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Are you a natural born leader?

Submitted by on April 3, 2008 – 3:24 pm38 Comments


Sneakerheads rejoice: you might just be able to stop defending your addiction once and for all!

According to Yahoo! News, a new poll has found that if you buy three or more pairs of kicks a year, you’re far more likely to possess leadership skills.

Mindset Media, a media company that examines personality traits of different consumers, found that people who buy more than three pairs of sneakers a year are 61 percent more likely to have the qualities of a modern leader.

The survey was collated from over 7500 responses.

“It is often said you can tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, and now we have some hard data to back that up,” Mindset Media’s Lauren Arvonio told Reuters.

“What is interesting is that these personality traits held true across the board, regardless of age, income, or gender.”

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  • penny walker says:

    this is a very interesting assumption that i believe to be true, being a female that owns well over 500 pairs a shoes diffrent colors styles etc….most people look at me as a trend setter however i look at myself as a leader

  • I own a lot of shoes too and have been considered as a leader. Very interesting study.

  • kristie says:

    i think people who own a lot of shoes just like shoes.

  • jamaica says:

    consider az a jamaican not growwin up having ting that kid in tha us have i have came az a person who getz FRESH i dont have over 15 sneakerz but i do have a lot of brand namez thatz poppin so i call mi self a leader cuz of wat i wear n wat pll b cpoyin off mi lol

  • jimmy says:

    mane on the real i rock new kicks 7 days out the week. i got them jordans( I only rock da 1′s 3′s 4′s 7′s 10′s) , Greedy Genius, Bapes, vans all the way 2 pumas ( just 2 name a few) u can say i’m pretty fresh. but 4 real im chill lay back type of cat. Not really 2 bossy or a leader but dont let anyone boss me around or follow anyone ya digg!!!

  • James says:

    now watch a bunch of fools thinkin they have leadership qualities just because they buy a lot of shoes…

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Well I don’t think it has anything to do with shoes. I buy shoes just to buy shoes and for some reason at school and other situations I get picked a leader. It’s because:

    1. No one really wants to take the responsability.

    2. I’m fair and give people respect and credit.

    3. I listen to everybody, know how to analyze/break a project down and i’m resourceful.

    I doubt it has anything to do with the lacoste slip on’s and zooyork shoes I bought.

    But going by this survey the leaders of our country will span out from footlocker, finishline and other stores.

  • Are y’all stupid?????????????????

    The hood been buying kicks FOREEVER… y’all people that were lame to it til 95 are not sneaker heads….

    Mike Jordan kicks were bought by the hoods of New york and the US and now people acting like they up on something

    LOL The hood is still the hood……….. those people who were buying….. most of them still are not leaders………………

    this report is for idiots

  • no, take that back you can be a sneaker head but you are not some ‘guru’ that can tell people what they are and aren’t like you were the first and vice versa

    kicks do not determine NOTHING but what you like

  • Kill Em All says:

    i agree 100% with “Hip Hop Clothing Site”.

    the shoes do not make u a leader. this report is so damn inconsiderate. its more like a lil treat for the eyes for ppl who are not actually leaders and just wanted to get praised for the day. feel me? i can go ahead and start rumors saying “oh, any1 who drops a comment on the drjays blog is destined to be a lawyer or doctor one day.” or “anyone who eats at Pizza Hut is most likely to live longer”. of course any1 is gonna want to believe that because that is what they wanna hear.

    LMAO! i laugh at y’all kids for believing those folks up at Yahoo. stop believing the lies and seek knowledge. peace.

  • Kill Em All says:

    LOL @ THE FIRST TWO PERSONS ON THIS POST. idiots gonna go ahead and believe that shiiii.

  • Flymike says:

    I dont care how many shoes you have do you think Ombama or Clinton give a damn about shoes they raising 20 million a month for they campaigns and they doing this legally in tha middle of a recession!!!!please if jayz or 50cent or anybody you know in tha gamr rite can do that legally let me know but these two are real leaders!!!

