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If you shop at DrJays.com, don’t attempt to go out in Nashville!

Submitted by on July 24, 2007 – 9:10 am21 Comments


According to TrendHunter Magazine:

A Nashville nightclub has introduced brand specific dress codes.

The sign outside the club displays a list of unacceptable brands, including: Southpole, Ecko, Enyce, Sean John, Phat Farm, etc.

The brand specific dress code is creating controversy both because it discriminates against style and because the brands chosen suggest racial profiling.

One shopkeeper described, “You see black people wearing more of these type of clothes. I have it on now. I think he pointed his finger toward black people (talking about) the grills and the Sean Jean. I think he’s talking about more black people.”

Do you think this is racial profiling?

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  • stylepro says:

    I do think this is profiling. ok, understandable if you want people to dress a certain way in your club (i.e for example, no jeans or tennis shoes) but to ban certain BRANDS of dress that is primarily focused on the african americans is completely unacceptable. h*ll yea its racial profiling

  • Phat-Phat says:

    yea i think it is profilin too! cuz that is jus insane how they gon band certain brands when they know that those are the brands that african americans wear. i just doesnt make a lot of sense to me because in the end they are still the ones losing money not us.

  • kenneth reese says:

    itz very racist they should shut tha b**** a** club down.

  • Sarah A Mathianas says:

    that’s not right at all. if you’r going to start banning brands then ban all of them. that’s ridiculius! and lame…but it’s nashville…wat can u say? i’ve been there and it’s kind of segregated (no hate wat so ever just stating facts). that’s so ridiculius. i wouldnt even want to go to a club like that.

  • neese says:

    if you wear those brands and you go to that club with other gear on just to meet dress codes you are just as wrong as the people making the rules dont ever go somewhere u r not wanted spend your money where it counts

  • Donna says:

    Why dont they just say what they mean:NO BLACKS ALLOWED!!!!!

  • J says:

    Thats nothing new clubs in Buffalo, Ny have been doing it for years, just this last weekend I had to run my hat back to the car cause they said no hats in the club so i did n when get in there a ton of white boys r wearing hats. Its all bs.

  • deimudder says:

    Here in Germany very much white People like me wearing these brands. But in Germany its the same thing. About a week ago i tried to get in a club with a phat farm jeans and a rocawear shirt. No Chance. The clubs play Rap and RnB but its not allowed to dress like it. And you dont have a chance to get into the club without permission because the doormans are like twice as wide as me :-(
    Same shit just another place.

  • fresh hatter says:

    remember, this is one club in Nashville. not every club in Nashville. careful how you title your posts!

  • James DuBeau says:

    I think people need to STOP crying this racial profiling sh!t. Marc Ecko is a white dude and they are banning his brand too. Yeah racism is out there, but who knows, I get tired of hearing people whine about it.

  • real>fake says:

    To James DuBeau:
    True Marc Ecko is white but that’s a brand that black people wear so it still comes back to the profiling(not to create an argument so dont get salty) but it really is just one club and racism is still out there and unforunately will always be the cycle repeats itself because there are people who raise their children to live like that but hey go to another club and keep it movin they might not be losin money but they probably aren’t getting as much as they could but that’s fo the club owner to worry about

  • Jay Sun says:

    I cosign what J says. I’m black, whenever I go to clubs I have to be dressed to the nine before bouncers will let me in, then when I get inside i’m seeing white boys wearing ripped Jeans, T-shirt, Ballcap, and dirty kicks, What the F$&K?!?!?!

  • mal says:

    who da hell wears south pole enyce and phat farm anyway?

  • mal says:

    now wid ecko there is a problem cus they cut and sew shit is official

  • Mr. Swag Himself says:

    Naw no club in Nashville is like that, i so happen live here and never ran by that club..

  • jay says:

    yo i understand a dress code when u go to a fly spot but the brands named have club wear to go out too. So to single out those brands is definitly racial profling.

  • Yung Truth says:

    it isnt racial profilin as wyte bwoiz nd latinoz and asianz wear dem 2.
    by da way marc ecko iz wyte jewish so it cant be racial profilin

  • Lil' Marty says:

    This is a ridiculous dress code..no doubt, but to say it’s “racial” profiling is a lil’ much. In Nashville..especially in Antioch, these brands and types of clothing are popular among every race, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, you name it! Erything isn’t racist, and in my opinion, it’s time for us as a community/family(Hip-hop/Urban style) to come together as one and show everybody that the reason we dress this way is because it’s who we are! It’s not cause we’re gang bangers or thugs..some may be & that’s where all the bad publicity comes from..but we’re fashion gurus! Be yourself..don’t let the haters hold you down!

    P.S.Racism is still around in Antioch, for sure! 8^\ But it’s flipped now…not cool.

  • Dee says:

    That has to be the most stupidest thing I have ever heard..
    White people wear those clothes as well but like that boy said it is mostly towards black people which is discrimination. they might as well ban all the brands instead of some of them…That’s sick!! but i suppose it is Nashville

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