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How many people dress like Kanye West?

Submitted by on December 21, 2007 – 2:55 pm127 Comments


Kanye West, currently up for eight Grammy nominations for Graduation, has pretty much been anointed one of the greatest hip-hop style icons ever.

What we want to know is, how many people do you know who really dress like him?

Image: Spin Magazine

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  • lucas says:

    u guys are gay who says kanye is gay yer just jealous that he has dat stuff and u dont……..

  • pj says:

    i dress lik kanye all the time

  • some says:

    I see ppl dress in tight shirts but thats a skat er/ punk style Kanye did’nt start it at all & his stuff is not that exclusive its expensive.

  • G-MANN says:

    he not exclusive just wanna be whiteboy

  • Neww Kidd on da block says:

    not a lot but thats only cuz his stuff r so hard to find or way 2 expensive. but bsides dat he has sum good moments like in da pic above, i noe dat i wuld wear dat 4 sure but he b wearin some wacked out shit

  • kizzerp says:

    im not gonna hate but i dont dress like that it looks iight i guess

  • Stefanno says:

    For you that dont like his SwAg..or Style if you will…Well Im sure you dont have any style yourselves for me i like it…and thats to dress up not to be walkin around in your hood nd shyt

  • christ says:

    i dress as good as he does !! and i dont spend dat much money !!! and i shine most of the time ! there 2 level !! the people ho dress well ! and the people dat know how to shine ! and i know how !! i can show u if you what but you will have to paye me !! a lot of people are rich ! and they dont know how to dress ! kanye is simply very talented !! so am E !!

  • jockin my fresh! jockin, jockin my fresh! says:

    im from da chi, hell yeah iBe hittin dat shit. though, iKinda see why people do hate on da style. it all depends on where you from, how the majority of the people around you dress, how long they been dressin like that, and what the females say about it. it depends on what you think looks good on you. theres nothing wrong with changin up your style a few times; thats ok. just do what you think looks good on you. clothes dont make you cool, nor do they make you gay. but use some common sense; if you know u aint hood, why you gotta act like it?…who you tryn’a impress? If you hood, all iSay is be a leader, not a follower. THY CLOTHES SHALL FIT

  • jockin my fresh! jockin, jockin my fresh! says:

    one more thing; if u like wearin clothes that fit, try to find your own look. stop swagga jackin!

  • A$tro B^oy *LP* says:

    2 me i feel like the whole hip hop is trying to be like rockstar!! swaggajackin white ppl but then again they always wanna diss white ppl!! the style is cool but it wont last 4ever juss like jersys!! when was the last time you seen someone wit a throwback jersy and a fitted cap. now its all about ed hardy!!

  • jockin my fresh! jockin, jockin my fresh! says:

    kanye just doin his own thing and people just copyin him because it look so much different than some guy with some baggy ass southpole jeans and a 4x footlocker t-shirt and now tht enough people are starting to dress like this, the next person thinkin about doing it will develop some pretentious attitude thinkin everyone else wearin baggy clothes is just some dumbfucks who dont know nothing about fashion, when really he dont either cuz he just simply hopped on the bandwagon. all im sayin is, dont go shopping looking for anything in particular. just find something that caught your eye that has some form of seperate aura from the rest of what you see. then put it together with other stuff thats just ubelievably cool. just wear some shit that you like that you havent seen too many others wear. thats what kanye does.

  • Flippity says:

    i dunno maby ur avarage teenage gurl….

  • de-la says:

    Man he is a mean dresser no joke
    i like he’s style clean and the gloves make him look good to
    it’s so easy to dress like him……. you just got to know what looks good with what
    i saw this interview with kanye
    the guy that interviewed kanye asked ” what is your biggest fasion tip?”
    kanye;” MATCH, you got to know what colours look good with what colours”
    like he did in this Picture
    Jeans and the scarff

    And who calls that a bandana fuck thats stupid..

    pce out

  • yo mama says:

    my son kanye a fool!!!!

    go spartanssssss

  • yo mama says:

    f*** ny nc everybody
    louisiana all dayyy!!!!!!!!

  • [...] may be some haters of the bandana used as a scarf, but we, along with Kanye, are bringing that shit back! Pull on those skinny jeans and jog over to your local Urban [...]

  • T-money says:

    Everybodyyyyyyy in new york (where I live) dresses like that. Nobody is jockin or w.e u wanna call it…that iz just the style now so stop hatin on it juss deal with it. I dress like that (minus the gloves) as a matter of fact riite now Im wearin a fitted designer shirt wit skinnys wit a scarf and fresh kicks…plz juss stop the hate if u don’t like it oh well stop bitchin nigga!!!

  • Dino says:

    I dress better then kanye, too much black going on, throw in some colors, tthn itll look beta, i got more swagger thn him

  • Jawon says:

    Well to tell you the truth ( not trying to hate cuz he does dress well), but he has a personal stylist so its not like hes picking clothes out his self he has people telling him whats hot and if your really into high fashion you wouldnt need a personal stylist youn would already know and you would put your own twist ot it, and yes i do know someone who dresses better then KANYE.


  • Yung-G says:

    Damn Kidd get off dat man piece. I been dressin like dat and 2 me dat nigga got more swagg than alot of these lameos puttin comments on here. Kanye doin hiz thing in style. But most of yall right dat style been out 4 a while but Kanye brought it 2 life. I wouldn’t rock dat big bandana but da jeans and da t-shirt is wuz poppin. Datz how we do it in da (H) kinfolk.

  • Ryan Crone says:

    ok kanye west has a badass style
    wether he rockin skinny jeans or scarfs he puts
    it all together nicely.
    anybody can dress nice just make it match
    and so what if someone dresses like him it ain’t swagga jackin
    as long as you don’t wear the same ass stuff
    but the same style in aight

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