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What do you think about Nas’s new album title?

Submitted by on October 15, 2007 – 11:03 am33 Comments


From XXLMag.com:

According to MTV News, during a performance at New York’s Roseland Ballroom on October 12, Nas told concertgoers that his new album will be called Nigga and will be released in December.

While details surrounding the LP are still sketchy, MTV confirmed the project’s name,and producer Jermaine Dupri has expressed interest in contributing to the album.

In addition, Nas will release his Greatest Hits LP in November and will shoot a video for one of the album’s new songs, “Surviving The Times.”

Is this just for attention or does Nas have a point to prove?

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  • kwaping says:

    I think he’s just trying to get attention and free publicity, and is succeeding.

  • YoungS says:

    Nas dont need publicity he dont care how many people buy his album its all about the music to him theres gotta be a good reason for him to call it this.

  • jluve78 says:

    what nigga?

  • eccentric says:

    he’s just trying to make a statement and be original…. the the statement.. im not exactly sure but.. either way a third(if it includes some hot singles) or half of “us” is going to buy it no matter the title. its NAS.. illmatic… i can go on and on.. hopefully this LP is will be worth the attention it already creating from the title… if he sticks with it. i guess he has to give hip hop CPR somehow… i look forward to it!

  • regg says:

    love nas to death. he is the best rapper alive…..cant wait for tha album…there must be a good reason why he has name the album nigga…we will wait n see…..QB REP. ONE

  • babycakes says:

    he know he need to cut it out,
    but he is still fine as hell

  • nicca says:

    whoa! he’s trying to ignite a fire

  • Ace says:

    Nas lyrics were always DEEP so just by that title…he def got alot to say..altho that word needed be burned and never said again least he taking it to shed light on the industry and on life in general

  • Will says:


  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    What exactly is Nas’s intent? We still don’t know, yet everyone is running around in here guessing. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to retire this ugly word. Whether it end in “er” or an “A”, there is a history of murder, oppression, and inequality associated with it. Symbols, words, and phrases have been used throughout humankind to perpetuate hatred and self-destruction among oppressed nationalities.

    It’s bad enough to hear young black youth use this word, it’s quite another to listen to white, asian, and Latino (yes, Latino, I don’t care about “ghetto passes”) utter it. Words are not simply “words”, there is meaning and impact involved in what people say, e.g., “I have a dream;” “By any means necessary;” etc.

    Next time you think it’s cute to use that word, think of your grandmother who was once referred to as such, during segregation.

  • Blackman says:

    Yoooooo. Nas is a great rapper. I’m sure that he has a good reason for this controversial title. Even so, this is going to be a media frenzy and everyone is gonna come down on him hard for this

  • Kee says:

    Why do we let that name get to us? A nigga is an ignorant a** person. I call white people, mexicans, arabs, chinese, etc, niggas. If you ignorant enough then you a nigga. Im sure Nas wont use the name out of context, sh*t, if he does he would only be keeping it real. If Tim Mcgraw named his next album “Red Neck” or “White Cracker” he would get praise for it. Hell, Carlos Mencia always talkin about his people the “Wet Backs”. Why cant we let Nas do Nas? To those of us who listen to Nas, we all know that he will educate us on some real sh*t.

  • El Kike says:

    Carlos mencia is not even mexican. He’s half hondurian and half german. He talks about wetbacks to be funny not to prove a point.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “Why do we let that name get to us? A **** is an ignorant a** person… If Tim Mcgraw named his next album “Red Neck” or “White Cracker” ~ Kee

    Of course, someone would come along and try to justify it’s usage. First of all, knock it off with this old-azz “it means an ignorant person” bullcrap. In the 1800s, in the U.S., the word acquired a negative racial conotation which was used to refer to people of African descent (or of the “Negro” race), as being unitnelligent, lazy, illiterate, inferior, you name it. To this day, the word is used in various countries, e.g., England to refer to a criminal element — usually used by racists against people of darker skin. All of those reasons, in and of themselves, are enough to STOP using the word. Period!

    The word redneck does not hold the same historical weight as the “N” word because it is not associated with decades racial oppression, lynching, rape, etc. Moreover, racism superceeds economics (racism + class inequality is a double problem for many black people).

    Here’s an idea, boss, next time you wanna call someone an ignorant person, use the word IGNORANT.

    P.S. Carlos Mencia is a lame & has been called out by many Mexican brothas and sistas for using the term “wetback”. Dude is half Mexican anyway. He sucks as a comedian and was made a fool of on stage when Joe Rogan (UFC/Fear Factor/Jiu-Jitsu brown belt) exposed him for stealing other comedian’s material.

