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Liz Claiborne decide to hold onto Enyce brand

Submitted by on January 15, 2008 – 4:38 pm13 Comments


Striped Button-Down by Enyce

Even though the name Liz Claiborne isn’t synonymous with young men’s streetwear, the fashion mega-company has decided to keep Enyce as part of its brand roster.

“After reviewing all of our options, including specific offers from potential buyers, we made the decision to retain Enyce in our brand portfolio,” Claiborne’s CEO William McComb told DNR Magazine.

“This is a strong brand with a loyal customer following, and we look forward to working closely with the team to enhance its share of the urban contemporary market.”

Both Enyce and RSRV – the company’s newly-launched brand aimed at a more mature customer – are now planning to step up their marketing and strategic efforts.

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  • Thrillogy says:

    Ive always luv the button down shirts from Enyce. This is one of my favorite brands of clothing. This is for the mature customer. The material they use for some of the shirts and hoodies are out standing. This isn’t like the other brands Ed Hardy, Affliction, G unit you see today. I also luv the color palate and some of the frabics on the button down shirts. I own 5 button down shirts and totally recomend this brand.

  • Jon P says:

    Enyce is the shit, I bought the academy satin hoodie, that thing is so smooth, people ask me where I got it from cause it’s rare that you see somebody with one out here (philly). DrJays and Enyce are the shit. They’ve got staying power, I remember them since like 99′ or something like that.

  • lol… u guys are so full of crap.

    both opinions above sound scripted, and like an infomercial.


    yes, enyce has established itself in our market, and has been new millenium, urban version of “THE GAP”
    They make clean sillouettes, with clean graphics, and they don’t chase every new trend that comes out.
    They pretty much followed the gaps footsteps, for an urban consumer.

    Stay tuned for 2008 updated http://fashionhustler.com website.
    You can learn how to do graphics and fashion design,
    for as low as $5 a video clip.
    The new site with new low prices, will be up this week!!!


  • P.S.
    you know what I hate about DR JAYS?

    They kill brands!!!!!

    They get a new clothing line, like the above mentioned RSRV, for example,
    and if the product doesn’t sell immediatedly, they start putting all the pieces on sale, and marking the price down, and ruining the value of the brand, in the mind of the consumer, and ruining business for the competing retailers who carry the same brand at the brands suggested MSRP.

    So, why would a customer go buy the clothing at suggested retail value from Sammy’s on fordham road (for example), when DRJAYS marked the clothing on sale, so, now in order to compete with DRJAYS all the other retailers have to start marking the same brand on sale also or else no one will buy that brand from them at the higher price.

    ..Subsequently, the value of the brand is lowered in the mind of the consumer, and the brand has a harder time getting sales in the future, and then they end up going out of business.

    Thats why you see so many clothing lines come and go!
    Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Shame on Drjays.
    You Bunch of Brand killers.

  • TheKnowItALL says:


  • h2 says:

    Aww Fashion Hustler, why do you hate DrJays? They love you enough to leave your stupid ass comments up…

  • Ghostbuster says:

    Dear “Fashion Hustler” (great name btw)

    Perhaps you should spend less time on this blog and more time on your site. Seriously, how can you expect anyone to pay you for tips on designing a clothing line when your site look likes it’s straight outta 1995?

    Additionally, your points about DrJays.com marking down prices are moot, at best. Perhaps you don’t understand retail sales (actually you don’t, as I’ve watched that snake oil you spam here as a start your own brand tutorial) as when products don’t move they are placed on sale. It also occurs after a season.

    To suggest that the reason a brand goes out of business is because ONE retailer (in this case DrJays.com) marks down goods that haven’t performed well is wrong. When a brand goes out of business, it’s usually due to numerous factors, included but not limited to:

    1. the state of the marketplace
    2. customer reception
    3. marketing
    4. design
    5. distribution


    Competitive pricing is the cornerstone of the American economy and benefits the CONSUMER, not the competition.

    Furthermore, comparing an online retailer to one stand alone retail store (in this case Sammy’s in the Bronx) is a localized arguement and therefore incredibly one-sided.

    I see where your points lie, but really they’re pretty much wrong or based solely on opinion and not fact. If the issue of lower price doesn’t make you want to shop at DrJays.com, that’s fine.

    The majority of people who shop – for anything – look for a good deal.

    Now get yourself a copy of a Dreamweaver and get working on your site!

  • Migs says:

    If I can find a sample sale on Evisu jeans on here for more than half the price… THAT’S the shit. If I could find Evisu jeans on sale in a local retailer, THAT’S the shit.

    Regardless, I’m working hard for the money and if I can get a bargain somewhere, so be it.

    I’ve been a shopper here for awhile now and noticed that a majority of shit that goes on sale is either ugly (brands fault), sizes are limited or it’s old. I’m no expert, but I’m assuming they need to push out old stuff for the new. Isn’t that how the fuckin economy works?

    Don’t hate cause you tryin to mooch off a blog. Work on yourself and stop baggin on xy and z.

  • Jon P says:

    Amen H2 that fashion hustler guy sound like a hater who cant get his bullshit label off the ground

  • Thrillogy says:

    Ps:Fashion Hustler why do you think that dr jays is full of crap and I disagree with your statement about how the two revews on the top is Crap.

  • TheBlast says:

    Oooh Fashion Hustler… better man up real quick before you end up like SoJones…

  • 2cute2bu says:

    Since we have already established that fashionhustler is hating on the retail economy due to the site he is bloging about, why dn’t we just go back to the question, I think its cool for my man to be looking fly yet classy.

  • bubs says:

    I agree they make really nice dress shirts. I like their jeans also, I’m glad they’re sticking around.

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