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Have you heard about “huffing” Freon?

Submitted by on July 2, 2007 – 10:12 am17 Comments


After having an autopsy conducted on his body over the weekend, it was found that R&B singer Tony Thompson died from “huffing” Freon.

Freon is a gas used primarily in refrigeration and air-conditioning units.

Thompson, formerly of chart-topping early 1990s group Hi-Five, was found dead laying next to an air-conditioning unit outside an apartment in his hometown of Waco, Texas on June 1.

The autopsy report also showed he had a history of “huffing Freon”. Thompson apparently had taken the cap from the valve that attached the Freon to the air-conditioning unit, which resembles a stem on a bicycle tire. He had something to depress the valve and some type of pipe from which he was inhaling the Freon.

How much is known about “huffing” in your community?

Source: Waco Tribune

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  • kwaping says:

    That is a really sad and pitiful way to die. RIP

  • BayArea4Life says:

    That sure is sad…Hi-Five are part of my early teen music memories…RIP.

  • that not sad… just ridiculous a brotha gets achance to make something of himself and doesn’t continue to progress and be an example

    I dont’ make excuses for people who lame out to the role god lays for them… especially when you’re a minority…

    Get your legs and back togethor.. walk tall and straight… and represent for your people….

  • caramelbrown says:

    In response to the previous message posted I think its very insincere to say that a death is not sad, even though we may not know him personally.It’s not his place to make an example for us or be a “role model” for our community. The fact that he’s a minority is besides the point, at the end of the day he’s a human being and we make bad decisions everyday, unfortunatly his cost him his life. We don’t know wether or not tony thompson has done things to help his community in the past so by criticizing his poor judgement we “as a community” are not representing for our people either. How can you “represent for your people” when you’re clearly dogging them.
    I think it’s real sad that he made a bad decision that lead to death but I don’t think it’s right placing blame on him. He made something of himself as a R&B artist in the 90s and I’m sure hes been tryna continue it but it’s real hard nowadays, oldschool R&B artists aint gettin no play. It’s not his fault its our fault as consumers, we aint lookin for that type of music. Instead we checkin for “cuties” like mario and omarion instead of the good R&B shit like Keith Sweat, Brian Mcknight or even HI-FIVE.

  • Ms.Lady says:

    You are right @caramel..The music indusrty is a joke..you never know what demons or issues a person had…Obviously he did seek help for his problem because he was taking methadone.. but unfortunately he lost his life fighting that battle…Some people are not as strong as others…I believe he was raised in a very religious home but was lead astray at one point..like a lot of us have at one time or another..Tony didn’t always have the best people looking out for his best interest at heart…He was a young, naive country kid from Waco and was severly taken advantage of, the industry played him now they want to put him on blast .He was signed with Bad Boy records and they sold him dreams and lied to him then dropped him from the lable in the mid 90′s just like they did New Edition…I can say a lot about Diddy cause dude did a lot of people wrong…for example “Shine”,..If it wasn’t for Shine pulling that gun out to try and protect Diddy..his ass would not be here today, Diddy has to deal with his maker, just like he played a role in Biggie’s death…Tony’s baby mama was suing him for child support..even a member of Hi-Five tried to sue him..this guys name was ran through the mud..he had a lot of phony people in his camp, Yes he was a grown man, but you never know what his mental state was or how depressed he was at the time of death..I went through post partum depression twice and it aint no joke….That is what is wrong with black people, we too busy cracking jokes and not addressing the issues, we entertaining bullshit while the white man is laughing right to the bank…before there was an Omarion, Chris Brown, B2k..we had Tony T… Their are a lot of celebrities who are battling drugs, so Tony was no where near the only one with a problem and not going to be the last to have a problem…Some of the same people that you look up to today like rappers..singers..models..athletes have serious drug problems TRUST. Please don’t let me start calling out names because you would be shocked..I work in the business so I know first hand…when your famous you get exposed to a lot of temptations like drugs, sex, alcohol abuse, intense stress and scrunity, alot of partying..exposed to a large numbers of snakes, liars, leechers, and backstabbers… That can be frustrating to know you have great talent and are being ignored, while bullshit artist are getting the shine….The buisness can be harsh..one minute people worship you and then the next they are shitting on you….This should be a remainder to every time you feel you can’t go on and you have reached your breaking point, remember to turn to God and nothing else..without faith you have nothing…Tony was a wonderful person that did more things in his short 31 years of life then some of you haters will do in a lifetime……he touched a lot of lives..how many lives have you touched??…I knew the haters were going to run with this…Instead of hating..start praying for yourself and other people….death is not a joke, no one can avoid it…because all of our days are numbered..Get your minds right so when that day comes you will be ready…Now that you know what he died from..let the man rest in peace…he was already dogged in life ..don’t dog him in the after life….You don’t know what that man went through…Don’t judge a man until you walked a mile in his shoes!!

