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Young Buck to launch clothing line

Submitted by on September 28, 2007 – 4:23 pm50 Comments


Another rap-inspired clothing line is on the way.

G-Unit rapper Young Buck is currently preparing a variety of new projects, including a new album, clothing and jewelry line.

The Nashville, Tennessee native’s clothing line is called David Brown/TenaKey Clothing.

“David Brown is my real name [and] November 1 we are going to be on the racks,” Young Buck says.

Buck says his motto for the line is to make it “fly and affordable”. He’s kicking off with a men’s line, followed by a women’s line in the near future.

Source: AllHipHop.com

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  • Yenise says:

    Everyone and their freaking mom is launching new clothing lines..LAME

  • Malique says:

    its good to see this.From what i een seeing his clothes is off the hook

  • Malique says:

    its good to see this.From what i been seeing his clothes is off the hook

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    Every [email protected], weak rhymin lame wanna launch a clothing line. Oh, where’s Nelly’s [email protected] line, Vokal? That’s what I thought. No Limit/P. Miller? Hot garbage!!! Birdman’s clothing line called “LIFE”? It was trash (like his skills). Cam’ron’s line, Vivali? Flopped before it even hit the market (sorta like his last album).

    If these jokers would spend as much to makin quality Hip Hop, like emcees did back in the day, and less time trying to make a quick buck offa these young so-called street thugs from the suburbs, maybe the artform would improve.

    Then again, some of these fools can’t even rock streetware properly… Case in point, this numbskull Soulja Boy lookin like a total douche bag — wearin A Bathing Ape four sizes too big. LMAO! And you 106 & Park teenie boppers love this nonsense. Any wonder why Hip Hop went from “Fight The Power” to “Get Rich Or Die Tryin”. A modern day minstrel show, lining the pockets of the old, white CEOs who OWN the record industry and market an aspect black culture as a circus. KNOW-THE-LEDGE, y’all!!!

  • The M says:

    What the F*@K!!! Build a fan base b4 even thinking of a clothing career, YOUNG BUCKY

  • Sinceree says:

    Judo/Grappling Champion is right I feel cuz Im a true fella of hip-hop and I’m mouth for the streets..and from what u said u corny ass lil mug..I gotta say u said something..Stay up B!

  • BayArea4Life says:

    Judo – PREACH – everything you said makes sense 100%.

  • lovehate says:

    seen his clothing its fresh it better b affordable

  • neese says:

    i vote to stop this madness **stop these fools from startin clothing lines** it just goes to show they dont have any real people around them because i would tell my homeboy before letting him look even more stupid. why do they think we want to wear their clothes just because they put out a cd oh let me guess work hard in the studio make only cents on a dollar risk getting the ish bootlegged or make one shirt paying 10 dollars to make it and charge us 60-100 dollars which one would u do we just have to stop fallin for everything just so they can get in a video and brag about all the money they got

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “neese” makes a good point: If these fools wanna clown around a make a quick buck (no pun intended), let’s send ‘em a message to fall back. Let’s face it, swagger and style has always been a part of the artform but there’s a difference between artists who got skills and lames who do all they can to exploit the genre, milk it for all it’s worth, and then run off to Beverly Hills to live next to the Mrs. and Mr. Smith. Then these fools got the nerve to talk about how they gotta get paid at all costs. Um yeah, an artist gotta eat no doubt and at least create art that’s gonna have staying power and represents some effort at creativity.

    Really folks, how many of today’s artist would you even have the nerve to think about putting in the same category as Kool G. Rap, Kane, Rakim, or KRS? Lil Wayne (lol)??? And I’m not talkin about artists like Common, Talib, or Mos who get little to no airplay, I’m referring to all these bums you see day in and day out juckin and jivin like some house slave on a plantation.

  • lyrical_87 says:

    dont forget bow wows clothing disappeared to dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn homie at 14 you were the man homie lol

  • Native says:

    I have to respond to this blog because Young Buck is a young black male from my hometown, Nashville, TN. I agree that the concept of another urban clothing line from another urban hip-hop artist is not original, but what does Young Buck’s rapping skills have to do with him wanting a clothing line? While I appreciate the artists of the past, we have to understand that times have change, and what was hot in the late 80′s and early 90′s is not what the masses are wanting today. Is it wrong? Maybe. But is it Right? Maybe. I’m a fan of anyone who is hustling (leagally) to make things happen for themselves and their family. By any means neccessary, right? If some of you are tired of the hip-hop artist coming out with clothing lines why don’t you get creative and serve our culture. Make it Happen. In any business there is a chance of failure, and that is what happen to some of the clothing lines, and it doesn’t matter if you rich or poor, black or white, young or old, it’s call taking risk. But also there are some successful urban clothing lines. One of the number one business strategies is to know your target market, and if today’s urban consumers happen to live in suburbia or the hood, so be it.

