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50 Cent, Jay-Z, Diddy: money, power…respect?

Submitted by on May 7, 2007 – 10:40 am21 Comments


Check out 50 Cent (G Unit Clothing), Young Jeezy (Eight 732 – on its way to DrJays.com this fall), Diddy (Sean John), Nelly (Apple Bottoms) and Jay-Z (Rocawear) living it up in Las Vegas at Club Tao over the weekend.

All that money in one room…all that power…what we’d like to know is, how much respect is there for each of these hip-hop heavyweights you see here?

Image: YBF

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  • Jeezy has the street respect and Jay-Z has the corporate respect!

  • realz says:

    its good to see everybody gettin it ,coming from the hood to living good

  • L's says:

    They all need to chill like this more often so they can put NY back on the map instead of tearing it apart with all the beef.

  • AroundTheWayGirl says:

    Hmmm…respect is a very powerful word…I love all of them for what they represent and the power they’ve come to assume…but you can’t help but think they’ve all sold their souls to the devil at one point or another to get there…

  • One and Only originals says:

    Well i have to give major props to Jay-Z and Diddy. Both of their stuff is awesome, and they seem like they really know what they’re doing. They aint no thugs, they are more of business men you know, they know how to do it right. Jeezy I got to give props to also. He’s rising up there quick. As for 50 Cent, no. I don’t really have any respect for him. I wonder how much he actually knows about his own company. Sorry, but I just don’t really look up to him. As for Nelly I don’t really know enough about him to comment.

  • m2resles says:

    I respect them all its not often you see that many egos in one place and nothing go down corporate or thug. But make room for me in tha 08 cuz DNA is coming and it will be on DR. JAYS I can promise you that!!!!! Best thing since LRG and True Religion trust me

  • P-jay says:

    I respect all of them…Jay-z I’m from the same hood and i love to see someone come from nothing just to make something…same for all of those guys only problem i have is where is Nas i mean i’m from Brooklyn but i think that Nas has busted his ass to become a very well known hip hop heavy weight……but big ups too all of them ….

  • RSX says:

    In order of most respected to least respected

    1. Jeezy (Easily just the most respectable in terms of having the best music and having not yet sold out)

    2. From here its tough, but im gonna give it to Jay-Z (Losing his grasp on the rap game, but he’s the CEO of one of the biggest record labels, so he gets something)

    3. Close behind Jay-Z is Nelly (Apple Bottoms, now I have something to look at during school)

    4. 50 (dude is an idiot, Curtis better be fire, like, Power of the Dollar fire

    5. Diddy (no…just no, Press Play = total loss of respect. if it weren’t for Sean John, id would have put myself at 5, and him at 6. and I’m not that respectable)

  • jgirl23 says:

    I would have to say the one I have the least amount of respect for is 50. He is a sell-out. Next would be Nelly, trying to sing, come on! Then its Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, Diddy whatever his name is. He is always trying to put his name up in everything to get a piece of the pie! He aint in it for his fans, he is in it for himself! Jeezy is an excellent artist. He keeps it real. Then there is Jay-Z. I am a huge Nas fan so it is not like me to give the guy any type of props, but the man is smart and very successful! How could you not respect all the hard work he has put in to get where he is at!

  • yUNG GOTTI says:

    I have respect for all them dudes please people syop hating on 50 the man came from nothing to something stop hating ,I am a big HOV fan.

  • jgirl23 says:

    Yung gotti,
    nobody is hating on 50. I was simply stating that he is a sell-out. dont be sayin ‘he came from nothing to somethin,’ like you know him, just cuz you saw get rich or die tryin. Just about every artist came from nothin to somethin, and did what ever it took to get themselves there. 50, just happened to sell out to the commercial game. Again no hating involved!

  • SoJones.com says:

    i hope anybody sayinga nything bad about any of these men looks at themself as a fool.. lol.. they got it.. we dont’ as we’re ont his board….. end of story

  • Bly says:

    Jezzy is wack!

  • GrownAzz Man says:

    How can any man or woman say they dont respect a person for being business savvy and understanding what it takes to generate revenue on the hip hop front that’s being taken over by those who could care less who’s on top. I think it’s nice that we are becoming aware of how the industry is and taken it to the next step. Why let tommy mrsteall all your dollars exploit you and get rich off your sweat. This is big business and it’s about profit, rap has transcended the ole school days and is about the money, you either swim or drown. Having visions on how to make money shouldnt be equated to selling out. I see five smart young black men doing there thing and I”m loving it. My broke azz is sitting here reading this and thinking keep doing what your doing and if this is selling out to become a millionaire clothing sales men or club owner. Please sign me up for that class,,, fukk what the simple minds think. Stay hood if you like, well no dont stay because that sounds simple…Lets evole from the hating on each and falling far the narrow pits that our media sets us up for, ,saying has fifty lost touch with the ghetto etc, man that’s where they want us, AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER, and who better to bring these young smart rappers/business men down than us, the media can’t but we decide who’s hot and who’s not…Think abou it….34 yr old broke happy kneegrow!

  • GrownAzz Man says:

    OH and I got respect for them all, rap wise i could care less, how many people rapping nowadays is speaking the truth, lets be real. Jay Z is still my dude, he’s got the flows that are classic,(dude says 30 is the new 20, you know i’m loving that) dont really know much about Jeezy but his sound is cool. Never really liked Nelly But the kid has talent, and smart about his as well. Fifty broke down a record label, off one artist, hilarious. Diddy, sold out years ago, but is still running things, his music has never been that great, come on now Press Play shouldnt be a surprise. He’s POP at best, but i dont care, cat’s super smart, just ask Andre harrell, i think Diddy’s his boss now…Sick…. LOL

  • Shyne says:

    I love all of these guys…Fashion biz is the in-thing right now..These guys have made it cmin 4rm nothin 2 somtin…
    R.E.S.P.E.C.T Jay-Z
    Young Jeezy

  • gunit yyoo says:

    respekt for 50CENT is the king of hip-hop
    ssays:G UNIT yeeeeeee

  • g-unit all day says:

    jaygirl stop hateing 50cent told me you can suck a fat one

  • Northface says:

    ooooooooooh that’s not right g-unit LOL…
    Anyway all dem dudes in the pic “GET MONEY”!

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