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Hate It or Love It: Jessica Alba

Submitted by on February 6, 2008 – 10:19 am24 Comments


Jessica Alba

Actress Jessica Alba, whose father is Mexican-American, says in a current interview with Latina magazine:

“I like that I look different. I like having flavor. I think it’s funny that women get their lips injected, butt implants. Everyone wants to look like us now.”

Previously, she had this to say:

“I was always [self-conscious] of my puffy lips and darker skin when I was a kid, because I felt like I didn’t fit in.”

What do you think about Jessica’s comments?

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  • Chase Sanders says:

    I think light skin and latina girls are sooooooooooooooooo fine!!!!

  • send help says:


  • Ricardo de la Pene Grande says:

    i just want to put my chubby in her

  • kwaping says:

    I think many people are self-conscious of their looks as kids, and then grow to like their features as adults. The standards for beauty in children and adults are different, for one thing. My wife is Filipino and she tells me how she too used to hate her big lips as a child, but now counts them as one of her best features.

  • tyron says:

    why would some 1 wanna look mexican? yeah right, she lyin

  • Lee Le says:

    Shes trippin…..she was quoted earlier this year as sying “Don’t call me Latina” but now she is on the cover of this magazine. Dont get it twisted I think shes gorgous but she needs to make up her damn mind

  • kee says:

    I’m behind her 100%, im black, but blacks and latinas you can put in the same category. Where’s JON P? What u gotta say bout this JON P?

  • Clyde Smith says:

    People feel bad about themselves until other people want to look like them and then they call those people wannabes.

    I remember a woman from Jamaica who was kind of skinny and loved the fact that the people she was around in the States didn’t like big butts. She was gleeful at the fact that the roles were reversed.

    At the end of the day it’s all pretty sad.

  • Jon P says:

    to me she’s not super attractive shes average, if you go to the mall or college theres way better lookin chicks, and kee please hop off my nuts, I am honored that you value my opinion so much but to me you are a pathetic little girl mad that a black man likes white women, if you have such a good job maybe you should buy yourself a life, or I guess a boyfriend. To me you seem like all of the other black chicks who hate when they see me and my fiancee together. Good Luck with your life maybe you can get your shit together.

  • kee says:

    You really crack me up JON P. For some reason I cant get to you. Let down your guard. I could care less about interacial relationships. I love me some black dick, who wouldnt, you see how these black men got these white girls or any other race all strung out. I just didnt like how you called yourself calling out black women thats all, but no hard feeling.

  • shotime says:

    i think everybody here has a valid point but she’s hot and has a right to flaunt it so let’s not hate that’s why we can’t get along today as a people and a minority we always look for the negative in what everyone says. and Jon P if your fiancee makes you happy who cares what anybody else thinks ya know misery loves company.

  • Jon P says:

    Thanx shotime that was real of you

  • Hyphygirl says:

    I agree with shotime, Jon P. I’m an african american woman myself. But, I don’t think people should hate on black men, just because they are with a white woman. That just shows a huge sign of immaturity. It doesn’t matter what race a person is, as long as you’re happy. That is all that matters. Hold you head high, when your with your girl Jon P! Forget all the haters!

  • proudlatino says:

    Jessica Alba has never proclaimed to be a Proud Latina. She’s never even try to do anything to win the heart of hispanics here in the US. She’s probably ashamed that people can tell she has latin blood running in her veins( cause she sure can’t hide it). Cristina Aguilera looks 1,000 times more white, with that pale skin and light eyes and look what she did. She produded an entire album in spanish for her Latin American fan. Jessica Alba is beautiful and there’s not denying that but hispanis can’t claim her as one of thei owrn when she’s pretending to be white.

  • B. says:

    Jessica Alba is hot! She reminds me lot of J.Lo!

  • FLACO220 says:

    Yup u right proudlatino. I never heard her boost latinos or claim that she is latino. Why? Cause she’s from Cali and i think she might be embarrassed about the whole immigration thing etc. I dunno… that’s just my guess. People always ask if I’m Puerto Rican etc but i don’t trip… i tell them I’m 100% Mexican… brown and proud… i got 2 beautiful little girls myself, half Thai and I’m gonna make sure they rep both of their cultures proudly regardless of what people think. I heard a saying “I’d rather you hate me for who i am, than for you to like me for who I’m not” That’s true. You gotta keep it 100. I mean she looks good but come on now. In her defense though, we do live in a fucked up, cruel world that sometimes make people feel insecure and it’s hard to shake that insecurity. I remember seeing a special on ESPN about Hines Ward from the Steelers. Hines is bi-racial, Half Korean and that show almost brought me to tears that’s how powerful that show was. Hines was embarrased to be Korean/Black… he got picked on etc… he hated being half Korean cause he didn’t fit in. Hines went back to Korea with his mom and was ballin on stage while giving a speach and then was walking with a grip of Korean’s behind him, it was moving. Peace!!

  • The Ecko Dude says:

    Wow Ms.Alba looks pretty fine in that picture.

    And to all the people talking about nationality and stuff. Why do you guys care so much about race? Were all human, its just a different skin colour. Think about it people, were all the same species.

  • rich says:

    Lol… damn kee when you gon reply back they ganging on yo a*s

  • kee says:

    First of all, If you guys go to the blog “hate it or love it: Lil Kim. You would see the issue with me and JON P. He was dissing black women. Saying that we try to look like white girls. He said that we wear blond wigs and too much makeup and some other shit. So me being the person that i am responded. Not all black girls wear blond wigs and makeup and try to look white. I dont care that he has a white girl, that’s him. He must had a bad experience with a black girl or something cause he was comming down on us hard.

    JON P// If you wanna be with a white girl then do your thing, I can respect that. I thought you were a white boy talkin shit. But, if your black, why would you say such nasty things about your own people. Now true enough there are some black girls that get a little too outrageous with the hair and makeup, but the way I see it is, every other race does it too. You of all people should know that not all black girls are like that, or maybe you just have bad experiences with with black women i dont know but i hope your view on black women change.

    If I offended you in any type of way, then im sorry. I just want you to see where im coming from being that im a black girl but didnt fit your category of black women.

  • lolasmith says:

    beautiful and sexy

  • moses says:

    got damn!!!

  • Will973 says:


  • I a girl and I can say – LUV HER she is soooo hot and I would!

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