  • b weez says:

    i wanna see what he gonna come up wit…u neva kno…cuz be thoed

  • Allurre says:

    Dont know, he’d have to acquire a great theme on his line in order to captivate the hearts from those that arent his fans already.. anyways, check on my line too =) officially lauching oct.


  • Ace says:

    dam this all BEEN outta hand but yall know whats “commercial” is what sells sad but true caus they know its harder to convince real hood pplz caus i know good and well i cant member the last time i actually bought a cd and all these entertainers gotta hustle harder caus we aint convinced! so they all got stank ass perfume and trash ass clothes to match their garbage lyrics LoL ~sighs~

  • Young Buck?

    Dude never been known for fashion… I think this is just when record sales go bad, the rappers go looking for ‘what’s next’ b/c the money is not toing to last forever

    admirable efforts but they are late and going in the wrong direction

    Internet or bust…. tthey got image, need to put it behind a website

  • bubs says:

    lol ya i wouldnt buy that shit

  • Princess Cam says:

    Yawnnnnn what’s wrong? he doesnt want to wear the free G-Unit Sh*t anymore???

    Stick to rappin buck (PLEASEEEE!)

  • HatinAintHealthy says:

    quit hatin, nobody is putting a gun to your head and making u buy the shit, none of u cocksuckers have a clothing line, let alone the bread to put up for a copyright of your logo and a production team, get real bruh puts money into the community schools in 615 do ya homework, Young Buck = a real nigga tryna make something out of his life + the team behind him to be successful…a.k.a. dre, shady, 50 and some street niggas, what the fuck u want niggas to do? go get a degree from an “Accredited” university and try year after year to get elected to the board of directors of a company who’s about to secretly go under the table, take opportunities as they present themselves in life, a lot of ya’ll take shit for granted, ungrateful ass bitches

  • James says:

    HatinAintHealthy has a very good point, but I also have to agree that this clothing line won’t go far, and I’m not hating, just being realistic.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “quit hatin, nobody is putting a gun to your head and making u buy the ****, none of u ****suckers have a clothing line, let alone the bread to put up for a copyright of your logo” ~ HatinAintHealthy

    First of all, suckas need to stop abusing the word “hatin”. Every time someone don’t like somethin’ or is critical of mediocre art, it don’t mean it’s synonymous with hatin. Try harder homey. Secondly, I don’t give a [email protected] how much bread someone makes — if you wack, you wack. Period. Thirdly, you clown, I not only have earned a degree but teach young people self-defense/Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes in one of the roughest areas on Jersey: Newark.

    Further, for the homeboy who tried to borrow Malcolm’s phrase “By any mean necessary,” Malcolm X was referring to defending one’s self against racial violence and injustice. It had nothing to do with some pseudo gangster trying to make a quick buck off of the masses.

  • SMH says:

    Judo wins. Done.

  • GJJ says:

    I think positivity is lacking in this thread, so i aspire to inject a sense of positive thinking here.

    Young Buck is a banging emcee, he can freestyle and produce a lyricaly eloquoent track.
    He is one of the realest rappers out there. I think his use of The paisley bandana design on his clothing is brilliant!! Knowing that he wants to keep his line “affordable” shows that he has done his research and is in tune with todays successful business models. Think starbury…think positive and for a change be supportive.

  • Native says:

    Correction, not a homeboy. Anyway, I know what Malcolm X stood for and what the saying means. But in my world, I can use it how I please. Honestly, what I was trying to get across was “MY” opinion, and I am not in a competition to see who is right or who is wrong. Because we are all entitled to say whatever we want. We can all agree to disagree. That’s the beauty of blogs or msg boards. But it’s cool that some of you guys have seen some of his clothing line, and there hasn’t been any bad reviews. To bad that they don’t have a “Homegirl” line out yet. Go Hard or Go Home-Native X.