  • James says:

    Ms. Lady you made some good points there, but you should have said you’re instead of your. That’s a credibility hurter. Improper punctuation. Especially if you work in the business, as you say. Oh and it’s scrutiny, not scrunity. May be a typo, maybe not. I’m not trying to get at you about it, I’m just saying….

  • RIP to My Bestfriend (Travis Lee Rogers) I was up today shopping for clothes when I saw about Huffing Freon…I balled my fist up because all it did was bring upp my bestfriend in my head…he did the same thing and I got on his ass when I saw him do it for the first time…He died June 13th 2005…My grandma died on the 12th one day before that…I really hope you people look at this as a lesson not to huff that stupid stuff…It isnt worth it and it takes lives…once your loved one is dead theres no turning back :’(…Please please listen…

    RIP TRAVIS LEE ROGERS….My bestfriend…

  • So Jones…If you had a good friend die from a problem like this you would rethink what you just typed…You have no f*cking idea what its like obviously from what I just read…*conversation over*

  • steve says:

    no i dont kno wat its about we usally smoke blunts

  • M361 says:

    You know the untimely passing of Tony Thompson should reminds us that ..
    No matter what life and it’s trials a tribulations reaches us all. And despite the circumstances surrounding his passing, it is truly sad . Let’s remember that was someone’s son , someone’s brother , someone’s friend , and most important someone’s father . The music & entertainment industry has long been and always will be a treacherous and cruel place. When your on top everything and everyone is yours …. But for some it is short lived ,and when it ends it ends in pain and abandonment. Not one of us could see life through Tony’s eyes . And for that reason it would be unfair and cruel to judge this man. If we want to up build our people let’s seek to unite ourselves. By clothing ourselves with love and compassion for one another . Let’s start by raising our children to love and respect their culture . To carry themselves in a intelegent and dignified manor . Inculcate in them that they represent not just us as parents but entire race . Help them to fully appreciate their history, our history as a people . Teach them the value of the struggles and persecution so many of our ancestors faced to deliver us here.

  • M361 says:

    Help them to be rooted in faith and submission before God . Instill the values that will take the past just what is in front of them today . But long after . the bible states ” train up a boy according to the way for him , even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it ” -Prov 22:6

  • Ms. Lady says:

    @James….After everything I wrote all you can focus on is that I made a typing error..I was in a rush and was trying to get my point across..I am not an English major..and I am not writing a term paper….It’s a blog…let’s stick to the issue..Thanks

  • Ray Ellis says:

    Can’t believe all the comments about typos. This blog is not about punctuation. If that is what concerns you then you probably shouldn’t be posting here espically based on the sensitive nature of the topic. The above poster listed and extensively long comment and the following blog was reaming them about typos…wtf?

    Rest in Peace Tony

    Thanks for all the GOOD MEMORIES !!!!!
    Thanks for providing us with REAL MUSIC !!!!
    There will never be another

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  • Robin Price says:

    My son died 11/17/2008 from huffing freon. The pain I feel in undescribable. He was 27 and left a 3 year old son. He was depressed from past sexual abuse by his grandfather. He started hufffing ten years ago while working after school at an a/c company breaking down a/c units. We tried everything and he told me a few weeks before his death that sometimes you can’t fix what is broken. Also he had promised me he was no longer hufffing that was a lie. Please do not judge someone no one knows what kind of hell someone is living in their mind. He was a good son, loving, caring no trouble with the law a great father but the demons won. Now I am a childless mother praying to God that he is at peace.

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