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Beyonce to play Etta James in new film

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Etta James

Beyoncé has been chosen to play sultry singer Etta James in an upcoming film.

Cadillac Records is the story of Leonard Chess, the legendary founder of the South Side Chicago blues label Chess Records.

According to BlackFilm.com, the period piece follows the rise and fall of Chess Records, which launched the careers of such R&B greats as Muddy Waters, Etta James and Chuck Berry.

Does B playing yet another role as a singer cast doubts over her acting ability?

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  • Nesha says:

    What acting ability? The broad couldn’t act her way out of a wet paper bag. Her diction is awful, she always sounds scripted and fake… She needs to stick to singing.

  • erica says:

    Why does she look sick and very skinny???

  • MISS T says:

    Oh my god! Before she plays a role in any movie girl friend needs to eat. She looks hungry.

  • James says:

    Beyonce is too commercialized to be taken seriously. Like that Beyonce phone, lol you would have to be one dumb son of a b**ch to have that.

  • B. says:

    ….And she must be doin’ something right because muhfuckas always hatin’ on the way she look or the way she talk or mad because can’t or ain’t no other bitch in the game doin’ Beyonce’-type shit! Suck that shit up and get over it! She gone be hot in the movie and if there’s gonna be a soundtrack, you know she’s gone rip that up, too! Being “too commercialized” means being paid and as much you don’t wanna admit it, she is! Armani, Sprint, L’Oreal, Dereon, DirecTV, and American Express can all vouch for that shit! Fuck it! It’s ’08! I want yah niggas to leave that “let’s hate Beyonce’” shit in ’07.

  • Miss Jazzy says:

    Yea B is a good actress she could play any role but in that pic she looks very thin but she still da baddest bitch around

  • babycakes says:

    she look sick in that picture

  • Lateesha says:

    She had to lose some weight for Dreamgirls, that’s why she was so skinny.
    Looks scary.

  • Jon P says:

    Why she all skinny now, maybe shes bumpin lines. She looks like she needs to go to the house of breakfast lunch and dinnner. As far as acting she wont go far, everytime she talks it sounds like shes gargling rocks with saltwater, she kinda talks like a shy 10 year old, and if you read Carmen Jones’ book by the way she talks it does seem like her breath would smell ferocious.

  • Money mayne says:

    Fuk all yall haters.i would beat that puzzy up all day.slow strokin and all! She hott!yeah b! We run ny!

  • PHLISA says:

    ya im gonna go see this it seem like its gonna be a good movie

  • cynthia roland says:

    like this drjay website cloths.

  • James says:

    I said something about her acting and a black girl turned that into me being jealous that beyonce has money… typical retard, i dont give a f**k who has money, i said she wont make a good actress.

  • Patrice says:

    Beyonce has fame from being unique and different as far as being a larger beautiful woman entertainer. Her voice is doctored because its not a timeless sound that will be remember throughout history like, Etta, Ella, Dorothy, Sade, Whitney, Mariah even Janet has a sound all her own granted its not an all time great sound but its hers. Bey Bey without her booty and a great help from Jay Z would have fizzled out by now. Acting never need to added to her resume’. Look at the damage she has done, lets start with Goldmember, I should not have to say anymore she was horrible and that was a comedy….

  • Fresh says:

    That picture of Beyonce was taken way back in 2005 when Beyonce, just got off the Destiny Fulfilled And Lovin It Tour, thats why she looks so skinny. On a lighter note I am happy that Beyonce is going to be in another film, the girl works hard and with Dreamgirls she convinced me she could finally act. People are entitled to their opinion about her acting BUT maybe this film will be different and she will possibly get respect in the industry and a serious actress and not a Cash cow who rakes in millions because of her fanbase. Obviously she is doing something right because she’s a Golden Globe Nominee and to recieve a role of this stature says something. I support a woman working hard.

