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Lil Wayne to launch new clothing lines

Submitted by on June 26, 2007 – 11:01 am86 Comments


So…maybe he’s tired of rocking brands like BAPE and DC without being paid for it.

According to Sohh.com, Lil Wayne says:

“I got new clothing lines [coming out] called Double U and Foreign Money, that’s the male line. Double U is the female line.”

In addition to his new fashion ventures, Weezy F. Baby is also getting ready for the release of his anticipated sixth solo album, Tha Carter 3.

Despite rumors of rekindled romance with fellow rapper Trina and a new affair with Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, Wayne reportedly has his eyes on former girlfriend, R&B/pop singer Nivea.

“I’m single, this is about me being single,” he says. “I’m single, ready to mingle and I got Pringles. I’m waiting for you Nivea, baby, the doors is wide open. Holla at ya boy.”

Source: Sohh.com

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  • TheRealDeal. says:

    Wayne, whens the tha carter3 comming outt.
    & for all ya who think you “love”lil wayne.your wrong.
    iloveyou.Dwayne Michael Carter.

  • Kill Em All says:

    Lil Wayne gonna die by the end of this year with all them drugs he do. its already been predicted. kiss your “favorite” rapper good bye. AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

  • hey lil weezy wus poppin im luvvvin da new song iaght well ill show mi nikka sum luv lata iaght baby peace, o n i fagot ta say dat u b lookin fine azz hell!!
    holla at ya guh!!

  • Yeezer Maze Cash Money says:

    yo weezy f baby What up bro you int gay yo its respect and give us some date on ya clothing line homi ima buy a crap loada stuff bro!!


  • chazz972`` says:

    maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnn i aint seen this many hayers in a while what yall jus popups huh? i mean c’mon dude doin his thang and another note that none of you socalled wayne fans hit ya boy by no means wants NIVEA c mon tha gurl burnt him listen to smokin section see it wasnt all bout trina gettin on a plan u lame fuccs…

  • ~*~ MORGANA F BABBAYY ~*~ says:

    that sucks .. i wanted to wear your clothes for my sweet sixteenn and its on august 16th
    love you weezyy
    aha .. wish you coud performm — if any chances hers my email addresses
    ** aim ** — [email protected] **
    **yahoo **– [email protected]

    2 words you never here “wayne quit” cuz wayne win nd they loose i call them april babies cuz they fools nd wen they snoooze we upp ..

  • kaylab0o says:

    ay yall who hatin on lil wayne is prolly poor an weak so jus stop hatin on get on his level.well try anyway;yu gone need a space shuttle or a ladda thas for eva an yu to broke to get eitha so jus go on wit yur wake ass life an let wayne be wayne.

  • SENTENCE (spliff) & YASSER says:

    Weezy wassup from MO TOWN (GHANA)
    keep it real and u will sell it up to a millie and you will have a millie haters
    and i will have a millie heads to bust a cup in

  • crystal eyes says:

    nivea’s alright but you belong to me!!! all that stuff im hearing about you and this person and that is all distractions tryna keep us from meeting.
    And especially the one with nivea…the loves only gonna last for a while untill you meet me!!!! I’m younger than you think but i’m never gonna lose my love for you and im not fake like those other chicks im real and im from h-town (born and raised) and i always try toget info about you.Weezy my loves foreal!!!

  • Weezyy says:


  • Coatesville beast says:

    Weezey is the fucking man I don’t get while all yall hating ass niggas say gille is writing that shit he way hotter no homo he said 1.5 million and I already got some of his shit you got to NO for that hot shit holla at ya gwalla

  • ~*~ MORGANA F BABBAYY ~*~ says:

    weezyy babbyy
    wats gooooddd
    anyways yea my bday was funn but it woudaa been funner if yu were dere lol
    but anyways i did buy tha carter 3 cd. nd guess wat i had it at my party playin nd shitt nd it got stolen, but yea im planin to buy another copyy of it soon as possible
    kay jus showin my hubbbyy sum lovee :)
    cant wait for your clothin line come outt

    “i told my girl when you f**k me better f**k me good
    cause if another girl could she gon f**k me good”- weezyy babyy

  • tim says:

    u suck lil wayne ur going 2 hell n all the shit u have now aint goin with ya so enjoy this life 2 the max cause u aint goin 2 heaven and the more prideful u get the more ur goin 2 suffer in hell so keep it up dumb ass…. Jesus could strick u down any day but he has mercy on u hoping that u will repenant of ur sins but u dont see that cause ur so caught up in the money n fame u have why dont u do something good with that money help people out that are suffering but all ur going 2 do is laugh at this and go on with ur life so i tryed any how peace out reggin….

  • weezy f baby says:

    i can wait till i get with jayz

  • weezy f baby says:

    fuck all you lil bitch ass pussy

  • Mrs. Carter says:

    Hey Lil Wayne i just wanted to let you no that you are the most wonderful person on this earth and you are the best rapper alive and theres no dought about it.I just wanted to no when your clothing line is going to come out because I have been so ready for it and i noticed it was birthday on the 27th and i wanted to say haooy late b-day and i also wanted to ask when was your tour going to be for the Carter 3 because I am so excited and i live in south carolina and i was wondering if you had a tour would it be close down here. And i will be in A labama this summer and i was wondering if you could have a mini concert or have a signing because i really would like that!

  • ay Weezy, your raps and freestyles are too sick for me to listen to. Sometimes i wonder where u get from but it never came to mind. Im tryna become successful like my future (u) no homo.


  • Tone... says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew the brand of the pink and black t-shirt that Lil Wayne wore in the let it rock music video..?

  • Tone... says:

    I was wondering if anyone knew the brand of the pink and black t-shirt that Lil Wayne wore in the let it rock music video..? Hit me up at [email protected]

  • -SOLO says:

    this my second fav rapper, the 1st is H-town’s Finest Z-Ro The Muhfuccin Crooked && i know ima cop this clothin when it drops && datz just real talk my g

    oh yeah ..nawfside houston tx g ..

  • jose says:

    now all these rappers think theyre jay z.

  • Kay says:

    can anyone tell me were to find the pink and black top lil wayne wears in the let it rock video?

  • Angel says:

    Someone tell me plz where i can get teh pink and black top lil wayne wears in the let it rock video hit me up at [email protected] plz!!

  • mollie says:

    i love weezy f. baby

  • li wayne luva says:

    Yo tim & all u punk [email protected]# [email protected]$#$% F$%*’ERS

  • li wayne luva says:

    You aint sh#$ & Ain’t Got Sh$* so go on & hate The best Rapper Alive ’cause he the best & you’re b%#[email protected] dream about bein’ with him & you can’t handle that.

  • li wayne luva says:

    WEEZY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CMONEY says:

    this is to tim up there your a complete idiot if you think that wayne is going to hell… wayne is the greatest rapper and there aint noone better… he is going to walk to the gates of heavan and god himself is going to bow to that man keep it up weezy

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