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How would you rate Jay-Z’s time as president?

Submitted by on December 26, 2007 – 9:57 am21 Comments



Jay-Z has announced he will be stepping down from his position as CEO and President of Def Jam Records.

Currently riding high on 26 Grammy nominations (for Def Jam) and having played a major role in signing key acts like Ne-Yo and Rihanna to the label, Jay has said that although he’s resigning as a label head, he will continue to be an artist on Rocafella Records.

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  • Chris J da Genius says:

    It wasn’t amazing or poor, it was mediocre at best. We saw Jay-Z launch some successful new careers (Rihanna, Ne-Yo) but fail to capitalize on pre-existing ones (JOE BUDDEN, Method Man, and LL Cool J. Besides that, the consistent artists that always have big releases (Luda, Kanye West, Nas) did what they always do. I have no problem with Jay (although I’m a Nas fan) but it seems that he got paid a significant amount of money to do run-of-the-mill work. Basically, he pulled a Tony Romo.

  • RSX says:

    what this guy said.

  • Ryan says:

    The comparison to Tony Romo is right on point. haha. Except that Romo has 99 problems and his [email protected]#CH is one.

  • A.D.B. says:

    Yeah I agree with Chris and Ryanon this. I think that sure its been a rollercoaster of a time with Jay-Z but prersonally I think that he needs to take a seat now. I guess he doesn’t want to be king anymore. First he sells rocawear and now this. Plus the ambiguity that occurs every time he says he’s gonna retire. He’s been great in office but it seems now that he has tnished his term and needs to step down. Who know what will happen in the future. Maybe Diddy will come back and take the throne…not.

  • Will973 says:

    What Chris said…lol

  • Arican says:

    I also agree with that…

  • Bigz says:


  • m2resles says:

    he did good nothing great but then again hiphop is dead anyway yo wat up will973 its been a sec!!!

  • Will973 says:

    hell yea m2resles

  • boss man says:

    My question is why is Jay-Z throwing signs?

  • Whitney says:

    All I know is that JayZ say’s alot of shit that he ain’t gonna do anymore but then ends up doin it again! It’s nervewrackin! Watch…in about 2 weeks after he resigns form the whole thing, he’ll go back to it! It’s all publicity….

  • Jacob says:

    whitney… if you really think he needs publicity your dumb. hes the richest in the game. he said he was gonna retire once. then came back cuz of shit talkers like most the people on this page. hes just tryin get that money.

  • Chris J da Genius says:

    Yo, that’s one thing I simply DO NOT understand. Everyone seems to have a problem with the fact that Jay-Z retired and came back. Chill out, people!
    He “retired” and then came out of retirement, as people do all the time. It is his prerogative to retire or to come out of it as he chooses, so what’s the problem? Michael Jordan retired (MORE THAN ONCE, I might add) and didn’t receive nearly as much backlash as Shawn Carter. Plus, if you listen to the song “Encore” from Jigga’s Black Album, he says “When I come back like Jordan, wearing the 45, it ain’t to play games with you, it’s to aim at you.” So, basically he announced his retirement and alluded to his return in that song and it should have therefore come as no surprise. I’m not a very big fan of Hova’s (once again I represent God’s Son a.k.a. Nas to the fullest) but the man has a right to retire and come out of retirement as much as he pleases without the permission, written consent, or any other form of approval from rappers, fans, executives or anyone else. Period.

  • Heavenly~* says:

    I think Chris is on point with this topic for real. It’s nice to see people write something intelligent every once in a while. I work in an office and I see people retire one year and come back over and over during the course of their retirement and nobody tells them anything. Who wants to sit at home and do nothing all day anyways? It gets boring after a while. Get off Jay-Z’s back about the retirement.

    As for his work on Def Jam I think he did alright. Keep in mind Jay-Z has his hand in a lot of business ventures. He’s only human, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he didn’t work miracles. The artists on Def Jam have to pull their own weight, Jay-Z’s just there as support. As far as I’m concerned, a lot of their success or failure relies on how much effort they as the artist put into their careers.

  • rz. says:

    as long as he stops trying to rap, oh lawd.

  • Destro says:

    There should be at least one more option in this poll: “He did an acceptable job.”

    But to be honest, I don’t know much about exactly what the job required of him to judge whether or not he did a good job. He may have made some changes to the internal organization that would streamline the company, make it run more efficiently and be more profitable… to which I would say he did a great job. Did he have a hand in, say, getting more of Def Jam’s media products online? If he just sat in the President’s Chair and signed off on status quo sh!t, I’d say whatever, as long as the company didn’t drop in profitability.

    I don’t know much about what he was supposed to be doing and what he actually accomplished to make any judgment.

  • beatz23 says:

    I think the artists should be the ones voting, not just the fans…

  • Jon P says:

    Did he work? Def Jam seems exactly the same.

  • Fresh says:

    Jay Z did what he could, hell I mean Rihanna, NeYo and Kanye were his prized jewels and they all succeeded. The existing artist on the label time has come, it’s up to the general public at the end of the day to support the artist, those people are washed up. I commend Jay for working at Def Jam.

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