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Should you wear sweatpants with heels?

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Captured in New York City last night with Jay-Z, Beyoncé was rocking an as-yet-unreleased Deréon casual outfit – with designer stilettos.

Isn’t wearing sweats with high heels usually a no-no? Or does B pull it off?

Images: CornerOfBeyonce.com via The YBF

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  • Nicole says:

    She is rocking the sweats and stilettos.

  • Lee Le says:

    I think sweats/heels together looks a lil cheap…..make up ur mind throw on sum fresh kicks w/ them sweats or dont wear em!

  • Lee Le says:

    & I must say Im not hatin….Bey usually looks on point but this is a lil off

  • sing83 says:

    FLY!! sweatpants and heels is hot, it says that im confident and comfortable and yet sexy, she def pulled this look off i did it, oh but a chic gotta have a lil booty cant have no cakes and saggy sweats not that would not b a good look!

  • Chicago says:

    Nothing wrong with that. As long as it looks good.

  • Will973 says:


  • PHLISA says:

    i like it its like a mix between formal/casual

  • ttothaj says:

    Bee also rocks the real hott ish

  • Damn CEXC says:

    Even though I wear it all the time and still look good, I have to say that the only thing is wrong is the sweatpants. They are not cute, which is the reason as to why we’re discussing her in the first place. Lets be honest ppl. Now if she had some nice jean capris with the stilettos, she would be lookin fly as usual! She should’ve been rockin a Rocawear fit N-E-Way

  • Lil Fresh Bambam says:

    she can get it sweats or not


  • Bigz says:


  • Jazzy1456 says:

    I think she looks very very pretty I and Bigz u got the nerve wat the hell yo ass look like. for all the people hatin on Beyonce STOP! cuz trust me wat yall say aint nothin to her

  • sassy classy says:

    She looks better with light colored hair point blank.

  • Cee Cee says:

    B always looks gorgeous no matter what she’s wearing, but I still think this a fashion don’t. I agree with DAMN CEXC, she should have thrown on some cute jean capris..or some dress pants. Especially since she is wearing some heels that look a little like mary jane’s. Its a weird combo. It only looks good on her because she is so beautiful. But the average chick couldn’t pull this off.

  • Ebbie says:

    No NO NO!!!!!! Sneakers or Flip-Flops! Period!

  • lisa says:

    i think she seriously need to give her feet a rest and throw on some sneakers for once in her life!

  • Lei` Jones says:

    You can do it ONLY if you have the confidence to do it…..everything has to be PERFECT,no half stepping

  • MzNoBehavior says:

    I think she barely pulled it off.. Only bcuz the sweatsuit was cute, and so were the shoes!
    And, I think she looks much better w/ dark hair!! If only we could see what HER hair looks like…

  • eboney says:

    the sweat pants have to be fitted on the hip & butt part, they can be cargo cut, boot cut or skinny leg cut. i love this look! i rock it to the clubs sometimes. its diff than wearing jeans or tights or capris& shorts. its a good look! point blank period!!!!! stop hating!!!!!

  • kalia says:

    hecky nah!!!! u cant wear heels and sweats period. That is a no no “B”. She must didnt have nothin else to wear. and jus threw some stuff togetha…

  • BKqueen says:

    She lookin fly. B is a diva,a superstar,and a fashion icon and they wear heels more than half the time.She startin a new trend wit the sweatpants and the heels.If she feels pretty,confident,and comfortable in those sweatpants and heels than she should wear it and rock it to the fulliest.All ya ppl who sayin bad stuff all of ya just haters.Kicks would look good…..IF SHE WAS GOING TO THE GYM!

  • babycakes says:

    divas never take a day off… the sweats and heels dont normally work wit other people but she pulled it off, on the other hand it wouldnt hurt to rock some super cute kicks.

  • kat says:

    I personally think that what b is wearin is her own unique stlye. And yeah she can do that cause her name is Beyonce. And honestly i don’t have 2 say anything else..except her name is B and her man’s name is jay baby! Holla!