  • 80z says:

    I think we shud listen to the album and then talk ’bout it. Cuz this is how we ‘ll be able to know whut he meant. The only thing I know is this dude ain’t a fool….Time will Tell.

  • eldye says:

    this probably the start of something wild as usual from Nas, fisrt N***a then maybe sequel entitled afro American or something, you never know, whatever it is, I can guarantee you its political

  • eldye says:

    and just to interate on what the person was talkinig about in the usage of the term ” Nigga” it actually goes back to biblical times, in a sense black people were call NIGER because majority of the blacker toned people came from Nigeria. If you read when Jesus was carrying the cross to be crucified, he slipped and dropped the cross and a man of ” NIGER” ( nigerian background) helped him up, Nigga, can mean numerous amounts of things, lets just wait for the album and see what Nas is getting at

  • kee says:

    Why people got to be so damn sensitive? The word NIGGA aint going no where, we may as well get used to it, next thing you know we’ll be ruling out all the other name calling. I understand the historic background this word carries, and how long have we been saying it? There are several ways that word is being used and we know when to get offended by it, and if someone does disrespect me with that word, I guarantee you they wont say it again. My point is, JUDO, there will always be name calling and you got to be a dumb as nigga not to realize that shit. Real talk.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “My point is, JUDO, there will always be name calling and you got to be a dumb as **** not to realize that ****. Real talk.” ~ kee

    And in other news, I took a dump this morning.

    By getting “used to something” that carries with it negative connotations, you’re lending tacit approval for it’s continued existance. History indicates that there have been many oppressive and/or hateful mechanisms that people considered the status quo, e.g., segregation, colonialism, laws prohibiting certain ethnicities from voting, etc. When there is a shift in societal norms and values, people’s perception of what is socially acceptable change — for example, the terms Negro and colored are no part of mainstream vocabulary.

    I for one, give props to anyone who is “sensitive” to anything that carries with it a legacy racial bigotry, and I don’t give a hot piss whether knuckle heads try to put a spin on it. If I throw a rose in a toilet bowl, it ain’t gonna make this sh!t stink any less.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “the usage of the term ” ****” it actually goes back to biblical times…” ~ eldye

    I’m aware if it’s Biblical etymology which is why I pointed out it’s modern usage in America.


  • kee says:

    We can go on and on about this word, but what can we do to get people from not saying it? Nothing. So what else can you tell me that I dont already know? Your point means nothing, and yes it’s sad to say that but it’s the truth. Now, Im not saying let anyone disrespect you, but time has changed and majority of the people changed with time.

    Let me break this down for you.

    Biblical Use/ Nig*r: short for Nigerians
    Dictionary Use/ Ignorant person
    American History/used to bring down people of color.
    American use today/ used to bring down black people, also used as an
    embrace of any race (My Nig*a a.k.a My Friend)

    As you can see the word changes throughout time but I guess you didnt.

  • kee says:

    Judo, are you black if you dont mind me asking?

  • kee says:

    Nevermind that question about if your black, thats not important. You are black and I bet u old as hell too.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    “We can go on and on about this word, but what can we do to get people from not saying it?.” ~ kee

    First, thanks for saying my point means nothing, when in fact, I have a very good point. Whether you choose to accept it as a valid one is your prerogative. Also, my age nor my race have little to do with this debate (as you admitted in your preceeding reply). Again, I’ll knowledge this for you once more… Social norms and values change over periods of time throughout history — often times for the better, sometimes not.

    The fact that the words “colored” or “Negro” are no longer part of our everyday vocabulary is proof that I do, indeed, have a point. Knowledge this! How many whites do you hear these days addressing black men as “boy”? YOU DON’T. Why? Cuz if you get some knowledge of self and learn about the struggle for equality black people had to endure, you would know why. Black people via the Civil Rights struggle in the South, and the Black nationalist movements in the North, placed enough pressure on society and the political machine to ensure that a change was gonna come –by any means necessary.

    So to answer your question, the way we get people to think twice about burning crosses, lynching, or using oppressive language, is to let them know that this ish is foul and there are consequences (whether they be through laws, protest, or a good old fashion physical). Same applies to the kiddies using the “N” word and thinkin it’s dope cuz ur favorite rapper uses it. And it has nothing to do with Constitutional rights and what not. There are hate mongers that hide behind the Constitution to carry out acts of racial violence, claiming it’s free speech. NOT BUYIN IT! No sir!

