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Is hip-hop dying because…

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Nas’s current album – Hip-Hop Is Dead

Here’s an excerpt from a blogger named John N. Pasmore from Fast Company, who writes about hip-hop’s declining sales:

That hip-hop is down is widely understood, but “why” is hotly debated. There is more than one factor at work.

Hip-hop’s success in selling records was driven by the core audience of black consumers. That audience is intact. They may buy fewer CD’s, but they still listen to hip-hop.

The driver for multi-platinum sales was not only appealing to the core, but getting lots of non-black kids to buy in as well. Here is where the problem begins.

One need only watch HBO’s Entourage to get the idea that white kids have adopted the culture to such an extent that they don’t really need the “authentic” version. They have their own.

DJ AM, who appeared on the show, is a good example of how to be hip-hop without being black. This new non-black hip-hop head has taken the swagger and left some of the music behind.

They can listen to rock just as easy as hip-hop, and to demonstrate their keen kinship to the culture, they go out of their way to listen to who’s next in hip-hop as opposed to who’s pop.

Do you agree with Pasmore’s claims that one of the reasons hip-hop sales have declined is because non-black “heads” have now made it their own?

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  • James says:

    I don’t see the connection. Hip Hop sales are down because music is free on the internet.

  • James says:

    HIP HOP SALES are DOWN BECAUSE MUSIC IS FREE ON THE INTERNET. THINK ABOUT IT. sorry for the caps but I must be heard.

  • B says:

    ^^^ Ok there buddy the reason why is cuz HIPHOP is gay now lol all these wack rapperss liek tpain,Ginuwine or w.e his name is sum ppl dun liek that kinda shyt.

  • Tre says:

    I believe that historically in music every genre has moments in time where that is the hotness to listen to. 10 years ago it was RnB, 20 years ago it was rock music. It just so happens that now it’s hip hop’s turn and in this day and age it is much easier to get songs off of the internet than it is to actually go out and purchase an album when most likely 12/15 tracks on the album are garbage. I’m sorry but personally, I’m not gonna waste $13-$15 dollars on an album for 3 hot songs.

  • i get tired of hearing the crap

    but yes, Hip Hop culture is dead as far as it inspiring people and enlightening the blind

  • Bigz says:

    ^^^ Ok there buddy the reason why is cuz HIPHOP is gay now lol all these wack rapperss liek tpain,Ginuwine or w.e his name is sum ppl dun liek that kinda shyt.


  • Nfamous says:


  • B says:

    lol arite Bigz

  • real>fake says:

    Sales are down due to the internet and the always popular bootlegging but those are only going to continue as time passes but that’s just the business side. On the artistic side there are way too many lame artists keeping in mind hip hop in general has never been a one lane venue there has always been the lyricist, the party rapper, and the concious spitter and in the past there were many that could do all pretty good whereas now the focus is so heavy on party starting and how thugged out you are but not to be hypocritical because I personally listen to dipset and while they can be flagrant with imagery they have some members(ie. jr writer and 40 cal) that will make wanna rewind the verse to catch what they spit which is what hip hop embodies it’s about wordplay, punch lines etc. but at the same time as lame as D4L is it’s club music which is supposed to be something you can dance to but unfortunately alot of youth are grossly mislead to believe and feel that they are lyrically hot…..now down south there are plenty of people who are lyrical(ie. bun b, outkast, luda and some others) but the ones that get the most play are the ones who go out of their way to be mainstream and at the heart of it hip hop represents the people so it is up to the people to demand change meaning stepping up the skill level because these days I find myself listening to alot of the older stuff because more and more weak stuff is being put out

  • blookie says:

    i agree with real fake i dont think i maters if your black white brown yellow purple or green music is musK and hip hop is hip hop

    R.I.P. Hip Hop maybe someone will bring it back…but then again i am pretty satisfied with the hip hop game now but there still those wack ass rappers that speak shit but dont say shit

  • ICE LORD says:

    HIP HOP AINT D&@D. If u really LISTEN 2 HIP HOP u would know this. NaS said that 2 so MC’s step their game up. The results: rappers fade 2 black.

    If u don’t know the difference btwn MC’s n rappers, then u don’t know HIP HOP.

    BTW Lil Wayne AKA Lil Boy is not HIP HOP.

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