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What did you think of Kimora’s new reality TV show?

Submitted by on August 8, 2007 – 1:02 pm50 Comments


Kimora Lee Simmons debuted her new reality show, Life In The Fab Lane, over the weekend.

If you got a chance to check it out, what did you think about it?

Life In The Fab Lane airs every Sunday night at 8pm on the Style Network in the US.

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  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    I loved it! She’s an unapologetic diva and she makes for great television :)

  • Shaq Says says:

    your mom

  • James says:

    Ooh another celebrity with an attitude, big f*ckin deal. I hate to hate but I hate this bullshit.

  • James says:

    Did I mention that “celeb-reality” is a big fat pile of horse sh*t that needs to be shoveled out? I wasn’t sure if I made that clear… Shows like this are the reason people are getting dumber, every aspect of it is irrelevant. Ok now you stupid ass b*tches can start calling me a hater and saying I’m jealous, it’s the only excuse you have for my criticism.

  • mszbabiphat says:

    i love kimoraz new tv-show. i think it is great fa her fanz to see how she livez..nd what shes does on a daily basis…pplz need 2 get ova it nd stop hatin on her. shes a high class diva dat knoez wat she wants…keep doin ya thing mama!

  • prettylady says:

    I love her clothes and shoes, but her attitude has to go!!

  • prettylady says:

    I love her clothes and shoes, but that attitude got to go!!!

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    yea i agree wit you James. and her attittude really makes her look ugly and as far as the show…its GARBAGE!!

  • Big Tommy says:

    james and Ms. teyana are right this celeb crap has got to go im surprised they have so many shows about the same thing and to all u that dont kno this isnt they’re real lives these shows are scripted for max drama and s*** like that

  • Jerzee ridah/philly banga says:

    hol up what show???…what channel it come on?? i wanna c somebody let me kno

  • Airiona says:

    I really like it because she be all about her job also i love her kids they are so pretty and so loveable

  • jay says:

    its bullshit why do people insist on watching garbage

  • because a lot of people are really stupid.

  • alexandria Talley says:

    that’s the reason why some of us settle for less, or we can’t go anywhere in life. Everyone wants to get on the celebriies, if you get up and make something out of yourself you would have the same attitude every celebrity has. SO STOP HATING. Why hate on someone who made something out of their life.What you should do is congratulate her and now try to get your life in order to be like her. keep doing your thing Kimora.

  • alexandria Talley says:

    you watched the show, you or your children wears the clothing she makes, but now you want to dowm grade her. But in reality your still supporting her in everything she does. so now who’s contradicting themself.

  • James says:

    Alexandria, I don’t have children and when I do they aren’t gonna be sporting Baby Phat, and I don’t own a damn thing from her so I’m not contradicting sh*t. It’s not even HER I’m talking about, it’s her stupid a$s show. I’m sick of all this celebrity bullsh*t on TV, it’s flat out stupid and smart people know it. PEACE

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    first of all i’m not hating so get that sh*t straight ok, and second just becuz she makin doe dont mean she can be talkin to people any kind of way she want. ok your successful but dont be a bi*ch about it. cuz just like god gave you all of that success he can take it away from you just as quick. its called being Humble.

  • Ms. Belle says:

    The show is entertaining in a way that is sad becasue she is gorgeous and so are her children, but, she needs to have a better attitude. Being wealthy goes so far beyond financial. Being wealthy includes your attitude, generosity, and treating people fairly. There are ways to be a diva without being a bitch, but unfotunately the materialistic and shallow followers will most likely fall into the trap of wanting the same and dreaming of wealth without knowing what it TRULY

  • NiKkI q says:

    No NEED for the arguing amung ourselves…Kimora is a Diva, the world knows it. Though they didn’t need to give her a show…that’s the one thing she didn’t have, it’s called capitalization! she’s getting paid and better ratings=more money so if you really disagree that much, tune out. nuff said

  • James says:

    I think the problem with so many of you is that you seem to think that the fact that somebody makes money means they are somehow a better person and/or can act and treat people any way they want. I’ve never understood the hip-hop community’s obsession and confusion about money, but it’s definitely there and it’s gotta go.

  • alexandria Talley says:

    James, I wasn’t sayin this for any attitude.I was puttin my thoughts across the board. well face it, the show is her show thats who she is . she put the show 2gether so we can watch and we watched. Some had good Things to say, and some had bad things to say. All in all we still tunned in to watch what she had to say and do. Kimora still do your thing hold your head up and dont let anyone, and i mean anyone tell you different. If thats how you get your point across well by any means please do so.

  • Donna says:

    I like Kimora and her clothing line but i do agree that she does go a bit overboard with the “i’m so beautiful, i’m so rich,and the i’m so much better than anyone else attitude” there are lots of other famous females whose beauty out shines hers and equally rich minus the “big head” and funky attitude. so you don’t have to try so hard Kimora we love you anyway.

  • jah;[LEE]`suh.%! says:

    i love babyPHAT and Kimora and her “diva-like” attitude but she does go over the top AND it`s kinda annoying seeing daht . with all these reality shows abt celebrities flaunting off what they got , it`ss useless and most ppl really DNT seem to care about what they got . and her attitude musta been a reason why Russell left her ass . nuff said .

  • MARI says:


  • Criti305 says:

    All i have to say is that her stank attiutude is hot garbage. Im tired of these people who think there better than everybody else. The reason they are famous is because of us yet they act all high and might like their gods and we’re peasants. Ima have to say I agree with james on this one.