    I could give damn about this popular arguement that n*gger means an ignorant person. That definition is totally meaningless in today’s climate cuz no one in their right mind refers to an ignorant person as such — they simply call them IGNORANT. Furthermore, the words ignorant, illiterate, uneducated, as they relate to this so-called definition of the “N” word, were unfairly associated with black people, who were denied their right to an education, literacy, and equal pay.

    So in summation, your point about the how the word has change does not justify it’s usage. If I painted pictures of Mickey Mouse on a swastika or glued a picture of Halle Berry to the Confederate Flag, it makes those symbols of hate no less ugly.

    THINK ABOUT IT! (c) Special Ed

  • kee says:

    Special Ed, You might as well have called me a nig*a jacka*s. You’re making a point, but what is it proving? You cant stop me from saying it. I can tell that your educated, but do you have any street knowledge at all?
    You aint from the streets, and you probably dont even know that many black people and know the real struggle we go through each day. So fuck you. You can preach to me all day about the history of the word, but Im still gonna say it. Like i said, TIME HAS CHANGED, you can get all sentamental, you weak ass, corny ass, jack ass, wanna be black ass, nig*a.

    You may be well educated but u aint real.

  • kee says:

    Sucka ass judo, I know what my people went through, and i know what we still go through today, all your sissy ass know is your history.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    Folks, kee’s feelins are hurt which is why he gotta resort to ad hominem attacks. Lemme cypher this baby paw right quick and school him properly.

    First, the quote from the last sentence, “THINK ABOUT IT”, is taken from the title of a song by Hip Hop emcee Special Ed. But instead of doin’ ya math, you assumed I implied you was uneducated. Fix ya face.

    Second, I’m part black & part Puerto Rican, & a member of the Zulu Nation. Instead of doin ya math, you caught feelins & decided to ASSUME what is and what is not. Fix ya face.

    Third, you’re right, I’m not from the streets, I am the streets: Brick City from day one (figure out the city for yo’ self, Redman). Fix ya face.

    Fourth, all this yang you talkin’ about bein “weak-ass,” “sissy,” & “corny.” What, I’m supposed to cry? (LOL!) As I stated in another blog entry, I run a self defense course for kids out here in the city based on Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Catch Wrestling techniques. My screename is based on the fact I took home a silver medal at the NAGA National Tournament in Wildwood. NJ.
    Oh, but I’m a sissy… Ha, haaa! I’ll be dat.

    So tell me, mang, who recognizes real? Cuz from what I saw in ya last response, you did not offer one intelligent reply to counter anything I stated. Not one. *I’m laughin over here* All I read from you was: “TIME HAS CHANGED…” Wow! Thanks, mang. Oh, and did you hear? I took a dump this morning.

    So let’s sum up all of kee’s points, shall we?

    Did he come correct with my ethnic background? NON-CYPHER!

    Did he come correct with me bein “street”? NON-CYPHER!

    Did he come correct by callin out my manhood? NON-CYPHER!

    Does he have one — JUST ONE — justifiable reason for the continued usage of a word that carries with it the blood of the ancestors? NON-CYPHER!


  • MoMo says:

    You’re the greatest to hold the mic Nas. Please don’t use that ugly word as the title. But if you do, I hope it is for a reason.

  • follower of nas says:

    the bottom line is when you’re the best at what you do, you can do what you want. this is NAS being NAS, and i’m behind him all the way. judo and kee that special ed thing was funny. lol, think about it. from illmatic to hip hop is dead the teaching of the Honorable NASIR JONES were giving to us, and we shouldn’t expect anything less with this album. there’s something to be learned behind this title.

  • Judo/Grappling Champion says:

    Oh, no doubt, no doubt. Just to clarify, I never critisized Nas, per say, for using the word for his next album title. As I stated in an earlier reply, we don’t know the science or reasoning behind his motive; we’ll wait and see. If his purpose is to create dialogue about the word, he’s already accomplished his goal.

    Kee Kee simply caught feelins’ and got all swole over my observation of the word’s current usage — TOO EFFIN’ BAD, Jack! You staunchly defend the word cuz you use it. Would it hurt to stop using it? Of course not. Hey, buddy, do you.


  • follower of nas says:

    Judo. you’re on point. we don’t know the reasoning behind his motive. however, we know that NAS will engage us in some type of critical thinking session which will be over alot of people’s head. know we got fat albert sharpton and Jessie james jackson talking thier BS without waiting to hear the content of the album. NAS always has something uplifting to say.

  • Miss Lady says:

    coming from a Queens native…I LOVE NAS!! not only is he soo real and just absolutley the bessst. i’m sure he knows what hes doing.

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