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Are VH1 and MTV running out of ideas?

Submitted by on January 6, 2008 – 7:22 pm23 Comments


Flavor Flav with Flavor Of Love season two winner, Deelishis

VH1 has just commissioned a third season of Flavor Of Love, the reality show where Public Enemy member Flavor Flav searches for his soulmate.

MTV has also announced there will be a second season of Tila Tequila‘s reality show, A Shot At Love.

Will you be tuning in to both shows?

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  • Carlos says:

    both shows ar fake
    tila aint really a bisexual.

  • A.D.B. says:

    hell no! Tila stupid as hell and Flavor Flav shud just pick a hoe and stick wit her already. They don’t need to televise that shit!

  • BuckNasty says:

    Wut the hell is that on delishous arm?

  • James says:

    of course they are running out of ideas. everything is this “reality” bullsh*t now and stupid people watch it.

  • Chris J da Genius says:

    The answer to the question is no, VH1 and MTV have not run out of ideas. They ran out of ideas years ago, just like all other producers of reality shows. First you have Dancing With the Stars, then Skating With Celebrities, American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, and now Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, A Shot at Love (come on, they even sound alike) and I Love New York. All of these shows are derivative (meaning that they are all spinoffs or continuations of other shows). Hip hop is becoming the same way and for the same reason: Money. Most of these rappers don’t even write songs, they write get-rich-quick schemes and try to get us to buy their ringtone instead of saying something uplifting or remotely important (That was a sidenote, now back to TV). And guess what? In lieu of the Screenwriters Guild Association strike, networks are purchasing more reality shows because they don’t want to pay these writers what they deserve. Also, they know that there are people dumb enough to watch that garbage. If people weren’t watching shows like that, they wouldn’t make them. So if you want real television back and you’re sick of seeing the same shows with different characters and with many of them looking like they are shot on the same set (hint: Surreal Life, Flavor of Love and I Love New York houses bear a striking resemblance and new shows never air at the same time), don’t support that foolishness. Oh, and is it me, or do New York AND her mom both look like they once had mustaches and male genitalia? Just wondering…

  • Young Renaissance says:

    They really are running out of ideas. I like Flav’s show, cuz I like seeing dem sexy girls fight over the ugliest dude brought to existence its mad funny. It’s good TV to me. But they really need to be more creative wit dese shows they got now.

  • James says:

    Oh and can’t deelishis get those things removed from her arm??

  • SeXYMAMA says:

    I seriously doubt it if i watch either one. I think these shows are a waste of time the first season of flavor of love was pretty good but now MTV and VH1 are going outrageous. It’s time for them to put on there thinking caps and come up with something worthwhile.

  • Lateesha says:

    Both lost it many years ago.. Who watches this anyway

  • Jon P says:

    American culture is so easy to entertain, that’s why these shows run the airwaves, they have all the ingredients for the perfect visual meal, you got the sexy girls, the famous person looking for love (Flav, New York Etc.), and all the madness that ensues throughout the course of the show (catfights, fistfights, profanity) Which in American culture means: That show is tha shit, those bitches be fightin on there, but they bad as shit. I give MTV and VH1 thier props because they play on our culture as a whole (black,white,latino,chinese) and being that these shows have very high ratings why would’nt you keep riding the horse as longs as his legs (ratings) are strong why put him down? Yes they have run out of ideas and it’s evident that it’s been long since that happened, lets just hope that these big networks will think more of the American public in order to create better shows.

  • SEAN CARMEL says:

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  • Lee Le says:

    Looks like Delish got burned or sumthin….

  • nicca says:

    a hated tila tequila and i hate flavor of love even more, it’s ridiculous

  • ¬merr.SKRiLLA.13™ says:


  • Young Renaissance says:

    Those marks on her arm came from a car accident she was in. She said it on the show.

  • YESSSSSS- a shot at love with tila tequila, rock of love, flavor of love, i love new york im damn tired of all dem especially NEW YORK BUSSA ***

  • Carlos says:

    One more thing:
    mtv needs to get ther shit togehter and bring back jackass

  • kee says:

    No I wont be watching these shows. These people are degrading theirselves just to be on tv. Why would any person in their right mind go on a show to find love when you got to compete with with about 30 other women or men. That sh*t is disgusting, and jackass wasnt any better than these current reality shows. They did some pretty gay pranks.

  • gwen says:

    I enjoyed both shows but i do think it is time for new shows like over the hill and searching,,,, thats me we need to do something in my age group we need a little of excitement too” casting call me !!!! gwen

  • Dominguez says:

    wow tila broke up wit that white dude?

  • ariesdiamond says:

    Hell 2 the naw..them shows is really getting played out 4real they need to cut it out..on the 4realz..but aye doe… it is funny as hell 2 watch.. even tho it is hella actin n shytt

  • boobymiles says:

    man that shit is always funny to watch but like A.D.B said “Tila stupid as hell and Flavor Flav shud just pick a hoe and stick wit her already. They don’t need to televise that ****!” LMAO

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