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Is the grown and sexy look in hip-hop over?

Submitted by on May 7, 2007 – 2:04 pm16 Comments


True Euro Stripe Shirt by Sean John

Kanye West recently announced in Complex magazine that the “grown and sexy” look in hip-hop is dead.

Kanye says, “The grown and sexy movement is over with, rest in peace. At what point did we become the bougie muthaf***as at the black-tie affair? How far dressed up are we gonna go?”

Here at DrJays.com, we believe our generation – the hip-hop generation – has the ability to navigate its own fashion choices, whether you’re rocking a Sean John button-down shirt (above), or keeping it on the street side with a t-shirt from a cutting edge brand like Jeepney (see below).


Bombin’ Banger t-shirt by Jeepney

What do you guys think?

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  • One and Only originals says:

    Well there is definetely nothin wrong with looking nice, especially for the ladies. I wear whatever I feel like wearing at the time. Sometimes I’ll be all G’d up, and other times I like to wear a nice dress shirt, especially if I want to impress a girl, you know. I think the “grown and sexy” look if far away from dead. You probably will, at times, get more respect from people(depending on who you are hanging with) if you are dressed up nice, instead of lookin gangsta. This is just my opinion

  • AroundTheWayGirl says:

    Yep you guys hit it on the head – in hip-hop it SHOULD be about PERSONAL style; not what Kanye West and others dictate…he shouldn’t talk either, seeing as he was one of the guys who started the trend of dressing up…

  • ToldYouSo says:

    Kanye’s just mad because the Prep-look is dead.

  • BrOwNsUgAr says:

    kanye ALWAYS saying something and thinking he always right! I say if you like what you are wearing whether it be “grown and sexy” or just personal style DO YOU! I personally didn’t whole heartedly care for the preppy look that he was rocking but hey that was his own thing. If

  • I think the worrying about what others think look is dead!…wear what you like and feel comfortable in…that’s your best bet!

  • Vic B says:

    Dress for the occasion. Grown & sexy isn’t dead when you’re goin to a place where that’s the appropriate attire. And if you’re as old as Jay Z, maybe grown & sexy is what you should be doin or else you look like you’re trying way to hard to be young.

  • Pig says:

    Kanye West need to stop tryin to be so outspoken all the time cuz he jus want attention. He cant call anybody bougie cuz look at this dude wearin Luis Vutton bookbags and sweater vests…Get ya mind right Kanye, that shit aint poppin no mo

  • im going to keep it real….right now….the whole button down grown and sexy look is plaid out.

    were in the retro, dunks, vintage skinny jeans look.

    melrose status..

  • RSX says:

    skinny jeans…ima call borat and say NOT

    there is a time and place for grown and sexy. whenever you are trying to pick up women :D

  • dna12th says:

    naw its not played out anybody that knows how to be fly knows that you have to switch your look up one day its polo the next day lrg the next day edhardy christian audiger step yyour game up

  • killa ka5 says:

    well, theres a diff in gorwn n sexy n lookn fresh
    u dress to the ocasion ,
    button down will never go out ,
    i wear button downs to go out and dresh fresh
    but at the same time i wear more fitteds, dunks and shit like crooks and castle rocksmith and all thet high end urban luxury “street swag” as they call it here in dr jays
    u can always wear a button down some fitted jeans , and some all white kicks,

    its all about staying on it

  • Ninja says:

    My take, dress how you want as long as it looks good on you.

  • Bly says:

    I am so glad I was sick and tired of hearing/seeing
    Dress code: Grown and Sexy

  • i.d. says:

    i say just do you. wear whatever is you feel is comfortable

  • i think the whole “this style is in, this style is out” shit is out! get me? just dress how the fuck you wanna dress, damn. look at all these fools “well this shit aint hot no mo” shut the fuck up man just dress. if it looks good, it looks good. and if you ask me that jeepney shit is wack. wtf kinda name is that anyways.

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