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Will Obama’s love of hip-hop help or hurt him?

Submitted by on January 14, 2008 – 11:33 am21 Comments


Barack Obama

Back on January 3, when presidential hopeful Barack Obama walked triumphantly into his victory party after the Iowa caucus, the entrance music playing was Jay-Z‘s raucous “99 Problems”.

The New York Post reports that “some listeners took it as a not-so-sly reference to Hillary.”

“We didn’t know he used that,” a shocked Clinton spokesperson said.

Obama has cited acts like Jay, Beyoncé and Eminem as just a few of his favorites – even though Em, he says, “curses sometimes”.

Do you think Obama’s acknowledgement of hip-hop will help or hurt his campaign?

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  • Boondocks says:

    Barack is getting his votes because he is black. Black guys will vote for him just for that reason, and this just boosts his ratings by spinnin’ Jay. What’s this guy even stand for, he tells us virtualy nothing about why he should be president compared to everyone else.

  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    Boondocks – so does that mean Hillary is only getting votes ’cause she’s a woman? And Edwards because he’s a white man? Go back to the drawing board bruh…

  • DatGurl_08 says:

    I agree wit foxy….. aint nothing wrong with him using hip hop in his campaign

  • Clyde Smith says:

    The hip hop connection is very problematic for Obama.

    The black community is split over hip hop and a lot of the people that would vote for somebody cause they support hip hop don’t actually vote, IMHO.

    If you believe that white people will say they’d vote for a black man but then not be able to follow through, what do you think they’ll do with a black man who loves hip hop?

    You can’t win with only the Youth vote and the Starry Eyed Dreamers vote.

  • Will973 says:

    His love of Hip Hop will help him cuz hip hop music is universal n we all know dat there r ppl around da world who we don’t expect 2 love hip hop n they do….don’t judge a book by its cover…

  • Lee Le says:

    I didnt kno he used 99 problems as his entrance music b4….thats good rite there! Who cares wat type of music he listen to! People should vote 4 him based on wat he stands for and wat he can do to make this country better….I do think it will help him though during his campaign b/c it shows hes not sum stuffy boring politician…..he can get down 2

  • Jon P says:

    Man whoever said that rap will help him does’nt have any sense. C’mon yall this is common sense.I understand he used the song as a tool to draw in younger crowds to vote, but This is a professional event not a Jay-Z concert. Do you think that the old white people who he also needs votes from would agree with his song choice? I’m not saying that all he needs is the white vote but come on you have to be respectable, playing 99 problems but a bitch aint one set us back 2 years.It’s definitely not a positive song. Why not John Legend or something uplifting? He’s not helping us, he makes us look like a walking stereotype, so I guess the president is gonna be smackin bitches and duckin the cops while in the office. I can hear the white people now “I guess we should get the chicken wings and malt liquor for our hood ass president”. I had respect for him before and now it’s lost. This is supposed to be the brother who gets elected, not just your average chrysler driving music blastin brother. Having somebody black running and being as close a he is to winning is a million to one chance in this country and to me it does’nt seem like he’s taking it seriously. And I agree with Boondocks because Hilary had his ass choked up for a minute at one of those caucuses, he really has’nt shed any light on what he is truly looking to do with this country. We lost one.

  • beatz23 says:

    It will hurt him. It shouldn’t but it will.

  • Chris J the Genius says:

    Yo, beatz is right. It shouldn’t hurt him. I don’t think it will hurt him right now, but if he continues to use instrumentals to songs with questionable lyrics or songs that are performed by rappers that use them, the media is going to have a field day. I’m glad to see that the brotha has the balls to play it anyway, but he better have a DAMN good comeback when the media (controlled by many who don’t want to see the type of change his presidency would mean for our country anyway) comes knocking at his door.
    For the haters out there, Obama has a lot of actual plans that deal with the issues. Check out his website and you’ll find them. There’s only so much that you can say in the political game because the other politicians will jock your style if they see that it’s working for you. Also, those who have that opinion must have never heard of Mike Huckabee, who REALLY hasn’t said very much about where he stands. Obama’s riding the wave of hope and it’s working. Know why? Because people want a very noticeable and contrasting difference from the current administration and that’s what Obama represents. Also, people really want to be able to trust and believe in their president (or at least some part of the government). When’s the last time we had that?

