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Akademiks teams with Perez Hilton

Submitted by on March 7, 2008 – 10:43 am21 Comments


In a mainstream marketing effort, Akademiks is sponsoring the “Perez Hilton Presents South By Southwest” showcase in Austin, Texas, where nine indie bands will perform with a surprise performance from a major hip-hop star.

Akademiks will be producing the official t-shirt (the girl’s sample is pictured below) for the March 15 event.


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  • baby d. says:

    no body wants to see his ugly face

  • wtf says:

    this is why akademiks is garbage. been played out. anyone who still cops akademiks way out the loop.

  • Tony says:

    they’re stupid to do dat perez hilton is one of the gayiest faggots i’ve ever seen

  • lena says:

    I applaud Akademiks for stepping outside of the box. There’s something to say for a brand to expand their audience and not be so narrow minded as the people commenting on this blog. Everything isnt all about “urban” and if any company is to stay alive in this industry where there are a million and one clothing lines then they have to think on the next level. Next time you get a chance, check Perez’s #’s. 11 million vistors a month, 200 million page views a month isnt anything to bitch about….

  • lena says:

    oh and if chris brown, alicia keys, ludacris and too many celebs to name still wear akademiks then what does that tell you? I rock akademiks all the time and the new collection is the ish! get with it people! just b/c jay z owns rocawear and puff owns sean john doesnt mean you have to follow the pack

  • jamaica says:

    i would bui that shirt

  • Stephne says:

    Akademiks is hit or miss. This is definately another miss!!

  • Direkt says:

    In regards to Lena: There is a fine line between an urban apparel company stepping outside the box and out of the closet. A company isn’t dope cuz they sell out by backing Perez Hilton’s gay ass media circus. There’s other ways for a urban apparel company to keep bringing in dollars without lending itself to mainstream America. I call Akademiks move to back this fool lack of thinking outside the box. I dont dislike this dude because of his sexual preference but rather what he represents. W.t.f. does he do anyways? Make fun off celebrities all day? I got way more important ish to keep up with than that. You talk about people getting on some next level ish well we’re waiting for you. By the way thanks for the fun depressing facts. 200 million page views on that dude is pathetic. People need to start thinking for a change so they don’t entertain there mind with such crap.

  • James says:

    Aks makes real quality clothing!! They have good thick material and all around nice sh*t. Many of the even more expensive brands make mediocre shit for high prices and sell it for a killing because so many idiots out there will buy it if it’s “hot”

  • lena says:

    In response to Direkt: Just like you entertain yourself with DrJays blog, other people entertain themselves with Perez’s blog and a million other gossip sites out there. Whether you like it or not, the “urban” clothing industry is shifting and brands have to adapt to that. And again that’s thinking outside the box, appealing to another demographic. You obviously dont think that Ed Hardy, who has been around for yeeeaars and now focusing their attention on the hip hop industry is doing the same thing that Akademiks is……appealing to a broader audience. No company, clothing, cars, wireless, or anything else can be so narrow minded where they dont broaden their horizons as the industry changes year by year.

    And just so I can give you some more “depressing” numbers, 88% of Perez’s readers are female, not “gay” as you so obviously think.

  • lena says:

    James: I agree with you. I’m a huge fan of Akademiks and they’re really the only streetwear brand that I wear b/c of the quality of their clothing. Most people think b/c you slap a celeb’s name on something that it’s the end all that be all and trust me its not.

  • Kayla M says:


  • Sherry P says:

    I love it! Way to go Akademiks! And love that tee!

  • Carl says:

    Relax people. Not sure what the big deal is. They’re sponsoring an event and producing a tee. Its not like they’re going to make Perez a spokesperson or put him in the ads. Look at the bigger picture. I live in Austin and SXSW is HUGE! Akademiks is appealing to the thousands of people who attend the festival. Its like the indie version of BET Spring Bling.

  • Janelle says:

    I cannot believe people can be so ignorant to use a word such at faggot! Seriously, its 2008 so get with the picture!!! Akademiks + Perez Hilton= Hotness!!!! Way to go Akademiks!!

  • rick lexington says:

    blah whatever… I don’t really care for perez… he’s just annoying to me. I don’t really rock ackedemicks anymore. Don’t know why I’m just not feeling the stuff their doing right now. So this really doesn’t matter to me lol.

  • B. says:

    I dig Akademiks. I think this shirt is kinda okay for girls ’cause of the colors and stuff.

  • ihateyouall says:

    how dare somebody use the word faggot in reference to a fat faggot?next thing ya know people will start using the n word.

  • pb_gc says:

    quality? have you looked at there shirts close. there mens t shirts are super duper CRAP! They cannot even come close to touching Coogi or the much cheaper brand LRG’s quality. Akademiks have also had some of the gayest designs in out lately. There winter line looked like it was designed for santa claus no joke! They really thought that would sell? WE DO NOT WEAR GREEN AND RED DURING WINTER AKADEMIKS! WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING? WTF! All they are doing is helping retailers loose money and go out of business (like D.E.M.O. stores to name one recently) who rely on them to design stuff people will buy and they do not! These are just some facts!

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