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Jay-Z donates Rocawear gear to Florida youth

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From XXLmag.com:

Def Jam president Jay-Z recently sent a large care package filled with over $2,500 in Rocawear clothing to the Campaign for Adolescent and University Student Empowerment (CAUSE) youth program at the Boys and Girls Club in Spring Hill, Fla.

According to the Deland-Deltona Beacon, the mogul sent the gift as a thank you for their efforts after he met CAUSE program founder Matt Morton during a photo shoot for Rocawear’s “I Will Not Lose” social awareness campaign.

After hearing about the accomplishments of the young people involved in the group, which raises money for causes in the area, Jay arranged for delivery of the gift.

“Young people want to be a part of something great,” Morton said. “We invite them to do it, then show them how to make it happen themselves.”

Morton himself is set to appear on billboards and in print and online ads for the Rocawear campaign starting this summer.

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  • Cheap says:

    Jay has millions..why’s he only dropping $2,500?

  • kwaping says:

    That was my first thought too. But then I realized, maybe that’s all they needed? $2,500 in clothes at wholesale prices is quite a bit.

  • Jay-C says:

    Man Jay-Z always doing big things. Even though it was 2500 he still helping someone out. He doesnt need to send a million dollars in clothes to them.

  • Excellent!

    Jay-Z makes the most powerful moves and yet every rapper hates him

    No rapper dissing Jay-Z shoudl be supported………. imo

  • $2,500 worth of rocawear can prob only dress 6-7 people for a week.

    and the clothes were probably old samples from the back of the rocawear showroom.

    I’m sure most people in a decent neighborhood get rid of $2500 worth of clothes from their closet when the seasons change.

    smh @ him.

    i like the water well he donated to a village in africa.
    that was something worth merit!

  • hah says:

    $2,500? That doesn’t compare much to his $60,000/month penthouse or the $4.5 million paid for a share of the New Jersey Nets.

    Did this even deserve it’s own article?

  • truthneverlies says:

    I think what Jay-Z is doing is good…but…he’s far from a philanthropist. While Oprah is building schools over in Africa, Jay-Z is “donating” some superficial Rocawear “gear” to a couple of kids as if Rocawear was something to be grateful for! Is that the only thing he has to give back? Maybe his intentions were good (I suppose) but couldn’t he have done something a little more impressionable or long lasting??!! I agree…this wasn’t even worth acknowledging. Try again Jay.

  • Big Tommy says:

    its good that jay-z did some charity but hes only worth about 300 mill so 2500 is nothin to him

  • jimmylee says:

    i see not only rappers hate on jay…..he did a deed regardless of the amount…..what ever happened to the thought that counts……pocket watchers…….im sure the children appreciated it……..its funny because oprah said that when she was sttemping to build the school here, the children only wanted to know could they get some tennis shoes, so she grew tired of dealing with them…….what she was trying to do was a good thing and what jay just did is a good thing as well…….truthfully he didnt have to do anything……but he did……catch up people

  • NB says:

    jayz donating 2500 isnt anyting bc since he owns rocawear, he’s not really losing money. he didnt have to pay for those clothes. But lets not b too critical. He did donate and for some people $2500 worth of anything is a lot. f u got that for xmas ud b happy. so im satisfied that he did anything at all

  • JSA says:

    To some people, 2500 sounds like alot people, so im happy that he did something.

  • Donna says:

    I was about to smash him for only donating 2,500 but, (my bad) he didn’t “have” to do that. much love Jay-Z.

  • Meagan Kathleen says:

    Lmao, nice of him to donate clothes to the needy BUT..what’s up with Jay-Z and people making him seem like such an awesome guy?!

    He’s ugly.

    His rapping sucks.

    And quite frankly, he could of donated those kids some REAL clothes.

    Not just all under his little name brand.


  • sunshine says:

    to all the people saying 2500 is kool, lets be honets, thats not even rent for a apartment in harlem. his outfits cost more than that alone. okay okay, so he gave something, but when you spend more than that anight on beverages….it doesnt make that much of an impact.

  • tf says:

    I personally think its quite weak. Let’s remember that it doesnt even cost $2500 to produce these clothes so it prob really took closer 2 $25 out his pocket lol. At least he did sumn tho lol. So i guess we should commend him 4 that.

  • JocelynNicole says:

    Lets be real yall Jay, as well as other fashion icons get those clothes made for 25 cents so if we divide by 2500$ we got a hell of alot of clothes and shoes. Yeah he didnt have to do shit but what exactly is the president donating except guest appearances and hell is he even still doing those!!!!!!!! so for those of you hating shut the fuck up reach in yo own damn pocket and pull out 2500$ and donate to some starving family or are u the family thats starving and yo mamma working wto jobs to get you stingy ass some rocawear… Thank the Lord that im blessed and dont have to go through that! Meagan you must be white jay is for one the best rapper alive shut the fuck up 2 if jay came to you house u’d give him head just to say u did jay does alot like it takes more than just one man.

  • vanessa says:

    its niCe that he donated, but COnsidering the retail priCes on the CLothing, 2500 aint muCh…

  • Young26 says:

    In my opinion Jay is the best that ever did it so regardless of the amount it’s all greatly appreciated.Keep doing your thing PlayBoy!!!

  • rapsucks says:

    oprah sucks
    quit comparing jay to oprah
    oprah doesnt do **** for americans
    her and **** bono, and all these other celebrities dont give a s*** about americans, just africans
    i mean, if they put 10% of what the put into africa, into americans in poverty, americas poverty level, and quality of living in these areas would drop drasticly
    im not saying dont help the africans, yeah they need it, but so do people in america and around the world
    jay is helping americans, its not millions of dollars, but im sure the kids love him for it, and it probably helps them out, and their parents, thats money that their parents dont have to spend on clothes, and can go towards more important things. these kids dont need a wardrobe of clothes, they just need decent clothes, even if its a couple shirts and a pair of jeans.
    come on dont knock on this
    hes helping, are you helping?
    if you arnt then you cant say **** about how week of an effort it is, or how rich he is
    if you donate $2500 worth of clothes then you can say all you want, but untill then keep your hatin *** mouths shut

  • K says:

    That’s good. I will not loose.

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