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What do you think about Remy Ma’s attempted murder charge?

Submitted by on July 16, 2007 – 10:04 am18 Comments


Over the weekend rapper Remy Ma was charged with attempted murder, assault and weapon possession.

The charges stem from an incident outside a Manhattan nightclub on Friday night, where Remy, born Remy Smith, allegedly shot Makeda Barnes-Joseph (a friend of hers) twice in the stomach after accusing her of stealing cash from her handbag while they were inside the club.

At the Bronx-born rapper’s arraignment, a judge granted the prosecution’s request for bail to be set at $250,000. Remy was jailed while the judge reviewed her bail offer.

Remy is due back in court on August 14. Her new solo album, The BX Files, is reportedly due for release on August 28.

You can take the girl out of the streets, but a serious question is, can you take the streets out of the girl?

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  • kreme says:

    she is dum!! …y da hell she shot da chick ?? for 2g’s ???.. she should of just called it a lost and cut da chick off … Now she has a real record lol

  • flyer than yo momma says:


  • BayArea4Life says:

    It’s just another example of being a product of your environment. People like to think that once an artist “makes it” they can automatically change who they are as a person also. Although this is ideal, it sadly doesn’t work like that. Damn Remy…even though we say you SHOULD know better, maybe you don’t…

  • Bigz says:

    We really don’t know what happened the news media likes to exxagerate it could of been more reason that led to this scandal.

  • ANGEL says:

    I think those in the public eye need to learn how to handle situations being thrown in their lives. Some things you just can’t do, regardless of what happens. You don’t risk your career, your status, your money flow for something as silly as this. Sometimes I think rappers are trying to make a “tough” appearance when you really are just being dumb as hell! Give some of that status and money to those of us that know how to handle it!

    It doesn’t matter where you came from, what hood you are affiliated with, it’s where you are at and where you wanna be!


  • man thsi right here is called PURE ignorance

    got nothing to do with what she a product of

    she should be at home taking care of her children………

    then she crashes the car afraid of whatttttt?????????? then runs????

  • bless says:

    Hmmm.. record label’s marketing scam??? right before her album release…let’s see if she gets locked for reals..

  • shasha says:

    i think that she shouldnt b charged cuz of the paris hilton incident

  • MRS. ROBERTS says:


  • Jaycee says:

    Remy won’t get a fair trial, this is true. Not only is she black, but she’s a woman. But really, did she have to go as far as to shoot her friend. If she would have handled it in a different way like trading hands with her, she would be facing such charges. If you have money in this world, you have power. That’s the rule of this world. As mentioned above look at Paris Hilton. But Remy is a black women, she wont have the same treatment. Live and learn.

  • Shaq Says says:

    a dui and shooting someone in the stomach are two different things.

  • bkarea says:

    what in the world does paris hilton have to do with remy ma? remy shot someone!!! HELLO!!! she should go sraight to jail. also she has a child, that she should have been thinking about. imagine what he is going through. how can she explain this to her son. now he might feel like it is ok to be “gangsta”. wake up people.

  • Teezy69 says:

    It is true that remy will not have a fair trail due to her status. But things happen. I don’t feel she should go to jail, shitttttt we got 2 many blacks in jain now. I’m holdin it down 4 her and hope she breakthrough!

  • piggy says:

    you ask me, I think she just stupid. rappers is always talking like they worked so hard to come up, to make money, to live better for them and their family, then they do stuff as stupid as this to put them right back where they started.

  • BoSsLaDdi04 says:

    I dont understand how u can compare Hilton and Remy. one was drinkin and drivin and the other one SHOT SOMEBODY! Hilton is a dumba**, but if ur gonna compare two incidents, make them alike. granted, drivin drunk can possibly hurt other people, but shootin somebody is doin that shiz on purpose. i dont feel bad 4 her, she has babies at home and prob has girls lookin up to her. if she really did it she does deserve jail time.

  • transboi says:

    she intentionally shot someone. it has nothing to do with “holding someone down” all those women are in jail cuz they commited crimes. just because she a one hit wonder rapper who in the spotlight don’t mean she get special treatment

  • Caribbean Queen says:

    Yo, that chic is crazy!!! Sure it was less than her bail money. Just plain dumb if u ask me

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