  • well her actin aint the best but as long as they put her in movies where there is singing i tend not to mind beyonce has one of the greatest voices out there and

  • Shea says:

    Fresh, you know she is still doing that cayanne pepper and water diet that they have those Hollywood actresses on. She just did a spot on one of those enteratainment shows last month and she still does that from time to time. I heard it’s really unhealthy. I don’t hate her, I just don’t really care for her like that. What Beyonce does in life doesn’t change my day-to-day routine.

  • Eboni says:

    Beyonce can not act; she hasn’t got the talent. That’s just the truth. She should stick with singing.

  • Sonya says:

    this must be a low budget film that she is going to be starring in because beyonce can’t act at all, period.

  • nizz says:

    Naw i agree wit a couple of heads. I’d pipe her down anyday. back in the day that is. when she was thick and not all small and shit. thats my bitch but eitha she needs 2 get right or take another picture from a different angle

  • toni says:

    Beyowolf can’t act , she can barely sing, They should give this role to Alicia Keys, or Faith Evans or even better Queen Latiffah. These are people that can really sing and act.

  • barb09 says:

    i love be be but her acting is really bad.she needs to leave it to real actors.i study acting and her acting is really bad and yall all know that.she can sing and dance thou

  • Rudy says:

    Tru say Beyonce kant akt but she do look like miss Etta… as for her singin shes sik wit it but she gotta stop hittin dem notes nd timin her shit nd start puttin sum fukin soul into it thats wat make the greatest ppl who they are….. bare ppl kan hit sum notes nd have perfekt pitch, i mean theres talent all over the place… sumtimz i wonder if she wasnt wit Jigga n had that body where would she be?….. jus another bobble head

  • Rudy says:


  • cristina allen says:

    being a hoe in a “hip hopera” doesnt make you an actress, she looks like an amazon

  • cristina allen says:

    her mom loos more like the picture !

  • Fresh says:

    I dont get it? the woman wants to venture into acting, and try new things and she’s getting criticized for it. Who are we to tell her that she should stop acting? when people stop going to see her act in a movie then maybe she will stop but as long as people are going to the theatres to see her then she will continue to act. Her acting isn’t all that but it’s getting better. ANd Rudy what the hell are you talking about? the girl was a huge star way before Jigga man. SMH at all this hate

  • Rudy says:

    If Beyonce had a Di*k you’d be ridin it no one went to the freakin theathres to watch beyonce dey went to watch the movie nd I think everyone knows about Destinys child nd Beyonce was the one doin FEATURING SONGS WIT J A Y HYPEN Z FRUM TIIIIME MY YUTE NO ONES HATIN CHEK URSELF OR SHUTTHE FUK UP ND SIT THE FUK DOWN

  • Rudy says:

    FRESH if u read wat i wrote u would understand Do you really think B would be where she is today without that Body If nethin she would be like Letoya Luckett or Brook Valentine nd Jay Z wouldnt even give her a sekond look JUS BEIN REAL

  • Fresh says:

    LMAO Rudy I see you have multiple personalities up on here one minute you cursing the next you writing a sensible response all that cursing aint called for it’s the internet stop catchin feelings . Before Beyonce was with Jay Z she was a 3 Time Grammy Award Winner, Millions of albums sold around the world, headline DC and sold out concerts around the world not only that she had a movie gross over a billion dollars WAY BEFORE SHE GOT WITH JAY Z. Since Beyonce stepped on the scene she was always the “it” girl. If anything Jay Z and Beyonce HELPED EACH OTHER ORGANICALLY. Jay aint make her into who she is because it was bound to happen regardless

  • Rudy says:

    I nvr freakin said Beyonce blew up kuz uv Jay I Simply said after she got wit Jay thats when she really poppd off no nigga was really feelin her until that nicca jigga kame into the pikture nd no bitch wanted to be like her until she did that booty pop in Crazy in Love which she was tlkn about Jay z jus like alot of her songz nd i have a dynamik personality thnks but im glad u did ur research groupie…. no hard feelins

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