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Who is the Godmother of Hip-Hop and R&B?

Submitted by on August 9, 2007 – 12:15 pm46 Comments


According to the new ad campaign for her upcoming album Pain & Paper, Lil Mo is.

Lil Mo had success with tracks like “Superwoman” featuring Fabolous and guest appearances on cuts like “Put It On Me” with Ja Rule.

But does she deserve the above title?

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  • James says:

    She looks like Lloyd Banks twin sister!!! haahaaa

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    Keisha cole

  • Maria says:

    Mary J. Blige!!! All the way!!!

  • JSA says:

    I dont think she deserves it at all.

  • DeVona says:

    I think Beyonce has proven herself worthy of the title. Lil Mo only had 2 hit songs what is Godmotherly about that. The girl can sing but she has been consistent. Keyshia Cole could even be named Godmother.

  • James says:

    She looks like Lloyd Banks!!! LOL

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    oh yea Mary j. blige def has it

  • kwaping says:

    It’s gotta be someone old-school, like how James Brown is the godfather of soul. I’m gonna say the Real Roxanne.

  • Jen says:

    HELL NO!!!!!! she had 3 “hit” tracks with other ppl on them. nothing she did on her own went big. there are so many other people out there that truly deserve this title but it is DEFINITELY NOT Lil Mo. I would personally nominate and vote for Mary J. Blige. She’s got the history, the talent, the hits, the albums, the hits, her solo work, and her colaborations. hands down, Mary has my vote!!

  • Mr. Fresh says:

    Naw i think maybe Missy Elliot or MC Lyte

  • NB says:

    wat exactly is the ‘godmother of hip hop n r&b’ supposed to be? i understan the queen n princess n king n prince but godmother? thats way off

  • Godmother???????????? what???????????

    Lol go slap herself

    Mary J is everything ……….. hands down

  • Love_me_right says:

    first off to the ppl that was namin’ people like mary j. blige yall need to slap ya damn self because MARY is the QUEEN of R&BSoul and HipHop babi ok now Beyonce, Keyshia cole, or Alicia Keys can be named as Godmother because if anything ever happened it would be left up to them to do something about it and get this music game POPPIN’

  • N4E1 says:

    Keyshia Cole? She has only put out one album. She doesn’t meet the requirement. And although Alicia Keys is very talented, she’s only been around a few years. Give her some time. Mary is already the queen so someone like Faith Evans could be the godmother.

  • James says:

    Lil Mo looks like Lloyd Banks!

  • IglooCEO says:

    Yeah .. everybody is WAY off! GODMOTHER? I agree it’s gotta be someone ol’skool! MJB is the Queen, so it should defintley be someone before her?
    Lyte, Roxanne, maybe even Latifah from back in the day… But GODMother needs more guides; h is she hiphop only, or did she mix it up and crossover?

    But DAMN if that aint right on bout Lil Mo & Banks being Twins!!

  • James says:

    Finally someone acknowledges what I said!!! Thank you IglooCEO!!! LIL MO AND LLOYD BANKS ARE TWINS HAHAHAA that sh*t is FUNNY, PEOPLE! dammit do you not understand!?

  • SweetLady05 says:

    I would have to say the one and only Beyonce’. She’s only been in the game a few years but she’s clearly not going any where and she only can “UPGRADE” so she above all deserves the talent. I cant think of anyone else right off, but I think “B” has it all the way. Lil Mo is waaaaaaaaaay off. I can name beaucop people who come before her lame ass.

  • MARI says:


  • Criti305 says:

    Ok im not sure about lil mo bein godmother, yes she has talent and has put out a few good songs. For all of you who said Keyshia Cole ur wrong because her musi sucks and shes way to new to get such a title. I would lean more towards Missy Elliot whos been around for a while and has put out hit after hit. And as for you James this is a blog about lil mos music, not her appearance

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    how did they give Lil mo that status?? but i do agree it has to be some1 whos been around for a while and i think it should be Missy Elliot becuz she sings and raps so godmother of Hip Hop and R&B fits perfectly. and for the person who said Keyshia Cole’s music sucks, u wouldnt kno real music if u fell a**backwards in it so stop being a f**kin hater.

