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Should Marion Jones be imprisoned?

Submitted by on January 11, 2008 – 2:03 pm20 Comments


Marion Jones

Marion Jones, the international superstar who won three gold and two bronze medals at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, was today sentenced to six months in jail for lying to investigators about performance-enhancing drugs and a check-fraud scam.

After learning her fate in a White Plains, New York couthouse, Jones broke down crying.

She hoped to avoid prison due to being apart from her two young sons, but U.S. District Judge Kenneth Karas said he was giving her six months “because of the need for general deterrence and the need to promote respect for the law.”

According to the New York Post, Jones returned her Olympic medals (golds in the 100 meters, 200 meters and 1,600-meter relay and bronzes in the long jump and 400-meter relay) even before the International Olympic Committee ordered her to do so and wiped her records from the books.

Jones was ordered to surrender on March 11 to begin her term.

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  • J-Watts says:

    I don’t think so, becuz she lied about using steroids. BIG DEAL, Congress and Federal Investigators don’t have anything better to do so they’re going after athletes who cheated at sports, which last time I checked are GAMES!!!

  • sing83 says:

    although she is a great athele she is no good! she divorces her husband for the very same thing that she was doing and continued to do! never do anything that you are now willing to accept the consequences, she got off easy

  • Sprntr says:

    Yes of course she should, they did the right thing by imprisoning her- too long athletes like her thought they could cheat the system and get away with it, the amount of money she’s made through endorsements and appearance fee’s she basically stolen as the people have believed they are buying the fastest woman in the world, when without drugs theres no guarantee she would be. She agreed to play by the same rules as everyone else and since she broke them it’s good to see some one finally stepping up and dishing out some punishment for that. Once they nab Troy Landis as well athletes might start playing by the rules again.
    (Sorry if that didnt make 100% sense i’m hung over but you get the general gist of what i mean)

  • sunshine says:

    look at ms.jones. so fast muscels blowing in the wind.

  • Ya'mez says:

    that picture scares me and im in awe at the same time.
    shes got some crazy muscles going on…

  • good dude says:

    If you say no to this question then you don’t know law. She lied under oathe so that is a crime. It doesn’t matter what you lie about, you can lie about a recipe, it’s still a crime. I think lil’ kim went to prison for the same thing so if jones recieves 6 months instead of the year that kim got then she should consider herself lucky.

  • beatz23 says:

    I still don’t see how Mark Mguire or Jason Giambi aren’t in prison yet..

  • Damn CEXC says:

    Yes she should be imprisoned. She should also be grateful for the little time that she has. The only problem that I have with this is that if they’re going to force the Law on one person, than they should do it to everybody. From actors to basketball players. They are all humans and deserve the same punishment.

  • Arican says:

    Stort is Sport not a steroid arms race, to win you must be the best not take the most drugs…

  • Lil Fresh Bambam says:

    ‘cuz she bust err bodii asz in track dey make a
    big deal when its a american black woman winning
    shyt….shame itz 08 hop off her err bodii in wwe
    on sum shyt!!!! get on dem mugfcukers

  • kalia says:

    yes…she was dishonest…

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    Yo, I KNOW that what Marion Jones did was foul, okay? I think we all get that part. What I don’t understand is why Congress has been involved in things over the past year that have absolutely NOTHING at all to do with its intended purpose. Ladies and gentlemen, Congress is a legislative body, meaning that it is supposed to MAKE LAWS. Yet, for some reason, I’ve seen more rappers, record execs, and athletes in Congress than were at the BET awards. Maybe Marion Jones should have been penalized, but why is it that she and Barry Bonds are facing prison time while other baseball players (yeah, the WHITE ones) are free as birds? It seems that anytime Congress can put Afro-Americans in prison or find reasons NOT to deal with the partisanship that makes them stagnant and renders them completely ineffective and irrelevant (and has earned them a lower approval rating than – drumroll please – Mr. George W. Bush), they will. I, for one, am sick of this $#!+

  • babycakes says:

    she didnt harm or kill anyone. it would be taking it to far to put that woman in prison. s-h-i-t…leave these people alone

  • Hoolahoop says:

    I think it’s pretty harsh to imprison somebody for using steroids. A fine should be enough. Or maybe she needs to set an example, to show sportsmen that this is what happens when you cheat.

  • Jon P says:

    Fines yes, jail no, come on guys its just steroids,are’nt they all on steroids? She should pay a hefty fine for lying to her fans and supporters and make people realize that it was not just her doing but the drugs she took. But to me jail just seems like an easy way for white america to take back what used to be thiers, SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT.

  • Jon P says:

    Come on guys, don’t front I bet that most people in this forum took/or currently self medicate, I know I do, now from reading most of these posts it sounds like you guys want everybody to get arrested for getting high. People should stop putting celebrities/athletes on pedestals, they’re regular people, the shitty thing about it is that everything they do is caught on tape or photographed.

  • Carla says:

    we should be focusing on criminals not shit like this

  • Faith says:

    No because she has already had pretty much her whole life taken away from her. She doesn’t have a huge house anymore, her medals have been taken away(so all that hard work for nothing), and the worst thing she can’t participate in her sport anymore. I just think that’s enough.

  • The Know It ALL says:


  • Shea says:

    By the looks of that man body… maybe…

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