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Master P provides food for thought for the hip-hop generation

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As previously posted, Master P recently started a new record label, Take A Stand, promoting only positive hip-hop and R&B.

At a press conference in Los Angeles to announce the BET Awards last week, a reporter asked 50 Cent what he thought of Master P’s latest career move.

“Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore. You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin’ right? Curtis, June 26,” 50 responded.

Yesterday, Master P released an open letter in response to 50′s response.

Here it is in its entirety – it’s long, but worth reading:

“Curtis Jackson’s comment motivated me. There are a lot of immature people in the world. Oprah Winfrey is absolutely right, we need to grow up and be responsible for our own actions.

“I paid for Curtis’s first rap tour through the south. He was such a humble guy at the time. Most artists’ mission is to sell records. My mission is to help save and change lives.

“There’s a lack of knowledge and false information out there. I could actually say Little Jay and Rap-A-Lot Records inspired my successful career and I will always respect them no matter what.

“I wrote the blueprint for this generation. The only difference is there’s no more honor and respect in the game.

“Think about it: people in jail are not writing letters proclaiming to come out and do the same thing that landed them there in the first place. People in the hood don’t want to stay poor for the rest of their lives. They want to change. Parents that really love their kids would rather sacrifice their own lives so that their kids could make a change to have a better life and a better education.

“I’m glad that there are people like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and organizations like the NAACP that are out there fighting for our rights and dignity. I have finally realized that EVERY person is either a part of the problem or part of the solution and that is why I have decided to take a stand! I’m reaching out to corporate America to form an alliance for the sake of putting the value back into our communities by rebuilding and developing schools and businesses.

“First of all, it’s simply disappointing to see people that are in a position to help make a change just sit back and entertain the negativity. It’s sad to see Steven Hill set all of these programming standards at BET, just to contradict himself for the sake of marketing dollars or artist performances in order to create the appearance of a successful award show. The record company with the biggest marketing check controls the music video stations so we need to go after the people who actually control these programming networks if we want real CHANGE.

“I guess by taking a stand, my son and I will probably not be invited back to the BET awards. But it’s O.K. I got love for BET; there are a lot of good people there. Hopefully, this will help people to see the real changes that need to be made. My son and I will sacrifice our airtime because this is bigger than us, this issue desperately needed to be addressed a long time ago.

“There are four things that differentiate me from artists like Curtis Jackson. One, I can honestly admit that I was once part of the problem. Two, I don’t want my son to grow up and be like me. I want him to be better and do better – and that is why he is taking the time to pursue a college degree. Three, money don’t make me, I make money. My goal is to educate our people in building generational wealth and knowing how important it is to own real estate. Four, I’m a TRUE entrepreneur; my boss is God not Jimmy Iovine. From one brother to another, if you misunderstand my purpose you could always pick up the phone or talk to me in person. I’m trying to be part of the solution not the problem. The media thrives on entertaining, especially the negativity no matter what the cost. I’m praying for the brothers that are lost out there.

“Throughout the years, I have lost so many relatives and friends. This year, I’d like to focus on the comedy movies because we need to laugh more. The first movie that I’m producing is “Black Supaman” and thereafter will be “The Mail Man” starring Tony Cox and myself. I’m setting up a book tour for “Guaranteed Success” and a Hip Hop Business class with financial expert Curtis Oakes for those seeking knowledge. I understand that I can’t change the whole Hip Hop industry; I’m only trying to do my part. If you’re real, be a part of the positive movement with Take A Stand Records.com Look for the first single “I Wanna Be Like You” from the album “Hip Hop History.” I’m in negotiations with Wal-Mart and Target for direct distribution. Those are all examples of the positive difference I am trying to make in this industry.

“I’m reaching out to my friends Shaquille O’Neal, Will Smith, Russell Simmons, Queen Latifah, Derek Anderson, Charles Barkley, Emmitt Smith, Beyonce, and Reverend Run to help contribute to this positive movement. I will also be holding a press conference with the president of NAACP and will be able to answer any questions at that time.

“I am not asking any other hip-hop or gangsta rap artist change what they do; that’s how they make their money. Furthermore, I am not a preacher; I’m just telling the world what I’m doing and the changes that I am making because it’s something I want to do. If that’s sending mixed signals to people then they need to deal with their own conscience first.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: VIBE.com

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  • Kshaw says:

    50 showed his black ass. How are you going to diss a rap icon who basically helped make you who you are today. Man 50 needs a reality check…

  • ayo im’a tell u dis right’chea wat it did it is what it did be so basically dat mean dat what it was did it was what it is be, ya hurrrrd?

  • Keshia says:

    P was absolutely right 50 has exploited his gangsta ways from the start to make money and it has worked for him but you can never diss an icon…sorry 50 the thug shit is gettin old what’s next?

