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Is this fashion ad going too far?

Submitted by on July 12, 2007 – 1:12 pm36 Comments


A new advertisement for fashion house Sisley

Source: AdsOfTheWorld

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  • hah says:

    looks like they’re finally adding some real behind the scenes photos.

  • NB says:

    at first glance its too far, but then when yo think about it, its ok. It goes with the term ‘fashion junkie’. I mean the way some people go crazy for clothes, they might as well be compared to cocaine addicts.its different. thats 4 sure

  • Niknak says:

    YES!!! I feel the ad is going too far! There are many other ways to promote clothing, and show a “desire” for them other than comparing it to coke

  • Shawn says:

    I think its funny. At first im like is dat crack but then when i looked up closer i wuz like oh!! and jus started laughin.





  • Brina says:

    Wow what the media will do
    to make a quick buck


  • King_Solomon says:

    Well as skinny as they are,they must be snortin something,lol!

  • Clyde Smith says:

    Let’s bring back heroin chic while we’re at it!

  • Shayla says:

    I fvcking love it…….my motto :” if your dope, then baby I’m wet crack” you have to understand fashion to understand where they coming from.

  • Chelle says:

    All I can say is wow. Thats a shocker, I guess it’s time to really show the truth of some models *shrugs shoulders*

  • co'le says:

    aint that sum bullshyt- a large company can put out an ad relating to drugs in a sense but wanna be mad when people out there on the streets tryna make a dolla just like them!

    what the hells the difference? They takin our money, got us being addicts to buyin shyt..a typical consumer.. but wanna be mad when we doin it..

    the white man and the law is some krazy mutha so N so’z!

    Any kid who saw that passin it by on a billboard or sum shyt woulda clearly thought it was somethin else just like I did, i had to look 2x!!

    but wanna be mad when someone starts actually doin the shyt….YES YALL MAKING A GREAT EXAMPLE..

  • ChubbyJoe says:


    If people only knew where coc came from and how it’s made. Honestly, your body is a temple and ya get out of it what ya put in. So if ya like putting hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, gasoline, and the other wide varieties of ingredients that go into making cocaine, then shiiieeett, go for it. Oh and their is a high probability that someone shat out little condom baggies full of that “white extasy” that people sniff up their nose. So if ya like being a junkie than go ‘head and sniff the a$$ of a local dealer and freebase some freon…it’s cheaper…


  • GeeEyeOh says:

    lol…def. not going too far…i mean they are sniffing a dress

    …wait…there’s white powder on the table too…haha…nah not far enough imo

  • no worse than Hip Hop

    anybody that says “thats crack” and disagree with ad is just being a hypocrite

  • IMIZI says:

    HAHAHAHAHA I can honestly say I get a kick out of it some of yall done went off the deep end talkin bout ur body is a temple and it is but yall they are sniffin A FREAKIN DRESS thats gangster lol cuz i sho dnt think yall stopped watchin new jack city cuz pookie was a crack head why cnt these two white chix b Clothes Heads haha I crack me up!!!!

  • fresh hatter says:

    yeah.. cracked out euro skeezers. that’s hot! psh.. what a joke.

  • Fafa says:

    I’m really feeling this it’s unique and it’s real a whole other part of that high fashion indutry that people choose to act like don’t exist i mean this is happening everywhere compliments for capitalizing off it shit, connectint fashion junkie with a white line whit dress its hot plain and simple

  • Dirah says:

    I’m aDdicted 2 fashiOn aNd fResh,bUt nEver wiLL I dO drUgs fOr sOme clOthes. I dOn’t thInk thEy wEnt 2 fAr thO. mOdelin iZ rEally silEnt aCtin. EvErY piCture teLLs a stOry, and thIs pIc shOws thAt thEy AddictEd 2 clOthes. dA mediA jUst wAnNa haVe sOmthin 2 tAlk abOut.

