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If Jaslene Gonzalez was an actress or singer…

Submitted by on February 18, 2008 – 11:19 am19 Comments

…do you think she would get away with being this skinny?


Jaslene Gonzalez, the winner of Cycle 8 of America’s Next Top Model and Lot29 celebrity model, was photographed in Las Vegas over the weekend.

For some reason, she’s never spashed across the pages of the gossip magazines, questioning her very slender frame.

Is it because she’s a “model”? If she was an actress or singer, would she constantly be in the news?

Image: Concrete Loop

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  • RSX says:

    she gross

  • Miss.Jess says:

    If she was an actress or singer, then she would be in the news constantly because of her weight. When she was on ANTM, Tyra or any of the other judges never talked about her being extremely skinny ..

  • Russ says:

    Shorty is fly but she needs to tan her feet to match everything else and no she wouldn’t get away with being that skinny as an actress or singer! Look, they gave Whitney hell for being Jaslene’s size!

  • A.D.B. says:


  • jamaica says:

    dem u can see her ribs she lok so nazty

  • Megan says:

    I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • starr says:

    sure, she’s skinny &she could put a lil’ meat on huhh bones. some people’s body/”frame” are jus’ naturally like that. she may have a fast metabolism fa all you know. &she may even workk out. but obviously this girl got what it takes to be a.n.t.m. because we won cycle eight.

    &as farr as an actress/singer is concerned, she would most likely be in the news/media because she is so skinny. jus’ like when nicole ricci became so skinny. it’s media. it’s news. &fa some unknown reason, we as a society, find it entertaining.
    but as a model, stereotypically, the girl got a body. most models are skinny &very slender. there should be more plus size models, yes, i agree. but as judges [for example on a.n.t.m], they all look fa the same thing; tall, slender, skinny girls.

    jaslene got what it takes. &she made it.

  • rabentola says:

    dam shes skinnyyyyyyyyyy

  • MissBeehavin says:

    I’m skinny but damn my ribs dont show unless I force them too lol… but it’s true it could be her body… I eat & eat & eat trying to gain a few pounds but NOOOOOOOO it’s like I’m stuck @ barely 120.

    But she… well, she can just stick to model but yall should be talking about her like that, just get over it.

  • Fresh says:

    GOT DAMN she skinny, she looks even more skinnier then she did on the show. Nonetheless she looks flyy

  • NayIsSoFlii says:

    Jaslene is a pretty girl but she is looking a little thinner than the last time I’ve ssen her…

  • Jon P says:

    eh, there are better looking women in public places, as for skinny girls they;re just as good as thick girls, their hip bones are narrower, sometimes this makes the pussy tighter

  • jovie says:

    she’s pretty and on previous cycle of antm..she was also slender, but she was never this bad….i don’t know…in the type of field that she’s in…some companies encourage that…good luck to her.

  • kiya says:

    all yall chiqz who keep callinq jaslene ugly need to quit! she is gorgeous! and has an awesome body,expecially for a model…there is nothinq wronq with being skinny and tall b/c i am! she inspires me! just b/c you can see her ribe cage doesnt mean she is sick! chill out! yall just a bunch of haterz b/c she is hella fly and doinq her thang! im soo sick and tired of everyone making fun of skinny ppl! there i nothing wrong with us! we all the same except our bodies are healthy! so now what???? gone take that mess some were else. jaslene is beautiful and i love her! keep doing your thang mamacita!

  • charma says:

    no comment!!

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