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Is there a double standard for hip-hop?

Submitted by on November 21, 2007 – 1:56 pm23 Comments


Marilyn Manson on tour in Madrid yesterday

We’re just saying…

If a rapper was to put a knife like this at the end of his microphone, or a gun, or any type of weapon – what do you think would happen?

Image: TMZ.com

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  • First says:

    Hip Hop Police will go after that rapper. They blame rappers for everything nowdays.

  • thareason says:

    It’s what it is if hip hop puts it on there microphones people are gonna say there promoting violence. But if its mason they won’t say much…

  • Kayla M says:

    They would be under the jail!!!!

  • Will973 says:


  • Streetzismine says:

    Thats not true, he gets a lot of controversy for the stuff he does, just like a lot of rock stars. You just dont have the hip hop community aware of that tho cause they dont pay attention to anything but crap like 50 cent

  • m2resles says:


  • lol there’s controversey in every direction

    Hip Hop doesn’t just ‘act’ though.. they have to do things that are totally illegal.. they don’t have ‘knife props’ , we have artists with illegal guns buying them insanely stupidly

    u know.. stuf like that

  • James says:

    to thareason:

    a lot of rappers DO promote violence, and worship of money, and promiscuous sex, and the notion that if you are broke you are less than others. I love rap but it has an extremely arrogant, ignorant side to it. Just as a lot of rock does. Whatever though I listen to it.

  • Cee Cee says:

    I agree with what James said..and Streetzismine. Sometimes rap music makes me sick with its materialistic images and raw sexuality..but i still listen to it. But Marilyn Manson did catch a lot of flack for what he did…its just that most people in the hip hop community don’t pay attention to that..like Streetzismine said. Manson is one of the most controverisial artists out there…a lot of parents are upset that their kids listen to him and things like that. Yes..I do think that the law is a lot tougher on minorities..but that doesn’t mean that someone like Marilyn Manson gets off scot free. He just doesn’t care..he is still gonna do what he does, no matter who he pisses off.

  • nick2060 says:

    like somebody above me said, manson gets tons of controversy, when columbine happened they blamed him and rappers like eminem, then manson made them all look ignorant by askin where there parents were at, and they just stopped comin after him cause nobody cared.

  • mony says:

    they dont say shit to manson cause he aint gone use it on nobody cept himself

  • i would say he sure do have a big mouth

  • se-se says:


  • GeeEyeOh says:

    That sh!t is hard tho…I want that for my next show

  • new dude says:

    Rock/Heavy Metal went thru the same Hip Hop is going now, if we see the lirics in majority of the heavy metal songs, they talk about death,killing and stuff… now the socialite doesn’t categorize those as tabu anymore, scare movie are treated as regular movie, what I meant is that Death, killing blood is not as bad as used to be in the american culture, Hip Hop is bringing something new, SEX, most of the Hip music talks about, sex, sex, money, a few talk about killing… whenever the socialite start see Sex as a regular topic to talk about, Hip Hop will be out of the people mouth, but this will take some time.

  • Tashur says:

    LMAO @ mony
    but i mean c’mon, the hard core rock, and heavy metal is known for stuff like this..they STARTED out like that
    so its nothing to be shocked about.

  • Young Renaissance says:

    If you pay attention to some of the things done, Snoop has done somethin close to this fashion. On his mic he had a reefa plant handle on it, and didn’t get aby heat from it. If he did, then when I saw him perform with his name as the handle instead. So it really wouldn’t be a controversy, the other stuff said is true, some rappers would and do overdo it.

  • nicca says:

    he’d be all over the news

  • FelixtheKitten...PURRR! says:

    Rappers don’t put knives in there hands, they’re too busy putting there hands on Big Booty Hoes! It’s all about A$$ to them. Nothing but A$$!!!

  • If a rapper was to do the same thing that this artist is doing in the pic, the anti-rap people will have another reason to outlaw rap music. Rappers might put a chain or sumtin around the mic but not a gun out of all things. Rap music is about the struggle that a particular person may have or something that they beleive in. I THINK THAT RAPPERS DO HAVE ENOUGH COMMON SENSE NOT TO DO THIS KIND OF THING!

  • kim says:

    Ummm he’s just a joke!! At the end of the day he gets away with murder, if I’m not mistaken back in the days he pissed on a crowd!!!??!! But see if a black dude was to do that OMGGGG its the end of the worldd. Like deada$$ white people get away with murder.
    Just like with Janet Jackson when her titti3 pop out they made such a big deal about it. Now when anna nichole flashed her big a$$ titti3s at the awards, people didn’t make a big deal about it…

  • Magellan says:

    Like dr. jays gives a fcuk about rappers or hip-hop, when they selling $hit like ed hardy…. C.R.E.A.M.

  • Yung Truth says:

    Deez dayz a lotta hatin goin on wit rap music and people jus be hatin hip hop becoz of sum minor lyricz but rock is mainly a WYTE MAN THANG DAS WHY DEY BE EAZY wit rock. No matter wat dey promote

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