  • Jerzee ridah/philly banga says:

    Yea I def gotta say keyshia cole music is off the hook her album was the best when it came out dat year her songs is real as hell n i could relate to her music…But, she still hasnt been out that long I think it should def go to Mary j Blige…She made hella hits..not only that her songs tell a story too..err body love her I think it should go to her!!

  • Jerzee ridah/philly banga says:

    o yea n mary b rappin a lil bit 2 so she got it for err thing

  • u_dont_want_none says:

    I personally think Janet Jackson could be Godmother, she old skool and got enough hits.

  • Tiffany says:

    The last time I remember her making a song was when I was like in the 9th grade and now I’m a freshmen in college. Anyway I think that Mary J. or Janet should be the godmother.

  • jay rock says:


  • Meagan Kathleen says:

    Lmao, how about KHIA.

  • caramelbrown says:

    I definetly think that Lil Mo deserves that title, she is very under rated. That girl puts her heart into her music, although she isnt a commercial success like beyonce, you can feel her pain, struggle and joy in her music. For everyone that says Mary J Blige is the Godmother of Hip Hop and R&B, she’s not. She’s the Queen of Hip Hop & R&B/Soul, it’s a much higher standard which she deserves. Lil Mo has stayed true to R&B and Hip hop and has never compromised herself like many R&B chicks. She is real and deserves any shine she can get

  • RSX says:

    MC Lyte

  • James says:

    Mary J Blige is my cousin, for real

  • sunshine says:

    have we forgoten about whitney, mariah, freeway? lol

  • Ash BB says:

    Queen Lahtifa

  • babephat says:

    ^^^ I agree w/sunshine up here

  • babephat says:

    Hey Ash BB

  • Ms. Teyana says:

    MC Lyte?? MC=hip hop, not R&B. she like the godmother if not Mother of Rap

  • Gigi says:

    Not to be mean but, who is lil Mo?

  • Bri says:


  • mickey says:

    naw i think dat beyonce does as much as i hate 2 admit it because she had proven herself to be more well rounded when it comes 2 music and publicity.lil mo,even tho she may have been in the “game” longer she hasn’t had many hits except for the ones with fabo and others



  • Criti305 says:

    im a hater?? haha bytch please. if anything ur a fuwken sheep. the only song that was ever worth anything from keyshia cole was Love. thatz it. And by the way bytch im entitled to my opinion therefore i share, like it or not. Ur just a sheep that jones the crwod and like what everyone else likes sooooooooo EXcuSE me if i actually have a good legimate opinion. Oops and i hope i didnt use to many big words for u biotch

  • Rene4lyfe says:

    First and foremost this blog is public and put here so people can freely express their views. i think noone should call anyone a hater or any other derragatory terms due to their opinions we are all unique and are gonna express different views that makes us who we are. so stop the nonsense and just try to appreciate each others views in a respectful manner ..backto the blog at hand…… athough to many lil mo might be a respected artist she lacks the hits and rap sheet that would qualify other musicians for the title in my opinion i would nominate people like MC Lyte, Missy Elliotor even Janet Jackson… while keyesha cole and Alicia Keys are talented and successful musicians they too are not eligible due to hits made and well as experience when matched up to others even beyonce as dynamic as she is is not eligible and she been out longer and more successful as the above two mentioned artists therotically speaking if MJB is queen godmother has to be someone older and wiser hence my selections MC Lyte and Queen Latifah

  • mickey says:

    Mary J all the way she still has class ansd style that graces her all the way.

  • OUT HERE says:

    for hip hop either goes to mc lyte or lil kim
    for r&b goes to mary j blige or lauryn hill

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