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Naomi Campbell speaks out against discrimination in the fashion industry

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Naomi Campbell with fellow model Tyson Beckford

From Catwalk Queen:

Fed up with a lack of black models in the fashion industry, Naomi Campbell has spoken out about her frustration by criticising magazine editors.

“Black models are being sidelined by the major modelling agencies,” she said at a press conference in Malindi, Kenya, where she is currently on holiday.

Five years after her last cover for British Vogue, Campbell highlighted the racial inequality amongst the fashion industry and the media.

“I even get a raw deal from my own country. For example, I hardly come on the front pages of London’s Vogue magazine. Only white models, some of whom are not as prominent as I am, are put on the front pages,” she said.

Do you agree with Naomi’s opinion?

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  • mickey says:

    I feel that Naomi is stating the truth about black models are not on the cover of many magazine that many fresh faces that are seen are gracing the cover due what they feel society wants to see or if they feel that who they would choose to grace the cover due to theri beliefs.

  • James says:

    I feel like people need to stop crying race sh*t. Whites make up a larger percentage of the population, so naturally they will appear more in advertising all throughout modern culture. I think, in fact I know, that way too many people are just completely hung up on racial tensions, issues, you name it… Look at how much improvement has been made for black-white relations in even the past 50 years, now we have whites adopting much of the black culture and people want to trash on that with names like wigger? Why can’t we be happy that whites no longer hate blacks, but want to have things in common with them? There are black men and women in rock music, and I don’t hear anyone making up slanderous names for that. Let’s be glad for the fact that many of us accept each other, and realize we all live in the same country so it only makes sense for us to be united. United we stand, divided we WILL fall. I’m starting to realize this is beginning to look like some kind of speech, haha, I got on ranting, so I’m gonna leave it at that. Peace, James, Seattle (white, in case you’re wondering)

  • ladygc419 says:

    what was the question? couldn’t keep my eyez off Tyson

  • Mia Thompson says:

    Whoever this James person is 2 “message posts’ beneath me…really needs to shut his ignorant mouth up because he has NO IDEA what the heck he’s talking about!! Where I’m from and in MANY parts of the world.. White people STILL Look down upon Blacks..as well as Mexicans & Middle Easterns. I have White friends.. and they’ve even ADMITTED that although there have been some improvements in the way minorities are treated– Caucasians still feel as though they are superior and that no one wants to see any other race on the cover of a magazine because in their minds “white skin is in” & will always be in!

  • Emily says:

    Mia, what are your white friends? Spokespersons for white people or something?
    Not ALL caucasians feel as though they’re superior. I for one, don’t think any more highly of myself just because my skin is a lighter colour. What gives me the right to think I’m superior? There’s nothing special about me compared to black people, hispanic people or asian people.
    And in future, your white friends should speak for themselves and not for me and the rest of the entire caucasian community.

    I think before you tell James to shut his ignorant mouth you need to read back and realise what you (or your white friends) just said and shut your own mouth. You’ve just categorized an entire race of people into one tiny ”Racist!” box. Only someone incredibly ignorant and narrow-minded would do that, because you clearly don’t realise that just because we’re White it doesn’t mean we don’t have different opinions and we’re completely different people. Not all white people think the same way, mate.

    Either that or you need new white friends. Because quite frankly, no one needs friends that think they’re superior to others just because of their ancestory or the colour of their skin.

  • Sirrye says:


    Whites are not the majority!

    Combine Asia/Africa/South-America and the West Indies!
    All these people are colored people.

    But look that’s just the way the world is man, nothing is gonna change by just speaking out on it, we gotta act upon it.
    And at the end of the day, even if us black people get to be on the covers.
    We won’t be satisfied, because this issue about blacks not getting a chance is an internal issue.

    I think, black people, we keep waiting for people to give us a chance.
    Now I would like to see us take matters in our own hands.
    That’s why I like BET, Russell Simmons, Tyler Perry, Oprah.

    Black people in general need time to heal, and we do that by first loving ourselves, then loving other black people, and after that you will see that it’s ok for us not to get everything, because we’re gonna get all we need and even more from out brothers and sisters!