  • Jaycee says:

    After reading this letter, I have gained even more repsect for Master P. But unfortunately, I lost that much respect I had for 50 Cent. This letter is so correct about our own people. Were so lost with glitz & glamour, that we have forgotten about humbleness and brotherhood. I hope 50 can shed his “thug” persona and grow up and realize how much a fool he is portraying himself to be, infront of the camera, for the whole world to see.

  • SBE says:

    First off.
    Master P. is a true legend in the Hip-Hop game and for a fake and straight up dis that 50 commented is simply whack.
    50 needs to learn what the true meaning of Hip-Hop really is. I do predict that Master P will definately make a solution rather than a problem.

  • Swish Tipz says:

    What does fiddy cent think he is dissin big star like Master P. Master P was sayin tha truth and the gorilla dont know

  • The Great One says:

    This is wuts up, 50 is a lame ass, that thinks he took them 9 bullets, my aunt took a bullet point blank to the head and still walk this earth today. 50 aint no gangsta, he just trying to be like other real gangsta’s, and just want to be a gangsta NOW NIGGA I SAID THAT!, cuz he wanna portray himself in that form, and act like he can’t be killed, i wish could meet him i’ll show dat nigga wuts good. And how the shit really goes down in the hood!!

  • nae says:

    Eh Master P got something really good going on, im tired of the excuse “Theres nothing to smile about” well there should be! And im down for the cause…and 50 jus hatin!

  • Troy says:

    First of all, I honestly applaud P for what he is doing. I’ve never been a huge fan of his music, but have always been a fan of his hustle and the evolution he’s undergone during his career. He is a business man in the truest sense and is well known for trying to bring the people around him up, rather than leaving them behind. So, to hear that he is moving on to this next phase of his career is no surprise.

    As for 50, it is very unfortunate. You never forget where you come from or the efforts of those that helped you along the way…that could be the people you grew up with or those people that preceeded you…not only in the music industry, but in the struggle to be respected as a Black person in America. He seems to have completely disregarded this.

    So often, we here 50 and artists like him talking about how “hood” they are and how they are products of their environments. Truth be told, many of us share the same story. However, you don’t have to defined by where you came from and you don’t have to perpetuate the negative stereotypes the the media is more than willing to latch on to and promote. Sure, it sells records and makes millionaires of some people. But how much positive does it do? Sure, it’s nice to hear that someone has endured some to the same trials and tribulations that you have. But is there any real positive message in the music? I LOVE HIP HOP, but nigga this, bitch that, ho this is tired and the wrong message to send. What happened to the days of public service and trying to lift up the next man.

    We live in a ME world and it’s a shame. Young people are so impressionable and our heroes are those people that are fed to us…without regard to if that person is deserving of the label. We really need to change our thinking and re-evaluate our perspectives on community and success. Success is not measured by how many diamonds you have in your ears, watch, around your wrist or neck. That is what we see all day everyday and it is frustrating. Not only that, but there is no discussion on the journey to success.

    I am sorry for the rant, but this is very frustrating. You don’t hear about the Hill Harpers, the Tyler Perrys, and countless other prominent Black entertainers that are using their influence to create positive change in the minds and communities of black people. We need to seek those types of people out and stand behind them as they are positive and selfless. This is our time to show that Generation X is about more than the superficial.

    I applaud P for adding his name to the ranks of those similiar to the people I mentioned above. I challenge others to do the same.

  • DJ says:

    On the real, I really feel what Master P is saying. For years and years alot of us have contributed to the destruction of our youth. Especially black youths. We as black americans should make a stand and srtive for something new. I hope Master P can reach out to his friends and have them support this movement. I know that i will. I’m just tired of seeing black people finish last, it will continue unless we, meaning everyone to take that stand and say” no more”. I encourage all my brothers and sisters to rise up and be part of the solution and not let what brother Malcom, Dr. King, Jessie Jackson, and all the others who was in the civil rights movement work seem like it was all for nothing.

    And for 50 Cent, this guy is a joke! He came out dissing Ja Rule for his singing and he sings more than an R&B singer. Then he call himself real, he can’t even go back in his own hood. Yeah thats real Curtis!!

  • da man says:


  • K.Sweat says:

    Percy man, you just don’t know how good it is to see you realize how good God is!I respect everything you doing,i mean like you, i came up in the streets,and later landed a decent job making fair money.So with that being said,we as a people need to wake up and start giving back to society when we know what is right,and stop selling out for a lot of money that all you going to do with it is blow it on a $300,000 car.Whatever happened to Hip Hop,this new “Gansta Rap” is nothin i want my kids growing up listening to.I’m not selling out,it’s that we as Black people should have more respect for one another.So “P” you got my blessing Bro..

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