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Is it cool for guys to wear tight jeans?

Submitted by on February 11, 2008 – 11:18 am95 Comments


The Cool Kids

Evan “Chuck Inglish” Ingersoll, 23, and Antoine “Mikey Rocks” Reed, 19, known as The Cool Kids, recently gave an interview to Toshi Kondo @ Rhapsody about, amongst other things, the video for their track “Black Mags”.

One of the first things that stuck out about the video were how tight Mikey’s jeans were.

Chuck: “We’ve heard that shit so many times.” [Laughs].
Mikey: “Yeah, it’s more or less a shocker because I’m black. A lot of other ethnic groups rock tight jeans. It wasn’t really anything new to me. I guess people didn’t know what to think. It’s just a weird first impression for some people. I sometimes forget that there’s a whole rest of the world that doesn’t live in a city.”
Chuck: “You get those people that are like, Oh, this video sucks ‘cause the dude’s pants are tight.”

Is there still a strong sentiment out there against guys wearing tight jeans?
Image/Info: Rhapsody

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  • TheCoolistNi**a says:

    Also, I don’t see how wearing skinny jeans makes you gay. I mean, really, y’all need to chill out with that homophobia. Everyone keeps saying it’s a new era, but damn y’all talk like it’s still the 80s. I mean, damn, I bet half the people you see walking around with baggy jeans and shirts with “bitch” and “hoe” on them get d*cked in the butt more than folks rocking skinny jeans. And even if they are, what’s the problem? The only reason I bet half of you have a problem with homosexuality is cause a) you think it’s cool to hate them because you heard some rapper say it or b) have never met one and just decided they’re bad for whatever bullshit reason.

  • shawn says:


  • cheah says:

    niggaz is corny wearing tight ass jeans saggin OD….u want tight ass jeans and then u wear them shits under ya ass with a chain on them…then i think, this is our future…we are doomed…hahaaaaaa…niggaz wanna do everything they see…whats good with them bright colors too? Ya lookin real gay nowadays

  • JAzzy says:

    If dudez wanna wear tight jeans dey kan do as dey pleaze

  • Bigz says:


  • PEARL (VI) says:

    I don’t like to see guys in tight jeans.There are too many down low men these days. It may look ok on a selected few but come on what doyou think. Not asking for men to wear very baggy jeans but leave the tights for the ladies.

  • HOLA! says:


    http://www.mundoreggaeton.com (live radio from PR)

    Fact:Reggaeton outsells rap internationally N here in da states.
    Why you think Daddy Yankee can sell out madison square garden N No rapper other than Jay z can?

  • Red Hot 85 says:

    nikkas that wear tight jeans are faggots… they have no diks so they rock em like grls do… nikkas that wear tight jeans are FAGGOTS and should get fcked up for it… they wanna follow wat they see and now they wanna be gaayy… demm its 2008 faggots… i wouldnt be surprised to see the faggots walking in mini-skirts… its not hating its common sense u pusssies!

  • FRENCHY says:

    Lee Le..your exactly right in let some trends pass..Like the trend your still wearin…I wear FITTED jeans with white shelltop Adidas and a Aeropastele shirt…and im definatly not gay…JUSS got Style…or catch me wearin a Ed Hardy shirts some Fresh Levi’s and Air Maxs…and the rest of you dissin the style nowadays are yall to Gangster puttin on the gangster hard role..played outt..
    Stick to your 10x tees n shit
    Listen to your Lil Wayne and Boosie

    Ill rock whats REAl
    And Listen to whats real my Nas, Talib Kweli , Dead Prez

  • sleepymack says:

    its not cool for guys to were tight azz jeans ,because it dont look right and if another guy sees a another guy from the back he might think its a girl

  • mame says:


  • DJ Beat says:

    nooo wayyy….only if yo like emo……..I like baggy n darkkkkkk blue

  • MissBeehavin says:

    Fit is good, if you not tryin to look like a wanna be thug-wack ass rapper-no money having-weed smoking-no girl gettin ass n!99a lol.

    For real, tight is OUT save it for the emo kids like DJ Beat said. BUT OVERLY-BAGGY is not all that great lookin as you think… Look good, not trashy!

  • Fresh says:

    Fitted jeans are cool, tight nut huggin jeans are not whats in

  • Stace says:

    Personally, as long as a guy’s pants are hanging down and showing his butt, it is handsome to me. Tight jeans are just to gay, but buying the right size and NOT 3 sizes too big is the best way (unless they were the only pair on sale lol).

  • Stace says:

    ^I REALLY MEANT : Personally, as long as a guy’s pants are NOT hanging down and showing his butt, it is handsome to me. Tight jeans are just nasty, but buying the right size and NOT 3 sizes too big is the best way (unless they were the only pair on sale lol).

  • chiquita says:

    ehh hell na, i rather see a dude rockin jeans saggin down his culo,lol sorry guys but stick 2 the baggy jeans that atleast sag a little u know,lol shyt i think a thuggish lookin dude with baggy jeans looks alot sexier,maybe its just me but let em sag a lil guys!!

  • jay says:

    fitted jeans, yes. tight jeans to the point where each ball is struggling to breathe, hell no. doesnt matter what race you are.

  • nelly Bee says:

    Tight just ain’t right I hate to see a nice looking man in some tight jeans that’s for lames, just because jim jones is doing doesn’t make it right, I taught that chain belts and tight jeans were for gayboys.

