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Comedienne Mo’Nique defends the “N” word

Submitted by on July 30, 2007 – 9:16 am20 Comments


Here’s an article we just came across on Starpulse.com:

Actress Mo’Nique has defended black musicians who use the word “n***a” in their lyrics, insisting it is a term of endearment.

The comedienne believes African-Americans have a responsibility to banish the negativity surrounding the word and is keen to reclaim it as an accepted term among the black population.

She says, “Do I use the word n***a? Yes, in my comedy routine and in life because it’s our word. Here’s the thing. We need to stop giving people the power over that word. We take it and turn it around to make it beautiful. You see, they gave us that word back then. They called us n***er back then.

“So yes, I hold on to it. And I say it to the n***as, keep doing your thing with pride and honor. Look how we overcame. Her name is Oprah Winfrey. His name is Shawn Carter. Her name is Condoleezza Rice. Look at them n***as.”

What do you think about Mo’Nique’s statement?

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  • broman says:

    look at dat crazy nigga!!!

  • MILLER says:

    i agree with her %100….there is no better way to say it like she did

  • Ant says:

    Yeah Nigga!!!!

  • DeeBo says:

    nigga, pleeeease!!!!! actually, nah; sorry. not crazy about it. it’s an interesting and creative fashion to twist a “term of endearment” and try to make a powerful use of it. but, the fact remains that it is a hateful word. it should NOT be endorsed, accepted, projected, or even mentioned by ANYONE. i think that the BEST way to defeat it; is not to look at it straight in the eye and ‘lemonade out of it’…..it’s to stop it DEAD in its tracks.

  • NB says:

    dunno about that. the n word still pains a lot of people who actually heard it everyday as they were enslaved. their children cringe at that word. shes jus saying that bc she uses it n doesnt want ppl after her. if we listened to her, then our kids wud b runnin around callin each other N words. imagine how that looks. it gives other ppl the freedom to call us a word that carries so much hate

  • coopie says:

    WTF! Yall people are crazy!!! The N word, as sign of endearment, do you even know what the word endearment means. Endearment, a word of love. There isnt anything loving about the word n**ga, everytime you call someone that, you are calling them ignorant, and good for nothing and it will always mean that, as black people we are a minority, were are in no position to change the meaning of their words, if we did websters dictionary would change dramatically, but no it still has the real meanings for the words of white peoples language, yes its theirs we didnt invent it. So yea it needs to be stopped dead in its tracks

  • Sirdalt says:

    Mo’Nique is an embarrassment to black folk everywhere. If she wants to be known as a nigger so be it but don’t force that word on people who have worked their entire life to break out of that pejorative stereotype.

    Furthermore, would Mo’Nique stop promoting the falsehood that fat is sexy. Regardless of what you think of how fat people look that fact is that Black and Hispanics are dying in large numbers due to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity. How many of us know someone who lost a leg, foot or went blind due to type 2 diabetes caused by obesity. And lets not even get on the fat girls dressing in skimpy clothes with their midriffs showing like skinny women cause Ho’nique said its OK

  • realz says:

    Im tired of you niggas lol acting like a word that sounds the same but spelled different is the same, is buy the same as by, no some morish americans dont like the term african american because the word african american means lost african because you dont know what part of africa you came from when nigerians come to america and become citizens they are called nigerian american because they are not lost they no who they are and what part of africa they come from,Also some people dont like the word black because it means dirty evil and ugly according to the dictionary.If you dont want to except the word nigga has been flipped then the word black has not been flipped ether nigga

  • krisskross says:

    realz you got that from malcolm x

  • DANITRA says:

    Idont know about yall but I do know I dont hear white ppl calling each other “honkeys” or “crackers” or any other “misspelled” version of derogatory labels WE as Black ppl gave them-maybe “rednecks” but they know they cant deny that 1 lol

  • bill rogers says:

    monique also defends the “B” word. “Buffet”

  • man. I wish she’d shut up. This is why I don’t take her serious and she’s good as a clown/comedian

  • James DuBeau says:

    To Realz: you say nigga and nigger are as different as by and buy? you’re confused there. by and buy only sound the same but have no relation to each other. nigga and nigger are related like brother and sister. i understand that it’s now used as a “term of endearment”. however a black man will say nigga to another even in a negative conversation, obviously in no way endearing. example “what the f*ck you want you b!tch a$s n!gga!”… so how is this a term of endearment? it may be different when black folks say it to each other but its directly related to the more negative version of it. I’m white by the way, so I don’t have much of a place in this conversation, but that really shouldn’t matter. If we as americans are to eliminate racism then we must all take a part in it, not excluding anyone. In case there is any confusion, I am in no way racist, I just happen to be a white man who follows the hip hop culture. I guess we could consider wigger a racist term as well. wigger is a contraction, made up of two words, white and ni… guess what.

  • James DuBeau says:

    by the way, if you took the time to read my last comment, then please take the time to check out my page. say hello if you’d like, I don’t know if I’ll check back on this page so hit me up on myspace if there’s any input on what I had to say. click my name, it will take you there.

  • Sonya Blade says:

    Mo’Nique is trippin. It’s one thing to remember the past but to hold on to it like that shows why we can never get ahead. Think, Mo.

    I cringe everytime I hear people use that word, or if it’s directed towards me. I have twin boys (2 years old), and I remind people to not use that with my sons. I hate it when people tell them, “Wassup, lil niggas.”

    I don’t mind if it’s used in jokes, in a song, or even in a movie, but I do draw the line when it comes to everyday conversations. Other than entertainment or historical purposes, there is no way to use that word tastefully.

  • blookie says:

    i usually agrre with what monique says but not this time i dont let anybody call me nigga and i dont call anybody nigga…

  • Sasha Simone says:

    i agree with her.
    lets face it no one is going to stop
    saying nigga

  • Sasha Simone says:

    lol @bill rogers

  • eboni says:

    I use it, seriously. But I use it because I dont have any respect for who I am calling a “ni.gga”. And that has nothing to do with race. I dont agree with Mo at all. It isnt “our word” at all. “Nigg.er” is a term used by white people back in the day to describe a race of people because of the color of their skin. A “ni.gger” is an “ignorant person”. The term has nothing to do with race(white people’s ignorance was in full bloom using by this term in the wrong way..so sad.).

  • FeLoWaY says:

    I Like The Statement!

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