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    diva is just the nice way of sayin Bitch so lets just come out and say it. oh and if i knew how much of a bitch she was then i would have never wasted my time watchin it. i used to really like her but i think that show cost her to loose alot of fans.

  • Shanda says:

    I love it.

  • Natalie says:

    I loved it hope to see more of it.

  • Meagan Kathleen says:

    Kimora is gorgeous, I’m glad she made a reality show, haha.

  • James says:

    If you watch this, you waste more time than I do, and that’s saying something. This show, and anything of it’s kind, is a complete waste. Oh look, a “diva” with money and an attitude, that’s quality TV (my ASS)

  • Miss.Jess says:

    Even though I am beyond tired of celeb-reality, I love her show. Kimora is a diva, but she hasn`t forgot where she has came from. She should be an inspiration to young girls because she is a model, mom && mogul.

  • Mi64552 says:

    ha! She’s definitely an unapologetic diva…that’s not quite a good thing. She’s headstrong, creative, ambitous, and focused, but her diva attitude is not a good look. I think the producers of the show are definitely playing that part of her personality up. I agree she’s a good role model for young girls because she’s accomplished, ambitious, and has stayed true to her self, but the show isn’t making her seem personable or REAL. Well reality TV will be……reality TV.

  • Ash BB says:

    Who is she. She doesn’t rap, she doesn’t design, the Kellwood stuff does that, so why does she need a reality show? She ain’t nobody.

  • Love_me_right says:

    I loved her show her fans get to see what she does I admire her alot I’m also in school for fashion and business I cant wait to see more.

  • mickey says:


  • peter pritchett says:

    its pretty stupid. that bitch wouldnt have been shit with russell

  • vdub says:

    well i love kimora shes a bad b**!& but she shouldnt have such a stank attitude because its true she wouldnt have been anything without russell and if he wanted to he could take baby phat from her but i guess when she makes money he makes money :-)

  • Rene4lyfe says:

    I Agree with those that re tired of the celebrity garbage and for those saying we’re hating try opening your minds cause you’re missing the point. it has nothing to do with kimora per say while i applaud her efforts, hard work. success and talent i think a tv show in this day and ageis pointless for she is doing what many others have done and it’s quite a risk because she ca loose alot of buisness that way peopla may tend to dislike her but not onlt that reality shows like hers to me is over rated and i think it’s because of the costant shows of that sort for eaxmple i love new york , runs house, newly weds , the hills and flavor of love and don’t forget rock of lovehad made it bubble gum tv. it’s bad enough we see you guys in every magazine and tv reports. ad campaigns now tv come on there is a thing as ove exposure ad i think thats what people are trying to say..overexposure tend to alienate people..sometimes private lives needs to stay private i guess

  • tiara says:

    yeah im a fan of kimora. her book is pretty decent too, but is it me or her clothing line could really use some work? i mean i know the cat is her clothing line symbol but that doesn’t the whole damn line should revolve around it ! damn cats and babyphat every dam where !

  • dominic says:


  • K says:

    Hmmmmm. Didn’t see it. But its looks 2 fake 4rm what I saw. Not sayin that she is.

  • K says:

    The cat is dope

  • ~*~ ERIN ~*~ says:

    I like her new show but it annoys me sometimes cuz she can be such a snobby rude bitch. But shes ok. I guess thats what money does to people.

  • La Tania Williams says:

    Kimora Lee Simmons know what it like to be poor.She know what it is to be a outsider.She got pick on by kids in school.Russell Simmons is the one who made her a big wealthy women.If it wasn’t for him she would be just a model just like Tyra.She needs to re-trace her child hood.At first I thought she was a nice person.Until I show her new show.She treat people like they are beneath her.She teaching her daughters how to become stuck up bitches.I’m glad she has money.But don’t down grade people because they don’t have.All those people who work with her should quit.It not like she the Queen of the United States.If she was we all be in trouble.When she die nobody gone to have any thing good to say about her.I don’t buy nothing from her line.She better be careful because she has a chef.He might put something in her food.She has a maid she might do something to her mansion.She is just a fucking ass.I not hating.

  • foxxy621 says:


  • Nfamous says:

    Kimora should be in the dictionary beside goldigger111

  • @r3 says:

    to james: you white cracker even tho people wath does not mean they are stupid. it just means thaey would lyk drama in their life. yes, i do agree she does have a big head. plus i hav a 4.0 gpa averge so ya cant say nuttin boy. the reason why i watch is because it is very interesting. i bet u problee tried out 4 the i love ny season 2 casting but ur arrogant self did not even mke it. god, ur so annoying

  • Tom says:


    Great work. I am going to pass this along.

  • mishella says:

    i like it its interesting n i wish i can just b n that gurls shoes,but great show

  • Rick Lexington says:

    To @r3 Thanks for calling somebody a “white cracker” it’s stupid for the following reasons

    1. I’m guessing your a person of ethnicity so your going to subject someone else to the same bs you go through or went through in life nice.

    2. The word “cracker” covers the white part… look up the definition. It’s like if I said your a stupid dumbass. Get it… got it… good.

    3. When you call someone (especially someone who your not sure what race they are in the first place) a racist name, well you actually make your race look more ignorant than the people your talking ish on.

    Ok so onto the kimora show. Who cares it’s another celeb show… hopefully it’ll meet a grusome feight afte a few episodes.

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