  • saks5th says:

    i feel like if ya pants dont fall right over ya kicks it fucks the whole outfit up. if ya jeans are too baggy it drowns ya kicks out and if ya jeans dont fall ova ya kicks at all and you got tuck em in well dat fucks it up too.
    to end the argument you have to know what jeans go wit what FOOT WEAR skinny pants do not go well with urban kicks (tims, acgs’ uptowns ect…) get some loafers or a casual dress shoe and see how that works fa you and baggy jeans goes well wit boots (6in tims)but if ya jeans are so baggy that they drown out ya boots maybe you should bring it down a couple sizes.
    you ma fuckas should really be paying for this type of advice but i love my people so i give it to ya for free.99

  • jamaica says:

    if dey wan to but like i saaid dey should leave that to tha jamaican shottas dem
    jamaican pllz stand up

  • Bianca says:

    tight jeans are not so great to wear but i think fitted jeans are better for men to wear, and they should still leave some breathing room.

  • Jon P says:

    i dont want my balls in my pockets and I definitely dont want people lookin at my ass like that, plus that shit cuts off circulation to your lower population.

  • chris says:

    HELLS NO fitted jeans are ok i wouldn’t get caught dead wit dem TIGHT A*SS PANTS ON

    MY sack n ish has to breath iight

  • Ivan says:

    They still cool either way. Tight jeans are not that big of a deal. But anyway anybody heard of somebody named Amory king alot of my friends know about him being some rich kid who kick it with famous ppl. Hes allegedly from the MLK clan and his gear is off da chain definately a fashion icon.

  • jacoby says:

    ive heard if Amory he got a lot of paper supposedly and he know alot of scenester kids in l.a and new york. I think he friends wit the Cool Kids matter of fact. I saw pix of his clothes and yea he flyyyyy!!!!!

  • Artice says:

    What’s up yall!!! well yea I know Amory, thats my friend!!!! Well cool kids yall dat shit and yall cool as hell too!!! well thats all I have to say 4 now!!!!!!

  • mishella says:

    it depends on how they wear it an what they wear it with some guys look nice n some look JUST GAY but on regular days nooo not all dudes

  • KB says:

    Damn well everyone has there own opinions. I dont wear them personally. I mean i have a couple pair of jeans that are made to be fitted but baggy fitted ya dig?. they’re jus tight on my azz not so much on the leg and deff not on the ankle. I mean i do got a phatty for them. I hear it from mad chicks. I deff be havin niggs and chicks tryna peep. but whatever besides that. thats where most clothing lines are headed. thats the “in” look. Yea i agree. Leave it 2 da Shattas. Personally i dont like 2 see dudes in no tight azz jeans like the dude in the video. Have any of you seen it. i mean damn. You do want ur cohonas 2 breath. Seein ya playboy in some ballin shorts or sweat pants is koo wit me. But in jeans its uncommon and deff not a good look. Its almost like they’re tryin to show a lil sumthin sumthin ya dig?

  • rapsucks says:

    he bikes, thats the style for bikers
    they dont want their pants gettin all caught in the chain and s***
    plus who the f*** cares

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah i’d say who the hell cares i’m over the whole tight clothes thing. It has nothing to do with ethnicity. Guys just shouldn’t wear tight azz jeans. I mean damn if my balls cringe at the site of you wearing them then you should be in pain. Especially doing hiphop. Don’t try and make it contravershal. There’s a difference between doing it to do it and doing it cause you want to.

    Plus look how man hip hop/r&b artists been/are wearing a tight clothes. prince, pharell, kanye, lupe etc etc to. Who cares after the 15min of fame the gimmick will wear off and your music will haft to speak for itself.

  • Naomiii says:

    I hate all these fuckin trends… people should try to be different and have their own style if dudes wanna wear tight azz jean they shouldn’t b looked at as bein gay u kno?? They just doin them so leave them alone :)

  • imabeatchoassondistrain says:

    Well, Im from da south [Atl to be exact]
    I aint NEVA seen no ngga down here wearin no tight jeans…

  • imabeatchoassondistrain says:

    I do like them though cuz they got style [sans the tight jeans]
    I mean, yo shyt aint gotta be down by yo thighs n shyt,
    they can have just have a very loose fit..I LIKE DAT!

  • MiCheLan-G-LoW says:

    “Save the tight pants for the ladies fellas’….if I can count the coins in your pocket, you’d better use them to call a taylor”

  • dc hood says:

    When I first saw the look I thought it looked gay. Now I wear regular fit jeans. The 501 and 514 levi style jean. I do go up two sizes and sag them. My little honey buns like the new hood look on me. I still think that the skin tight jeans (skinny jeans) look better on my women.

  • ONYXX says:

    Tight Jeans is definitely not for men, fitted jeans YES but stylish ones not the Walmart shit with stright bottoms…Levis & Wrangler make nice stylish fitted jeans…
    The truth is alot of women like to see men asses and crotch sometimes. Another thing is that the hiphop community gets hung up on this look…I grew up in the hiphop era, I love hiphop with a passion but you will never see me wearing no jeans 4 times my size hanging passed my ass, to me it looks retarded, not to mention you have to walk with one hand occupied holding your fucking pants up; more power to you if you feel comfortable with them but I prefer to wear shit that fits and looks presentable in ANY environment.
    The bottom line DO YOU and not what other people or artists are doing, just make sure you look fly ;o) peace.

  • Toya says:

    A lot of guys is wearing tight jeans now days just to show off those ugly sneakers like super high top nikes at crap! they think they cute but little do they know it looks really gay. even rappers and singers waer them. the only people who should wear tight, fitted or whatever kind of jeans they called womwn. not mean go get some loose jeans yall look like females

  • carol says:

    I love men in biker shorts,especially when its obvious they don’t have underwear on.You can see their joint bulging,see veins,head and nuts,nothing hidden,some of these guys are really packing a huge package,I love it

  • Chloe says:

    The tight jeans thing is okay on a guy to me because its kinda 80′s. Trust me…you can stop the differences in a gay man and a straight man that both is wearing tight jeans.

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