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Is right now hip-hop’s new Golden Era?

Submitted by on August 27, 2007 – 4:17 pm21 Comments


Rappers Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne

When you begin to think positive about hip-hop today, you realize there hasn’t been this much diversity in the music for a number of years.

You have catchy, young people-friendly tunes from artists like Soulja Boy (“Crank Dat”), Lil Mama (“Lipgloss”) and Unk (“Walk It Out”).

Then there’s the adult-contemporary style being pioneered by veterans like Jay-Z (“30′s The New 20″) and Common (“The People”).

There’s also the brash confidence of a Kanye West (“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”) or Lil Wayne, the street-hardened delivery of the invigorated 50 Cent (“I Get Money”) or Young Jeezy, and the return to prominence of legendary acts like UGK (“International Player’s Anthem”).

And don’t forget that essential ingredient of the rap recipe – beef – with this year in particular seeing diss tracks from an endless list of rappers.

Are you enjoying hip-hop in 2007?

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    Well I guess when you put it that way…yeh…Hip-Hop aint dead but she’s definitely on life support.

  • Flay says:

    Alot of hiphop isn’t even hiphop…its juss bullshit like Soulja Boy.


    I wouldn’t call it a Golden Era though. I mean honestly are we really gonna turn on Laffy Taffy when we’re like 55 and tell our children “Now this is some real music” like our parents would turn on Marvin or Earth Wind and Fire Hell no. I know its other hip-hop out there but to the average fairweather rap fan the radio is all they know and that is what will become popular. Laffy Taffy and the like doesn’t equal golden era


    I know ya’ll getting tired of me but a few posts ago I made a mistake. The mistake was confusing rap music with hip-hop for those of you that didn’t know there not the same. One is just a piece of a much larger pie.

  • James says:

    You got a good point hustle. Imagine what kinda sh*t people will be listening to when we are old enough to have grandkids, if this world even lasts that long.

  • Arican says:

    (Yes I am… )
    Look on the bride side of it all mass media will always produce bull#### music
    But now everybody knows what hip hop is there are more MC/rapper then ever before. The clothing industry makes millions on hip hop gear (look at DrJays)
    But “I hustle therefore I am” is right on some point,
    there are also many wanna be rap artist out there maybe more then ever before. Who influence the culture but the average listener is the one who buys the pitiful fake version
    of hip hop that they make and promotes them…

    Buy CD of artist worth hearing not those that are on the so called hype

  • jimmy says:

    I hate hip hop right now the radio is fool of sh**y lame ass stuff the only good thing this year is that new UGK CD. this dance music needs to go some where cus it sucks big D***

  • angel says:

    I would like to comment and say hip-hop is not at its golden era but it is Evolving to it’s golden era. Hip Hop is doing something that the rest of the world is not… and its showing us unity. Together in numbers we stand and that is the true power we have as people.

  • RSX says:

    on beef…

    I may be a weezy fan, but that song Part Time Lover was hot.

    not sure id really call it a golden era, possibly a gold-plated grill era.

  • Scott says:

    This aint even close to the Golden Era. More like the Bronze Era. There is a lack of originality and style…how can Soulja Boy and Walk It Out compare to the late 80′s/early 90′s of Wu-Tang, Dre, NWA, etc. No contest. Now it’s just the same chorus over and over again…no skills.

    Hip-hop gossip so raw it hurts.

  • J-Watts says:

    I don’t know why everyone is JUDGING Dance Songs, thats all that Soulja Boy, Unk, and artists like them can make. They’re in it for fun, when is the last time a Dance Song was up for a Grammy. These artists are like the Quad City DJ’s or whoever the hell came up wit the Tootsie Roll. Back in the early 90′s/late 80′s; how many Dance Songs did u listen to, for its or the artist’s Lyrical Skill?

  • T.LO says:

    J-Watts, I feel you!! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell these folk. There are plenty of songs about something trivial or stupid that came from the golden era of hip hop. And those songs today are considered classics. Such as Digital Underground’s “Humpty Dance”. I mean RUN-DMC made a Classic song about nothing more than a tennis shoe, and how they like to rock em. But when Nelly made Air Force 1′s and Dem Franchize Boyz made “White T”, people forget and say, “ah they ain’t talking about nothing, that’s not Hip-Hop.” Rap music comes in many shapes and forms, its the media that has choose to show us what they consider hip-hop by the videos and songs they play on the radio. It’s not that serious, if you enjoy something…. cool, if you don’t, no one is forcing you to listen. Me myself I like it all, I was raised on Hip-Hop. And I’ll probably die listening to some form of it. Peace.

  • mr.e says:

    if by “golden” you mean sequence suits and disc balls
    this is the “DISCO” era of RAP.

    Everybody wants to dance.

  • yung prince says:

    as far as record sells hell naw but if u want to talk about all the type of music naw it aint dead but dat dance music at rap its pop music that ryhmes

  • Lil Wayne says:

    Ay ya’ll, this ya boy Weezy lettin y’all know I appreciate the love and support – One

  • sunshine says:

    im not even gona comment on the 1 above me…. back on topic: im 16 and i cant stand the state of music today. when ever im in my car i either turn on smooth jazz or pop in btches brew (marvin gay), fela kuti, alanis, eric clapton (im so laid back lol)….. etc. music has become very lazy. im tired of hearing people talking about robbing and murder- get a fukcin job.

  • asha says:

    lil wayne thats my baby right there and they stay spitting them bars

  • KingJames30909 says:

    im tired of people sayin hip hop is dead, it aint dead it just steped up from the old in the new. Hip Hop Aint dead it just moved to the south!!!!

  • THeKinG says:

    Golden age?! No. Right now hip hop is in a slump. Not as bad as 2002-2004 (or what ever was the hight of the BLING BLING era) but hip hop sucks right now. I should refrase that. Radio sucks. Artist like lil wayne who have no right to call themselves an MC clog up the airway. And lil wayne fans are the most stubborn. My Brother is a lil wayne fan and he is so stuburn. He closes his ears to anything that isn’t radio pop garbage (ie Lil wayne). I say to him “hey listen to the Poet Laureate II by canibus”(just random song happen to be thinking about right now) and he’ll close his ears and scream “la la la i cant hear you”. Sorry to go on the rant and side story but man i don’t know about you guys but my radio is hooked up to an IV right now.

  • THeKinG says:

    PS Lil Wayne admited to getting rapped by Birdman

  • THeKinG says:

    Oh yea and someone made a point about some artist just being out to make dance music and i totally agree with and respect that point. Somebody does have to make dance/pop music but it can still have some lyrical skill. And please, god please, If your you had guille the kid write your lyrics, you lie about being gangster, and further you lyrics suck DO NOT CLAIM TO BE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE.

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