  • Boondocks says:

    Well Foxy, can you tell me what Barack stands for, in more than 2 sentences. And yes, people are voting for Hilary cause she’s a woman.

  • James says:

    Yes people will vote for Barack because he is black, and YES people will vote for Hilary because she’s a woman. That’s a very simple answer for a very simple question. Common sense.

  • James says:

    Let me rephrase that… “SOME people will”

  • Carla says:

    first off who the hell chose “99 problems”? as his entrance song..shoulda picked another song that portrays him as a winner

  • Mike_Mc says:

    I would like to know what Obama stands for as well. He also smokes cigarettes, openly. And we all know how smokers are treated. Combine that with hip-hop and that’s a pretty big obstacle. Young people love hip-hop and young people don’t vote. Sad but true

  • Jon P says:

    You know he also used to do, from what I read “more than small amounts of cocaine”. Why would you tell people that? He wrote a book not to long ago and exposed that fact. Some things you go to the grave with. A white candidate will get away with that, but i’ve been watching a lot of MSNBC, and they are blowing the cocaine thing up. Of course when your famous (and black) the media will dig up everything on you that they can. This really is a crazy situation that’s been years in the waiting, a black man and a woman in the office this really is history in our faces. Personally I think that since there are men and women in this country there should be a man and a woman in this office, it’s only fair, it’s not just men in this country. Every man says that a woman will be too emotional and hot tempered on her period to be a president, but what about the male president who has a bad temper or how about when they really want to bomb somplace unecessarily (check Bush out on that one.)? If there were man and woman presidents at the same time, they would’nt have to be married, but it would be ill to see them work together for a better america, that way it would be even sided women are more sensible and tend to think of things we don’t sometimes. Men on the other hand are natural supporters and we have strong thought processes and can build with what we have. Put that together and we will have a new America, a better one. And if you wonder what happens when they fight, congress would have to act as a panel of mediators and they would all have to come to a vote over whatever the dispute was about (example:war,how to deal with certain issues). Every man that has a girl knows that your girl stopped you from doing something stupid, or made an intelligent suggestion to something you missed, or if you were in trouble or something your girl would be there for you. Women also know that if their man has a good idea and they agree she will ride with him (not all of yall hehe) and most likely support him. Maybe that’s a good idea maybe it’s not, but to me, the elections seem one sided, why is it man vs. woman? Or better yet why is the president always a man? Obama and Hilary should be president, I know the candidates have different views but maybe there’s a right and a wrong in both of them.

  • Danica says:

    I think that Obama has the right state his opinion on music. Whether or not the song was played at his party, who cares. And he wanted to aim the song at Hillary, well so be it. She has not shown a bit of caring towards Obama, so why should he pretend to be all nice??

  • Migs says:

    Politics is ugly. I wish candidates would just debate all day long and see who comes out smarter on issues that matter most to our damn nation.

    Like how to help Britney Spears.

  • Rochelle says:

    By him likin hip hop should not hurt him I’m quite sure all the other people like it to they just acting like they don’t so they can get votes I really hope he win. And people shouldn’t just vote for him cuz he black he is a very intelligent person so listen to what comes out his month n not hte color of his skin becuz we have to try n make history dis year n we all know that the white man don’t want black people in office but they should just give us a chance.

  • Dominguez says:

    who cares, vote for either person and they’ll implant you with and RFID Chip either way … don’t know what i’m talking about? then get informed dammit!

  • Ass Round Ass Tight Ass

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view

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