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International hip-hop, we see you…

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Acclaimed DJ/Producer/Rapper Pete Rock

Here in the US we often get bogged down with the sentiment “hip-hop is dying/dead.”

Internationally, hip-hop continues to thrive in vastly different communities.

In many ways, Americans should take inspiration from the global passion for the music and culture, just as people overseas initially took inspiration from hip-hop.

An example of hip-hop’s continuing influence occurs in Sao Paulo, Brazil today (Thursday August 2) with the Mostra de Filmes Hip Hop de São Paulo (São Paulo Hip Hop Film Exhibition), presented by 11th Parallel Worldwide.

Bronx born rap pioneer Pete Rock is a special guest at the event; he’s also featured in Beat Kings, one of the films showing at the event.

So if you’re in Sao Paulo, head down to the CINESESC Theatre. And for all DrJays.com customers living and loving hip-hop worldwide, keep on keepin’ on.

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  • Arican says:

    Yes Pete is right… German French or the UK hip hop is on a so high level that many US rappers should take a look an the passion of those MC’s in those countries. Listen to German Fler, Sido or Azad. French IAM, Sadik Asken, Seth Gueko and also UK rappers like Dizzy Rascal or the female British Eminem- Lady Sovereign and you will see what HIP HOP is… SAYING HIP HOP IS DEAD/DYING is just STUPID


  • Ash BB says:

    Ah for German Hip-Hop, it’s straight trash.
    You have only Nazis rapping, especially the likes of Fler and Sido.
    There is no black rapper makin it big in Germany. If you are not white or arab, you are not makin it. And these Nazi Arabs are dissin’ blacks over here.
    We had a group of Black Rappers here “Brothers Keepers” and now you have arabs saying y’all Niggaz is shit. Hip-Hop in the US is far better than what u see in the world, at least here Niggaz are makin money.

  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    Minorities need to stop hating on each other PERIOD.

  • Arican says:

    To Ash BB…
    Samy Deluxe is black and German and he made it … I also mention black French rapper… US rappers earn better many because the States are bigger then for example Germany France Italy…. learn geography
    PS And what do you thing about Polish or Italian or Spanish rappers. Polish like
    O.S.T.R, Mor W.A., Sound Kail(one of those guy’s is black and the other is Arab) Italian Articolo 31, Frankie HI-NRG MC… ???

  • SBE says:

    Ash BB,
    look at France, Italy, and Germany and recongnize they have black people rapping over there too i might not know all of their popular hip hop groups but they have the same passion and meaning for hip hop as the states do and hip hop is art form of story telling not dissin on minorities.
    so next time understand what hip hop is not what u hear.
    P.S. Hip Hop will never die becuase story telling is never going to stop.

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  • Ms. Teyana says:

    Ash BB have you even been over there in Germany? cuz i have and from wat i seen when i was there, color didnt matter. i walked in one hip hop clothing store and they was playin Mobb Deep which caught me off guard. race doesnt matter when it comes to music over there like it does over here. you talkin about nazis, in case u didnt kno this is 2007 and not 1945.

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    by the way the store owners were 100% white germans.

  • Arican says:

    Ms. Teyana You have my GRATITUDE …
    Germany is one of the most liberal and peaceful countries that I know.
    I listen to Rappers around the globe because I use 7 languages German, French ,Polish, Italian, Czech, and a little bit Spanish oh I forgot about English I can see or here the particular differences in the rap almost everywhere…
    One thing is common to all rappers around the world if the lyrics are to smart or have something in common whit politics radio station won’t play them…
    Fler und Sido sehen wie Nazis aus aber sie sind es nicht…
    Moge jeszcze dodać że hip hop jest muzyką która podbiła świat…

  • Boniella says:

    Haha-Japanese rap.

    I like driving my Civic to that.
    It makes me feel like a REAL drifter.

  • Ash BB says:

    You’ll guys might have there as tourists. I am a black man born in Germany, who lived there for 20 something years. And I left that country because of their pure racism. If you’re African American they first admire you and then the hating begins. If you’re African like me, bwoy, we don’t have that bonus. Straight hate in your face. Samy Deluxe is half German half Somalian and if you guys followed the news, Somalians are more Arab than Black. The same kinds of Arabs that kill our brothers in Darfur, so Arian, get your info.
    The Arabs are on the Nazi’s side because they share a common hate against Jews. And even for the biggest Hip-Hop event in the country which is the splash.
    Taking place 1nce a year in eastern Germany. How come you don’t see any blacks there? There are a lot of Africans in the country, but the eastern Germans kill our brothers. that’s why all black artists in Germany came together in 2001 to do the song for “Adriano” who was murdered during daytime in an east German City. More info http://www.brothers-keepers.de
    To keep you updated on African German affairs.

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    thanks African. Ash BB i think your so dramatic. you talkin like its still in world war times. i dont believe you. i’ve seen many black people in germany when i was over there so i dont kno wat ur talkin about. by the way what city where you born in?? i dont kno if it was becuz i was an American black person why they were so nice but i just find it to be unblievable that germany is like that. maybe its you thats the problem. stop with the race thing. music is music and from wat i see hip hop all over is pullin cultures together.

  • mike says:

    my dude biggz from the u.k.

  • Ash BB says:

    tell me Nazis don’t kill blacks in broad daylight in eastern Germany.
    And tell me Fler is cool with any black dude, except that 1/4 gut B-tight, who paints himself black for album covers. I heard music of Fler rapping with them skinheads. sorry yo.

    @Ms. Teyana,
    It’s different if you’re African American, because Germans recognize you generally as American. And as a black American woman, people might see you as exotic. But be a regular black African dude in this country. LMAO.
    I am from Hamburg area, in the south things are a little different than here in the north cause of US Millitary presence.

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