  • Dj Spliff says:

    Young Buck is one of ma favourite rappers right now an’ da only G UNit member I like but sumthin’ tells me his clothing line ain’t goin’ be one of da hottest clothing line out there. I mean who would wanna wear a shirt wit David Brown emblazoned on it. It dont make no sense. ‘Nother thang is I always see kids wearin’ these Gino Green Global shirts at ma school an’ I don’t get what’s so fly ’bout rockin’ a shirt wit 9s all over da spot. Once I went cloth shoppin’ an’ I wanted to how much these ugly shirts are bein’ sold for an’ I was surprised to see a shirt wit a big ass nine in da middle bein’ sold for 98 buck I’m like what da fuck! I definitely don’t understand these new brands. I think the clothing lines should be original like Sean John or Phat Farm cos dats what I like to rock. Sumthin’ like Ed Hardy is also nice to rock cos those clothes have da nice design an’ there’s sum theme to da clothing.

  • CHRONIC says:

    U LOT ARE NOT READY FOR YOUNG BUCK. He is the rapper dat iz doin it, best rapper alive. 4 reeal dou.

  • Sasha Simone says:

    o i can see it now…
    that shit wont be leaving
    any store sleves

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “I think his use of The paisley bandana design on his clothing is brilliant!!” ~ GJJ

    Um, yeah, it was done two years ago by The Hundreds… I would hardly consider that “brilliance” on Buck’s part. LOL!

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “U LOT ARE NOT READY FOR YOUNG BUCK. He is the rapper dat iz doin it, best rapper alive. 4 reeal dou.” ~ CHRONIC


  • Will says:



    deres alot of hate 2 bad its jus a bunch of ppl who cant get jobs who cant stand other people doin there thing

  • GJJ says:

    Every element of design has been explored in the past. LOL! In every era pants and shirts dont turn into some supernatural shiyt..they still remain Pants and shirts but with a twist or a touch that reflects the artists own fashion sense. Buck and millions of people wear bandana’s in so many ways. It transcends all sorts of barriers…thus using that as a theme is Brilliant.

    LOL all u want. The funniest notion is that U r a Judo/bullshido and u have to project it in ur name to gain confidence. LMAO!!!

    keep watching more UFC and Pride if that’s all u wannabe.

  • #1BiggestFan says:

    I think that anytime a young black male wants to take the time to put his name on something and try to do something that is not negative then there is no way for you to hate on him. People need to let him do what he do and if it does do bad who cares it is no money coming out of anyones pocket except his.

  • Marquitta says:

    I think that’s fly! Don’t hate on a hood nigga doing something for himself. We need more variety when it comes to clothing. Every rapper that starts a clothing line starts off wit street wear and slowly there line turns into something Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air would wear or something. I know Buck is a hood as nigga who is going to keep the clothes strictly Gangsta! Much love to Young Buck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yayareastunna101 says:

    this “Judo/Grappling Champion” dude iz a joke man, you talkin bout some rappers like Birdman & Nelly, who’s clothing line didn’t make it, but why don’t u talk bout Jay-Z’s Roca Fella or 50′s G-Unit. U need 2 stop hatin, and wut’s up wit soulja boy rockin dem bathing ape! Bathing Ape iz CLEAN! Nah Mean…Just cuz you rock dem Victoria Secret or somethin like dat, you don’t need to hate on Buck’s new clothing line, David Brown clothing all the way 2 da bay ya heard, STOP THE HATIN’!

  • Cartier says:

    Yall ni99az don’t know about nothin ima true Cashville,Tenakey native and down here it’s a way of life for us. Don’t knock a nigga for tryin to come up and make money for himself anf those around him. It’s alot of other niggas that ain’t doin shit but bad. Cartier str8 outta that 615

  • bryan says:

    ten a key for life

  • bryan says:

    put me in the game i about a pound of mary jane and a bird of that kane would do the same thing

  • 90's baby says:

    young buck is gangstah mah dude!!! Murder cashville street runnaaz!! gunaz up. glock nine. trey pound’n niggs. we will fuq u up!

  • tinesia says:


  • tinesia says:


  • Talent aka Juiceman B**** says:

    ayo fuck all them hatin as* [email protected]@as homie do you holla at ya boy if u ever n NC GBoro 366 my [email protected]@a



  • Erik says:

    How come the website doesnt work? And how the f*** is Buck gonna sell his s*** if he doesnt advertise?


    website is working ok make sure you typed addresse in correctly or just click on link above

  • Boogsie says:

    Young Buck put the G in G-unit. He was the best of the crew and now he’s going to have a clothing line thats better than G-unit. The G is gone so they should rename themselves the U.N.I.T.

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