    And James you’re right about one thing tho, we black people need to stop whining!
    Now that times are better, we need to take advantage of that!

    So Naomi, I think she’s said the right thing, but I just like to see her do something about it, because she is in a power position!

  • David Manibusan says:

    OK. Now while Naomi Campbell may be right about blacks being under represented in the media, she also needs to remember that the media, underneath it all, is a business being run by people doing whatever it takes to make the most money. Ugly fat people are even more under represented on the cover of vogue magazine then black people. Whatever sells will get to be on the front, end of story, nothing personal.

    Not that it matters but I am Asian, and I think there are more Asians then black or white people in the world, but you don’t hear any of us complaining.

  • James says:

    I should have been more specific. What I meant is that whites make up a much higher percentage of the US. So expect to see them more in the media – in the US. Go watch commercials on TV, even though blacks only make up like 13% (?) of the US population, you will see them, sometimes even outnumbering the whites, on almost any given advertisement. Also asians, mexican, etc. This is because the media tries so hard to be politically correct, yada yada yada, I’m not getting into it, but I think that blacks are most definitely getting their fair share of the spotlight, especially considering their percentage of our population. Oh and Mia T. You REALLY need to shut the f*ck up, dumb a**. You are part of the problem.

  • mari says:


  • James says:

    Mari. You’re a stupid b*tch. You are genuinely DUMB. Shut up.

  • mari says:


  • Lisa says:

    I agree with Sirrye (yes, I am Black).

    To David Manibusan: perhaps if more Asians (aside from the occasional comedian) made social commentary on the inequities, then the powers that be would be provoked to change their money making schemes. What’s funny is society is naive enough to think that we actually control them with our dollars. Not at all, pop culture dictates fads and trends and crazes. Being a brainwashed follower is not necessarily something to be ashamed, especially since you don’t even know that you are.

    As far as James, you must ignore people who say completely unfounded things, especially since he clearly is all about getting a reaction.

    Check any census and you will see that there are more people of color in the US (even count the Hispanics that mark the Caucasian box are people of color) than White people.

    The truth, is there are certain racial inequities, whether it be in the fashion industry or working in a call center. I think it is right to demand more from other people when it comes to how they treat us, as long as we don’t forget to demand more of ourselves. I like Oprah when she says (often), “you (we) show people how to treat you (us).” Check the images we allow (inaction = permission) media outlets to broadcast, then think to yourself, “when was the last time I shook my ass in front of a group of men just get a chance to get into a house with a bunch of other half-naked women whom I will later refer to as a bitch or ho just to have the opportunity to be chosen by a man who has slept with, groped or slobbed down several of my competition?” I’m not excusing the Don Imus caricatures of the world. However, I get the picture.

  • mari says:


  • sunshine says:

    ima keep this short because im not feeling the essays…. it might be true or whatever, but im getting so sick and tired of hearing models complain. btch pose and move on. you no how happy i would be if i could get paid for walking and taking pictures.?

  • LOL @ “im not feeling the essays” – you don’t like mexicans? just kidding. try that one on a teacher, see how it works out

  • mari says:


  • mari says:


  • mari says:



  • Hope says:

    AND THEY SAY MODERN RACISM DOESNT EXIST IT SOOOO DOES!!!!! But the truth is it cant be helped its just in the blood and it will always resurface whether we like it or not. What we now need to do is teach the younger ones the rights and the wrongs WITHOUT going over what happened in the PAST…….

  • OneUser says:

    Yeah James, and if the models were chosen randomly then maybe your point would hold some ground, but since they’re not, it doesn’t. When you pick and choose who gets represented in the media, and you choose primarily white people, then it is NOT just. So stop with the bs. Racism, prejudice, and discrimination is still WELL here today and going strong, and pointing at modern improvements from past times is NO excuse for the the racism and discrimination that still exists today. Tons of white people still hate black people. You will NOT see blacks and other minorities outnumbering whites on almost any given commercial. Blacks are most definitely not getting their fair share of representation in the media.

  • notedigo says:

    well britain is a white majority countrie if she wants to see black models in voque she should go to south africa

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