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Another Kanye West style post…

Submitted by on August 14, 2007 – 1:20 pm34 Comments


A lot has been said about Kanye West‘s fashion sense and his frequent critiques of other artists’ style.

Kanyeezy was out and about in London yesterday. What do you think about this outfit?

Image: TMZ.com

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  • Flay says:

    Those glasses are nice…..sweet gold watch. He should be able to wear cleaner shoes tho. overall looks nice

  • mari says:


  • Stefan says:

    Those glasses look ridicolous, he lookes like hes wearing shudders instread of glasses. Honestly stick to the basics man this Star Trek glasses look isnt doing much for him. He did start off with alot of class, and I dont want to be critc or anything like that. I know millions of females will probably disagree with me and say “hes so sexy”. In reality he just copies the classic american style of clean cut polos with the clean cut haircut and shoes. Hes very basic in his style and form. Id also like to talk about the hoodies that everyone is wearing. They will probably be out of style in a matter of a year or two much like the throwback jerseys.Peace!

  • RSX says:

    i want those shades

  • Shaq Says says:

    he looks like a moron. go wear those in the hood and see what happens to you, school boy.

  • m2resles says:


  • James says:

    This is what people call style? That sh*t looks f*ckin STUPID. his hat doesn’t match anything else he’s wearing, in fact the whole thing is whack as hell, wtf…

  • Carlos says:

    thats alots of bape shit.

  • swahzay says:

    In 05 Kanye established his self as the guy to watch as far as urban fashion is concerned. He made Polo Shirts cool. That was 2 years ago and I am glag to see that he’s keeping it creative and new.

  • J-Watts says:

    FLYEST GLASSES ON EARF!!! (Earth for the smartasses)

  • A1 says:

    fuckin clown

  • jay rock says:

    a1 i agree whitcha what a fucking clown a gay fuckin clown.

  • sj says:

    People hating on someone everyday just because they do something different then if it gets popular they start wearing it to. Kanye fit is fresh!

  • rj2 says:

    That outfit is fly, matching sometimes can look clownish and Kanye really tries to match in a way where the colors coordinate nicely. Peep the gray undershirt instead of the white tee, yellow g-shock watch, and how the cardigan matches those leather bapes. Whoever thinks this fit is wack probably still wears Enyce……WORD UP BIATCES.

  • James says:

    Uh, this fit is whack. That hat doesn’t match anything and the yellow watch doesn’t either, so I don’t know wtf you’re talking about rj2

  • sunshine says:

    the outfit probly cost a lot (cha ching)…

  • tf says:

    I agree wit rj2. N the shit is too fly….ppl dont really understand it. I live in England n go 2 Tokyo at least 2ce a year. Kanye fuses the styles from these places. Then all u peeps want him 2 dress “hood” or whatever…wear oversized cheapass clothes/labels. lol. I’ve got that yellow Bape G-shock. It costs like $300. That can prob almost buy most ppls whole outfits lol. Then u dont wanna go in2 the sweater…BBC cardigan by the way. Then he got his own bapestas on! It’s a wrap!! He iIS matching…he’s only got 1 thing 2 throw it off…the yellow watch…thats how they do in Japan. Keep doin your thing Kanye. Oh yeah…the shades r cool but personally dont think I’d wear em…they too much

  • lolasmith says:

    the outfit is awesome.

  • Crazy Nyucka says:

    Just because the hat is camo doesn’t mean it blends in, haha

  • a says:


  • blookie says:

    i like kanye style cuss nowadays it seem most people dress the same i like his shades but i dont know if id where them on a dialy basis and everythin else is good and i can rock it

  • J-Vil says:

    lol that a bape g-shock watch, not a gold watch. Look it up.

  • Cutes says:

    Coming from a chick with a little offbeat sense of style, I love Kanye’s style. He takes chances and is innovative with his style. Fashion is suppose to be self espressive and most of all FUN! Work those stunna’s!

  • DJ DEZ says:

    haha, kinda crazy but original..

  • Mr Cool says:

    those shades you can get now, i saw them at shuttershadesonline.com, a bunch of colors are out too. hott!!

  • jermey says:

    well it looks like sum people dont know fashion!!! to all da people who like ta hate on kanye go for it…

    1. da shoes aint dirty dummies!!.. dats tan brown n red!!
    2. shades iz super freshhhh!mad u dont have none???
    3. wat do u mean da hat doesnt match?? its brown n tan
    4. does it look like hes wearin a ralph lauren polo rite here who ever said dat???…
    5. Exactly wat 1 person said yall think its gay n ugly….watch when everyone does it ur goin ta be rite there wit em…hehe..
    6. Just stop hatin n let kanye do him n u do u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………

  • fitzU says:

    Good get up.
    Shades are over-done.
    Hey TF nobody gives a [email protected] the you got that cheap $300 G-Shock….the point of that Bape G-Shock style is to offset the bling phenomenon….yikes~

  • Larre says:

    I’ve understood that alot people from the “hood” are calling him gay etc.
    I think most of the people calling him homo, are dumbasses. At least Kanye doesn’t look like a fuckin homeless shelter like some people erhm *Soulja Boy*. Now SouljaBoy knows how to match colors but he looks like a CLOWN rockin those tall tees, big ass shorts, pants etc.
    The guy looks sophisticated, he knows how to wear basic clothes, but make em look crazy nice and make you think, where does he get his clothes. He can pull off wearing basically anything and he’d get away with it and people would think it looks cool. I think that he’s the only person who can wear those shuttershades, noone else can rock em, well they can but they’ll be looked at as wannabees.
    Now the outfit he’s rockin is crazy, it’s bape or BBC from head to toes, idk about the jeans.
    The yellow watch he’s wearing is probably a Bape X Casio.
    DAMN, some people just don’t know their fashion, and some people really do know what they’re rockin and know that people that are looking at him/her are thinking, damn he/she is fresh to death and Kanye is one of those.

  • Ezzie says:

    You people are nutss!! Kanye is da truth!! He can dress his butt off. This outfit minus the shades is dope!! I think the shades are very country and Kayne too classy for dat. You can’t rock Gucci kicks den top it off with the shutter shades…its just a no no. Soulja Boy CANNOT DRESS!! Who cares if he matches…circus clowns match too! Being all matchy matchy aint cool, its not in anymore….unless ur a child. Kayne a grown man!


    i dont like the shutter shades.. but the fit is fly… he has a color scheme goin on.. the hat compliments the shoes duh!

  • John says:

    i bet everyone who is hating on this outfit or kanye probably only wears gay @$$ hollister

  • Alexi says:

    Kanye is the best dressed rapper, fairly saying this outfit is a bit of flanboyant,I bet he must’ve been in a funky mood at that day, he does dressed up with a good style most of the times, especially he represents hiphop music can be elegant and classic too.

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