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Is Jim Jones a gangsta or wanksta?

Submitted by on February 18, 2008 – 10:04 am34 Comments


Jim Jones’s new album, Harlem’s American Gangster (KOCH)

In case you haven’t heard (or live in New York where promo posters are blanketing the city), Jim Jones‘ new disc is titled Harlem’s American Gangster. The album is on-sale tomorrow.

Considering the album comes right on the heels of his “rival” Jay-Z‘s own American Gangster opus, and is hosted by Dame Dash, do you think it’s a gangsta or a wanksta move?

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  • maxpower says:

    wanksta handsdown

  • AM says:

    All I can say is he did his thing and he is about to capitalize off of it, he is doing something right.

  • ROCBOI says:

    Wanksta all day! Get off Jay-Z Dick u will never be him!

  • Didy says:

    Wanksta I should say. He’s limiting himself to “Harlem” while J is doing a wolrdwide business. I really like his music but the fact is that he can’t stand next to Jigga, lyrically and sales altogether.

  • Russ says:

    I just like the songs on the album! I have to give Jim Jones credit for what he’s doing out of the Dip Set Crew! I really have to give it to him! Oh! I don’t know if I want to say Gangsta or Wanksta because I remember from the Horse & Carriage video, homie was permed out and not so ganstafied!

  • Rosie Palm and her Five Sisters says:


  • Young Renaissance says:

    He bitin off J, das not a gangsta move. The only difference is he is a American Gangsta in Harlem and J took it to the world. I like Jimmy Jones, don’t get me wrong, the Ballin’ joint was official, but he need to step out the box a lil bit. On the other hand it could be sayin J aint the only American Gangster out there, Harlem is jus where he resides.

  • Will973 says:


  • A.D.B. says:

    Shit looks pretty fly… I heard some of the songs on there and it sounds tyt. I like it at least and I think that homie comin real hard on dis 1 along with da homies Mel Matrix, etc… DIP SET

  • Bigz says:


  • killa chris says:

    a 17 year old beaT HIM UP AND HE GOT BEAT UP AT A DIPSET CONCERT and jay killed him of that ballin freestyle.he’s not to gangsta if u ask me

  • jamaica says:

    hiz only song wuz ballin n thatz iz it so hez not a gangsta


    It’s obviously a play on Jay-Z’s “American Gangster” but Jim is a smart dude he’s doing this for publicity. Is he biting sure, but who isn’t. I think Nas put it best when he said ” It’s nothing new under the sun/It’s not what you do but how it’s done”. Gangsta or wanksta Jim knows controversy sells.

  • Michelob says:

    Jim jones hit it with the ballin, but like other people have already said he is referring himself to harlem and j z doesnt even need to reference himself to anywhere hes golden and thats it, i like jim jones as well i actually like jim jones more but its not a good move on his part

  • Allurre says:

    bad name choice in my opinion.




    CEO/Artist of LUXLIVIN ENT.

  • GOD says:

    He is more gangster than you clowns.

  • flymike says:

    He cool he just has character issues he think cuz of who he hangs with and where he comes from that people are to be scared and pay him homage he has potential but still he has a ways to go!!!! He letting success go to his head and balling his his claim to fame

  • jumpman27504 says:

    WANKSTA….. really what is Jim Jones to Hip-Hop? What makes him Gangsta? Lamesta if anything…

  • babycakes says:

    gansta or wanksta that man be acting like he half crazy, like he on somethin, but he be doing his thang

  • killa says:


  • Mommy says:

    ¨You can’t deny that that “Byrdgang Money” single isn’t hot though. That shit is dumb hot. An d it isn’t one of those usual boring Dipset songs. It sounds different than what they usually put out. So I think the album might be hot

  • Mommy says:

    Correction: …is hot

  • Mommy says:

    Correction: forget about it

  • Kayla M says:

    I like him. Gansta move, cuz he’ tryin to stir controversy and that’s good for sales. Some of y’all treat Hova like he the KING OF HIP-HOP or some reckless nonsense like dat, NEVA DAT Let Jim get some stacks too.

  • jimmy says:

    you see this shi8t mane, only bi*cths r sayin he’s gansta. only real ni99as know he’s lame as fucc. mane all N.Y. rappers are lames cuz dey not gettin any play over here in Cali. let me tell you lames real “gansta” OR dope rappers MAC DRE, SMOOVE-E, SPM, Brotha Lynch, X-Raided, Mac Mall, RASAQ, Game, UGK, Dubee, Low-G, Rasheed, all of Dope House Family. Mane and this is just 2 name a few.

  • Ashley says:

    That’s a b*tch move if you ask me. Yeah, it stirs up controversy, but if you need all that extra sh*t in order to sell, then obviously something is wrong. Just let the music speak for itself and that should be enough. He’s startin’ to pull a 50. Every time he drops an album, there always has to be beef between him and some other rapper. L-A-M-E-S

  • juanito415reaper says:


  • JWana says:

    Jim Jones is SO SO GANGSTA… anyone who say he aint is a wanksta

  • Obskure Starr says:

    he a wanksta…thats why he look paranoid in those youtube videos when he out on the street. he knows that Tru Life is after that ass. bitch couldnt get back his chain when Tru Life knocked him the fhuck out for it.

  • nizz says:

    Jim Jones is a whack ass bitch. He’ll never ever ever reach Jay-Z’s status.

  • L0'renz says:


  • Hood_Star says:

    Shout out to Jimmy man.. he finally left the reject company Koch who employs any crack rehabilated MC.. now he is on a venture with sony. Glad to see him doing big things. Koch is like the reject school that everyone is forced to go because they cant get into anywhere else..lol

  • Jon P says:

    did anyone hear the Mr Softee truck jingle when they came onto this page??

  • chris says:

    yo striaght up i wouldn’t buy dis sh*t . he could get at jay all he wants NOBODY CARES he need to stop hatin on j. how u gonna dis ur favorite rapper. look on hiphopgame.com he sayd it himself

    i respect jim jones but………………………………………………………….
    STOP SUCKIN J. He needs to take his ass around the world a few times.
    harlem ain’t goin nowhere it’ll be there when he get back

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