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Brand alert: Fat Cop XXL

Submitted by on November 1, 2007 – 6:15 pm15 Comments


The Vice Squad Tee by Fat Cop XXL

Fat Cop XXL is yet another new brand in our growing Street Swag shop.

Their mission statement is an interesting one:

“Police brutality is a growing epidemic within our society, where cases are brought to the public’s attention on a daily basis.

“We live within a corrupt society where racial profiling is predominant, human rights are constantly being violated based on one skin color, religion and cultural stereotypes. The words ‘Protect and Serve’ no long have an honorable meaning.

“Fat Cop XXL’s mission is to make the un-aware aware by sending a visual message through our clothing design.

Basically, Fat Cop XXL is a Brooklyn-based clothing line dedicated to the memories of all those who have lost their lives to unjustifiable homicide by law enforcement worldwide.

We currently have a range of different t-shirts on offer from the emerging new brand.

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  • benballer says:

    Doesn’t this just perpetuate the stereotype that all cops are bad?? You’re gonna really love the cops when you get your car jacked, or your man is beating on you. New York City Police start at 25K a year. That’s not worth taking a bullet from some bitch ass thug.

  • Will says:


  • i don’t think this line promotes the right image either

    i think it could be more politically aware in design than to say kill somebody else

    i do think people should have the balls to fire at hte cops and not run

    BUT………….. like my man said above.. every cop is not bad…… i woudln’t trust any of them tooo far but u know… is what it is, i realize some of them are just doing a job and are just as distraught when something happens as the people like us

    like for instance, there was a cop in Atlanta that spoke out on the injustice at his department when they killed that 90 year old woman…… he spoke up for what was right… that’s a real man… period and he held down his community before a job

  • ♥ Sexy T ♥ says:

    ^^^i agree

  • CiCI says:

    Yeah..I’m not sure if I am feeling their message. Not all cops are bad..and if we judge them as a whole then we are no better than them. If you promote something that says all cops are corrupt, you are no better than a cop who thinks that all blacks and latinos are breaking the law. We should be promoting unity between the police and the minority communities. And this attitude against cops only further perpetuates their poor image of minorities. Personally, every time I see a cop I am polite and treat them like I would anyone else. I want them to see that a black female can be kind, polite and intelligent. And that not all of us hate cops! And they seem to appreciate the gesture!

  • FATBOY 212 says:

    Ben Baller stated- ” You’re gonna really love the cops when you get your car jacked, or your man is beating on you.”

    What the hell u gonna think when the cops are harrassing YOU for no reason. Yes I understand the police have a job to do and not all cops are “bad cops” but police brutality is a growing problem in this country. This is not a “anti cop line” but more an “anti-police brutality line”. Being a minority in the US, cops do treat people of non caucasian ethnicity more aggressivly.

    I think all the commenters here are entitled to your opinions but you are prejudging this line labeling it an anti police line. I think their just bringing the subject of police brutality more to the public eye through their clothing.

  • Its amazing how people can misconstrue the concept behind a brand, even when it is spelled out right in front of their faces.

    FATCOPXXL isnt perpetuating the hate of police, they are trying to raise awareness about the unfair and unjust practices of a group of people that are being paid to protect and serve our society.

    It isnt about hating cops, it is about holding them to a higher standard because that is their job. Protect us. Not harrass us and brutalize us because of who we are, not what we do. It is also the publics responsibility to show them the decency any person in position of public service deserves. It is about holding responsible the people who are not doing these things.

    This line speaks to the public and the underground in a fashionable and socially conscious way. It makes people think, and is not blatantly disrespectful. There is a reason that we have a right to free speech, and we here at Exactly Magazine believe that FATCOPXXL is using those rights to the fullest extent. That is the beauty of spreading a message through a form of expression. Not everyone has to like it. As long as it opens up a dialogue, it has done its job.

    FATCOPXXL is proudly featured in the upcoming issue of Exactly Magazine, due out November 15th. http://www.exactlymagazine.com.

  • slangist says:

    if all police were brutal, then being anti-police-brutality would be the same as being anti-police. since they’re not, it isn’t.

  • CiCI says:

    I see Fatboy’s and Exactly Magazine’s points. I do think that police brutality is a terrible and rapidly growing problem in our country. However, I think that most people are aware of it. I give kudos to this new clothing brand for trying to start a dialogue on the problem, but you would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know about the problem of police brutality. I think it has gone past the point that t-shirts could make a difference. Also, I think it would be better if the t-shirts gave a clearer message. I like what they are trying to do, but if I had never heard of this brand, I wouldn’t know what the shirt was trying to say. It looks like it is promoting violence. Maybe they should print part of their mission statement on their shirts…I think it would make it clear to people what you are trying to say. Cuz right now it just looks like a shirt promoting gun use, violence and an anti-police attitude. And I know that is not the image they are trying to portray.

  • Bokie says:

    Just curious CiCI, which shirt are you looking at? None of the shirts on this site promote violence or even clearly show a gun. I must admit, I am not seeing any of the promotions you claim. Imagine this as well, if you are walking down the street and pass someone in one of these shirts, how long would it take you to glean any (much less all) of the messages you say this shirt promotes?

    One last question (this one is for everybody). Have you ever had a friend killed by police brutality? You say that one would have to be blind, deaf and dumb not to know about the problem, but ask someone who has lost a friend or family member. Most of them will appreciate that a t-shirt is trying to make a difference.

  • Enrique S says:

    I don’t speak english

  • Sean Carmel says:

    Fat, skinny, tall or short. I Don’t like Cops, I wouldn’t wear anything affilliated with po-po. My favorite brand out right now is GULLYWARE. GET GULLY!!!

  • Sean Carmel says:

    GET GULLY!!!

  • FelixtheKitten...PURRR! says:

    Everyone clearly put alot of thought in judging what this shirt signifies but forgot to rate the looks on the shirt. I personally like the message that your label is trying to send across but the shirt’s aren’t that hot! Like cici said, maybe you should write a message on the back of the shirt…but then again, I would be more afraid to wear the shirt out in the streets having to constantly look over my shoulder to make sure I don’t have a gang of cops trying to beat me down! Do you not think that this will cause chaos between the cops and the civilians? They’ll really perform police brutality on us and I’m not trying to get beat down. And to answer Bokie’s question, No! Not by police brutality but worse! I know a couple of “PIGS” that like to power trip because of the authority they have over others! Back to the shirts…Maybe you should put a couple of actual cop pictures on the T-shirts that commited crimes for the year of 2007 that way the “GOOD” cops will know the actual meaning of the shirt and that it’s not being targeted at them! I think that’ll be cool. I think that way the good cops would stay good because they wouldn’t want to see there faces on these t-shirts…it just might be a good turnaround for the cops that wanted to be bad. Also, I’m not feeling the pink “VICE” over the teal/blue and that design that takes up the whole entire shirt…I’m not feeling that either! For some reason it almost seems like a joke trying to send a strong, serious message across, with the color pink on the shirt! The message doesn’t strike me as powerful as it would with a more masculine color! And that goes for the other shirts too! What’s with the cop on the lower left hand side of the shirt with flowers coming out of the gun? If anything you should have the names of the victims that were killed during that year coming out of that gun, along with the picture of the cop that killed them. Just a thought!

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