  • Bigz says:


  • southernplayalisticpimp says:

    Yo, Beyonce can wear whatever she wants. No Questions Asked.

  • NO. beyonce managed 2 look nice but nobody else should do it.

  • Jon P says:

    I agree with bigz, sound like he from the hood just like me, and how many times do you see young broads tryna rock some shit just like this, and sometimes worse. She looks confused in the pictures. Why the fuck would you wear heels and sweats, are you working out or working the runway? I think that she believes that she can wear anything as long a she has heels on.

  • Carla says:

    i like it..i personally rock it too..but gotta be the right type of sweats…and i dont care if this is considered a no-no, but flip flops for me is def a hell noo! so hell yes to this look!

  • B. says:

    Depends on the sweats. In Bee’s case, I bet these are some Dereon joints. As long as they are the long ones, that are supposed to be rocked with 5411′s . These capri sweats are hot on a female wth hee;s and shit!

  • Lateesha says:

    Generally I think this is a no-no, but she looks aight.
    She would’ve looked better in a pair of fresh kicks tho.

  • Lateesha says:

    Actually, let me correct that, just took another look at the pic and it looks stupid. Sorry.

  • Young Renaissance says:

    In my opinion, its not a real good look, speciallly for B. I’m surprise Jay aint told her she can’t do that. Some can do it and some can’t, but in her situation: Naw she don’t need to walk out like that no more. I agree with errbody else, the fresh kicks would do it, some pink and black forces or something

  • New Barbie says:

    The way I look at it, wearing heels with sweats is like trying to bring back the jean outfit.(Tacky) Some things are not done, no matter who you are you still have to follow the fashion do’s and don’ts. Especially if the person is constantly in the public eye. Fashion don’t; if the person is wearing a casual look stick with it. Don’t ever try and dress up something thats meant to look casual and comfortable. Next time wear some tennis shoes.

  • tiara says:

    What messed her up was wearing a round toe. That’s a damn church shoe she got on her foot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • neese says:

    some high heels are athletic inspired so it depends on that how the sweats are made some are pretty fancy but not just a plain old joggin suit and the right attitude everybody cant pull it off but seriously it probably started when strippers were on the way to work and the had on the high heels so sometimes it comes across tacky

  • BEAUTY says:


  • lastyne says:

    my motto is not wat you wear its how you wear it and if u could rock it go on and rock it

  • Ashikishay says:

    yeah i’d wear it. it’s different and thats what i like

  • FelixtheKitten...PURRR! says:

    If the person wearing the sweats and stilleto’s rock it as well as Beyonce does than why not? I guess it would depend!

  • MISS T says:

    Yall can call me a hater if you want but the bottom line is that she look silly as hell…Lol

  • Nik says:

    She looks a bit too skinny for one and people always talking about a “beyonce booty”. I sure don’t see one at all. She looks better point blank with blonde hair. Dark hair just does not do it for her. Flip flops or slip on’s look better with that type of outfit.

  • Jon P says:

    yea im with Nik on that, where is her ass that everybody keeps talking about? I see thick thighs that about it.

  • Shea says:

    I’d be mad as hell if I got rushed out of my room with my church shoes in hand and some sweatpants on looking like I just woke up and didn’t have time to put some lip gloss on before they started taking pictures of me.

  • chiquita says:

    personally when i wear sweats i rock my air forces or jordans wit it,but thats just me, n i barely even fit in heels neway cuz im so dam short that i still wear a 1 1/2 kids size sneakers,lol n im 20,but remember thats beyonce wearin sweats with them heels,of course she could get away with it,lol

  • ~YESENIA~ says:

    Damn you niggas are all hateing “B” has a booty its just not showing in this pic because, Its not a pic of her back dum ass…. “B” can work anything even if its a fuckin papper bag lol =]

    And she ant no hood rate she proble has more money then your brook ass lol and she is all that and a bag of chips Lol JFA dont take it up the ass=]



  • Tika says:

    my man said i look nice n it no baggy jus tight fitted is good

  • gayb says:

    shes beyonce she can wear whatever she wants and it will look awsome on her so yea its ok for her to waer this fit

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