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Fresh new accessories now available

Submitted by on April 1, 2008 – 11:29 am29 Comments

We have a whole new swag of accessories available to compliment any outfit.

First up is the old school dookie chain:


Run-DMC 30MM Gold Dookie Chain

Affordable ice bracelets:


Fash Ice Bracelet by Hip Hop Warehouse

And matching watches:


Cubed Ice Watch by Hip Hop Warehouse

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  • If anyone has any Fashion Design Questions, feel free to hit me up.

    My name is Human, and I’m a professional designer with 10 years experience.

    I’m currently doing the graphics for Akon’s line, called Konvict.

    Hit me up at: http://Fashionhustler.com

  • h2 says:

    Hey Fashion Hustler. I don’t have any design questions, but after visiting your site, I’d like to teach you how to use an apostrophe. DVDs, not DVD’s. Tees, not Tee’s. Who’s DVD is it? Who’s Tee is it? Plural vs. Possessive, my friend. Soon, you’ll be a Grammar Hustler, too!

  • iLLogikaL says:


  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    H2 is hilaaaaaaaaaarious =)

  • MEZZY says:

    lmao @ h2
    and at this fake jewelry

  • unless your a fake ass dude that likes rocking cloudy ass jewelry u might buy it. just like Ghostface Killah said, “those who like rockin’ cloudy jewels will get stuck up for nothing. they gon’ get killed for nothin’”

    think about it before coppin’ fake jewelry. u get caught in the street wearing this, any random stick up kid is gonna rob ur ass and take ur life away for this shiii…you really will get killed for nothing.

  • That dookie chain looks super fake and gaudy.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    whats funny is women know the fake shit. I have diamond studs that look like I didn’t rob a shandalere at IKEA. And well the women notice it. I see dudes rockin the window pain ish and its comedy. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to jack them for crap.

  • H2 quit doing niggas like that hahahah


  • James says:

    If you wear fake gems and fake precious metals….

    you are a f*cking CLOWN.

    I get that a lot of people come from nothing and can’t help but brag if they do make it rich, but if you’re barely middle class, 9-5 job kinda dude, you should NOT try to look like you got fat pockets. You just end up looking stupid.

  • Flymike says:

    yea please dont fake it to u make it!!!!

  • H2 thanks for the grammar lesson., wise ass.
    BUT, I didnt design the layout on my website.
    Someone else did. and they made the grammar mistake.
    I’m very well aware of apostrophe’s.

    Now if you have any other smart remarks for me,
    feel free to call me up and tell me personally.


    If not, then shut the f*ck up, and go get some money.

  • quest says:

    man, i respect your hustle, but you know you just used that apostrophe wrong, right? i’m just sayin…

  • Obskure Starr says:

    LMAO! OMG Fashionhustler is sooo dumb….ahahahahaaa!

    tell me u meant to say “apostrophe’s” wrong…plz tell me so cuz you contradicted yourself right there. you should listen to h2 and be a Grammar Hustler

  • Yea, I realized that, because I was typing fast, and there’s no edit button here.

    But you know what occurred to me?
    H2 just wanted my attention.
    He just needs a hug.

    Yo, H2, if you want to turn “blogging” into some money give me a call.
    I’ll pay you $10 per hour to go to all these sites and talk about me.
    You could be my Public Relations. You’re doing a great job of it already.
    You just made me an extra $500, since you made your comment on me.
    Thanks Bro.

  • Dr. Jay says:

    Did somebody call the doctor?

  • Actually, if anyone on here wants to make some extra money for blogging, just hit me up. If you’re going to be on Drjays.com, or TMZ for free, why not get paid for it? I’ll pay you per hour.

  • Dr. Jay says:

    Hey, you’re already getting me money on my own site, Fashionhustler. Thanks for attracting all these possible customers.

    Note my perfect use of apostrophes.

  • h2 says:

    h2 doesn’t need a hug. h2 doesn’t want your janky ass $10/hr either. h2 was trying to help Fashion Hustler look legit. h2 was tryin’ to help Fashion Hustler get that paper by bringing 3rd grade grammatical errors to his attention so he could fix them and not look like a clown on his own website. h2 loves Fashion Hustler. no homo.

  • Obskure Starr says:

    h2, tell me that was another joke….right?

  • h2 says:

    yeah, man. lol

  • Obskure Starr says:


  • Migs says:

    Fashionhustler needs to stop giving out his number like the f*ckin’ hooker he is.

  • Oops says:

    Yeaaa…… I dunno Fashion dude. You might want to shut-tha-fuck-up because this dude is killing you. This aint getting you customers, its getting you laughed at.

  • Eazy-E says:

    “BUT, I didnt design the layout on my website.
    Someone else did. and they made the grammar mistake.
    I’m very well aware of apostrophe’s.

    Now if you have any other smart remarks for me,
    feel free to call me up and tell me personally.


    If not, then shut the f*ck up, and go get some money.”

    Even if Fashion Hustler, didn’t “design” (I use that word loosely here) the layout of his site, he still had to approve the work, because after all it’s his site. If you’re going to stand behind a badly executed site that has your name/logo/image and work on it, how can you expect people to take design lessons from you seriously?

    Furthermore, putting your cell phone number on a blog that you spam (seriously, do your comments have anything to do with topics posted here) is borderline stupid. Yeah it worked for Mike Jones, but unless you’ve got a chopped & screwed tee shirt line dropping, I suggest you rethink your PR efforts.

    *Note my correct use of the apostrophe


  • Flymike says:

    umm are all yall serious!!!! this is good comedy tho!!! fashion hustler can you really design tho??? If can let me know I got a friend who could use your skills IF you nice!!!

  • queenszfinestma says:

    dookie chains r madd olddd .. get ya swagga up !

  • RmaryBx says:

    Southpole women clothes are looking cute for sure…

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Oh man why do people think that drama will always bring them money. They’re just going to end up yet another attention whore with an bunk website fishing for attention. The “oh me talking shit and now I got haters on my jock peeping me out yo” tactic doesn’t allways work.

    PS: Oh are you so starved for attention that you haft to put a number out for someone to talk to?

    PSS: Dr. Jays I’ve been getting stuff here for years lol. Well my account is under a different email.

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