  • James says:

    Anybody that says that’s CRACK is an idiot anyways, you dont SNORT CRACK you smoke it. COKE is what you SNORT

  • Carla says:

    Freedom of speech in an art form..nothing wrong with it..You think this one is going to far, peep the Dolce & Gabanna ads where they highlight female and male prostitution and other sexually explicit topics.. Nothing wrong with expressing the realness of what’s going on today.

  • Jaycee says:

    I am a aspiring photographer and there was a lesson on subliminal messages. This is definitely one of them. Just take a look. The models like the part along with the product. In reality, the promoter wanted to catch your attention, and he/she did. Good job!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • blookie says:

    ha those models look like they no wut the’re doin…wait isnt there some white powder right next to the dress?

  • Me says:

    ha ha ha ha, it’s kinda funny at first, but it is kinda dumb. i mean, put your self in that position, would u do some dumb shit like that and post it on the internet. then again u probably would.

  • j10 says:

    wow this ad is crazzy trully one of a kind, would of neva came up with something like this…….it trully relates some people are extremly addicted to clothes, but yet those that are addicted to crack aint koo. one of a king ad 4sho im all for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stephO says:

    *I mean it’s just an ad..but I really don’t like it. I get the subliminal/message. I get the artistry..but I think it’s tacky in every way possible. If thats not enough, they just look stupid. Now I LOVE fashion..I WORK in fashion. I LOVE art…cause I’m an artist. This doesn’t appeal to EITHER side. It’s just overall bad taste. Don’t get me wrong I’m not some kind of censor whore..I’m really the exact opposite..and i STILL don’t like this..no matter how hard I try to. But whatever works right? Anything to make a buck.

  • James says:

    ITS NOT CRACK! you dont snort crack. you smoke it. you snort COKE. i thought you guys knew all about this stuff come on now

  • StarBourne says:

    I think its great..It goes with the whole theme of “Fashion Junkie” and there are way more offensive pics in advertisements everyday including all the cigarette ads @ childrens’ eye level placed int he stores or the half-naked women on NYC buses so I mean really ,,wtf is the problem?

  • Admo Mackaho says:

    these hos are begging to be put on the blade u smell me keep a beezy broke treal pimpin in the flesh yadaaa

  • shasha says:

    no cuz im a fashionista myself and i design clothes

  • jay says:

    i thought that was pettty at first but white girls will sniff anything nice

  • nessa says:

    well its Certainly attraCting, im sure dats what they was goin for, but i like it ,it to the point, it expresses the title well

  • Shay says:

    you know fashion ads always go for the “wow factor” they want you to say that they are going too far so you will remember them for their crazy advertisement and hopefully buy their stuff. If I ever saw something made by SISLEY I would remember this crazy ass ad with two girls snorting a white tank top

  • akaMS_controversy says:

    this fashion ad is doinging its job because u all fell for it reason for this advertisment is to gain controversy, and to get u to c what they r selling clothes but me i don’t think its bad but if they put some black people on it going to be a problem……best believe

  • Benetton Group says:

    Statement on a fake Sisley campaign

    20 July, 2007

    In the recent days, images which are told to be part of the new Sisley advertising campaign have been published in internet.

    One of these images shows some girls “sniffing a vest”. The allusion to drugs and alcohol is more than clear. We would like to clearly state that the Sisley brand (and the Benetton company) has nothing to do with these images and therefore we refuse to be linked with them.

    Please also note that these images infringe Benetton’s rights in the Sisley trademark. Our Legal Department has therefore been retained to take all advisable actions to protect the company’s rights and interests.

    The next Sisley campaign will instead have a very special testimonial, Stephanie Seymour, worldwide recognized as an icon of fashion and beauty.

    For further information: [email protected]


  • Diamond's_in_my_grill says:

    Can I run a line………….I can’t feel my face, I can touch it, but i can’t feel it.
    I I I I I I I I I I I CAN’T FEEEL MY FACE. Wayne and Santana red bandana

  • Mishhh says:

    Sure Is =]
    They Sure Got Tha Attention For It Though HA!


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