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Is Mariah Carey the worst singer of all time?

Submitted by on June 15, 2007 – 10:45 am20 Comments


British entertainment magazine The Word seems to think so!

Mariah Carey was named the worst singer of all time by the publication, and labelled a “proper tune butcher” by the anonymous (of course) writer of the piece.

The article reads, “[Carey is] clearly the worst thing to happen to popular music since (disgraced British pop mogul) Jonathan King. All technique, gallons of surgery gloop, and not an atom of soul anywhere.”

We tend to disagree…what do you guys think?

Source: Contact Music

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  • Ashley says:

    thats bulls*** if anything she’s one of the best singers

  • h2 says:

    i think there’s a difference between having a phenomenal voice (which she does) and putting out crappy sugary pop music (which she also does). so let’s just say, she’s a great singer with bad songs. even tho most of those bad songs are my guilty pleasure :)

  • Nikki L. says:

    NO NO NO. Mariah Carey is NOT THE WORST SINGER! Do I like her as a person? No, but I will be lying if I said she was the worst singer. She can really hit those high notes.

  • beautiful says:

    I think Mariah Carey is one of the best singers ever,and who ever asked this question is a hattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttta!

  • Donna says:

    I think Mariah is a great singer. She’s just a bad actress.

  • man… people just hate to let anything with African descent be great… she’s undoubtedly the best of all time in my opinion b/c she’s reached people internationally on a level no one has

  • RSX says:

    she’s one of the best…

  • Shaun Keaton says:

    WTF! I’m confused, I know they are not talking about Mariah Carey. There must have her confused with someone else…

  • victoria e says:

    Lmao. She’s prolly readin this and laughin.

  • Alexis says:

    all time? NO.

    lately? SHE’D BE UP THEIR FOR ME.

    sorry guys but, i’m just not really diggin Mariah Carey like i was back in the day.. before she got all “we belong together” i thought she was like super hot.. now, i dont know what she’s doin.. i’m just not feelin her new style

  • Jaycee says:

    Sometimes when you sell your soul for the “perfect” image, you might suffer greatly. When Mariah first appeared, she was destined to be one of the great soul divas. But when you change your image into someone who wears skimpy clothing, and the lyrics are meaningless, you sold your jazzy soul to the mainstream devil. You reep what you sew. She still has a chance, but she has to get back what she lost, her jazzy soul.

  • AJ says:

    this is abslutely nutty to say!

    she is one of the best, stats, fans and albums prove this…every artists has HIGHS and LOWS… Mariah carey has been HIGH, had a down time and managed to come back stronger than ever b4… Does she sing like she use to? no, but who could after singer that strong for over 15 years, DAILY? Shes one of the best… no argument here. i cant even belv im writting in response… this was started by a serious hater …. im done.

    As for someones “appeal” speaking louder than their character and talent… i wanna void that idea. Micheal Jackson still and ALLLWAYS BE MICHEAL WHETHER HE HAS PALE SKIN OR DARK… BEYONCE WILL BE BEYONCE with or w/out 20 additional pds… WHITNEY WILL STILL BE WHITNEY, w/ or w/out crack… TALENT IS TALENT… whether mainstream for the moment or not…. MARIAH CAREY’s clothing shd not create the “hoopla” that it does…. PEOPLE OUT THERE ARE DOING MUCH WORSE THAN WEARING GLITTERY BRAS, GIMMIE A DAMN BREAK!

  • Rissa K says:

    i was feelin her back in the day but really shes definatelynot the best , but with singers like brittany spears out there how can anybody possibly say shes the worst.

  • Nay Nay says:

    I think that the ONLY reason people even talk about Mariah’s clothing is because when she first came out she was very conservative and covered up. Then through the years people saw that she started showing more of her sex appeal. If she would have came out as an artist looking the way she does now I’m almost confident that people wouldn’t be talking about her clothes the way they do. Everybody has their times in their life when they start to dress differently and she wanted to express herself the way she wanted to. It’s not like she shows her ass crack or wear something so scandalous that no one can talk nowadays. It’s not like she’s dressing like Lil’ Kim with her breast hanging out with a star or something covering her nipple. I mean compare Mariah’s clothing to Beyonce, Rihanna, or Christina Aguilera during her Stripped/Dirrty days, or Janet Jackson. Is it much worse on a fair scale than theirs? I don’t think so. I just think that Mariah wants to be sexy without putting it out there in a sleazy way. As far as her music goes she has always been a pop artist. I love Mariah’s music to death but I always considered her music as pop. When she first came out yeah she did have soul but her album was pop. Her only true most R&B album was her latest album the Emancipation of Mimi. And let’s be honest. What R&B artist out there has any true soul in their music?? Not Ne-yo, not Beyonce, not Rihanna, not Lloyd or whoever. The only person who I can say has true soul in their music is Alicia Keys. So what is all this mess about her having soul. Music changes and the industry changes. Mariah has always done mainstream…that’s why she’s international and whatnot. And the British guy who says that she is the worst singer of all time is a loser. The fact that he published it anonymously shows how worthless his opinion is in the media. The only reason I’m responding to this is because of the posts and not what this loser guy is saying.

  • kwaping says:

    Don’t forget Norah Jones and Jack Johnson on the soul front. They may not be soul singers, but they sing with soul, if you get what I’m sayin.

  • fresh hatter says:

    definitely not the worst ever, but when she busts out those squeal notes, dogs start howlin. sounds like a pterodactyl in heat.

  • Dee says:

    See the next person that says anything meaning its because she is black!! I will go fucking mental..she can sing but has bad songs like a couple people have said. its got nothing to do with the colour of her skin. its her voice!! GOD DAMN!!!!!!

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