should’nt have to answer to women like you…n if a big person wants to wear apple bottom then f***in let them..

    stupaid cow!!!!!!!

  • alina got a dunk says:

    i hate when white say they got a booty when they know dam well
    they dont only latinos and blacks got booty and even kim kardashian

  • veronica says:


  • Big Booty Judy says:

    No, if u don’t have the booty don’t put them on . Nelly made these jeans for us women that have a little more junk in the trunk. And he is a pioneer, because these other top named clothing brands are making their jeans in larger sizes. Look at Ed Hardy and Coogi. Ladies be proud of what u have. If u don’t have a booty flaunt ur other assests but keep it tasteful. Holla!

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