  • briSNKRazii says:

    wtf im a sneakerhead because i LIKE sneakers..that has NOTHING to do wit leadership lol

  • briSNKRazii says:

    ppl make things a whole lot bigger than what it really is these dayz..geez

  • Rick Lexington says:

    ^yeah no shit.

  • omg im still laughing at the early comment on this post right here. especially “pennywalker” and “Collars 2 Pop”…lol dudes were really believing that statement and thinking that they was leaders. LOL!!

  • Shak says:

    realy, I have a hard time believing that. Cause you got alot of dumb ass ppl got too many shoes, all they do is follow the fads. I dont think thats much of leader do any of you


    Footwear doesn’t make a person a leader. A leader is made within. With or without shoes.

  • Obskure Starr says:

    i mean, look at Ghandi..he wouldnt wear sandals (or shoes) most of the times. yet he was still a leader.

  • ClassieLe says:

    I think if u r unique,on ur stlye ur looks u r a leader 4 urself..dat allows u not 2 follow nebody else..being a leader can mean so many things..I am a leader bcuz I have my own opinions. I am a leader bcuz I have strenght..so if u rockn yo own style u r also a leader 4 urself..n dnt listen 2 negativity…dats FOLLOWING wat sumbody else may think..live ur life 4 u..dnt worry bout wat people think..or how dey feel..

    {Knowledge is power}

  • Rick Lexington says:

    no classiele I got to disagree on that. Reason being that to be a leader you haft to know how/when to follow. No one just becomes a leader out of nowhere. Even leaders have advisors or will let a person on a lower with more expirience on the matter take charge. And leaders were once followers.

    So you dressing your own style doesn’t mean you don’t want to follow anybody else. It just means you don’t want to be like the rest of the people or you want to be noticed. And having your own style doesn’t gurantee your a leader, people tend to follow people who are simallar to them. Sometimes if you want to heard or followed you got to do it in a way that gets noticed to the masses.

    Knowledge is power but your grammar is not your friend.

  • DaNiTrA Bey says:

    Check out that singleparentgraffiti website. I’ll pay attention to someone wearing one of their shirts before someone with some over-priced sneakers on (especially if they were made by underpaid child laborers…think about it)

  • laughin out loud says:

    lol you are real dumb if you think just because you buy 3 shoes a year you are a leader…lmao

  • I am a follower but i wear nice shoes.

  • Dee says:

    buying shoes makes u a leader lmao. people go start gettin big headed thinking they leaders cuz they materialistic

  • Lovely says:

    If u only buying three pairs a year STEP IT UP try 5 pair a month

  • ClassieLe says:

    Rick lexington- u basically said wat I was sayin n ur 2nd paragraph..and u dnt have 2 have advisors 2 become a leader..but God is all u need..if he created u 2 b a leader den so b it..Jesus was a wonderful leader..creative minds is wat also makes a leader..if ur mind is creative u need not 2 lean on ne body but urself 2 become a leader..thanx 4 ur opinion though..it was very..thoughtful..

  • Rick Lexington says:

    lord child do not bring god and jesus into this debate to back what you are saying. YOU make your own choices, YOU make your destiny, BUT IT IS NOT YOU that achieve things alone. Whether you realize it or not in one way or another you learn and get help from others. Be it directly or indirectly. Not saying that GOD or JESUS isn’t a good leader or an inspiration but they are not responsible for your outcome. At times they just give you signs and decisions… if that.

    And yes you don’t haft to but it is well advised lol.. But no I didn’t say in my 2nd paragraph what you said. All great leaders have had advisors. I’m just saying that leadership isn’t allways a one man thing. It’s a group effort. One person generally has one perspective, a group has many.

  • Allurre says:

    I half agree, though this assumption does apply to me lol. Shoes are however, definitely an essential form of presentation and reflection of an individual’s character. Clean shoes = responsibility to take care of one’s self. Beat up = Disoriented, tacky.

    In the meantime, check out my line + music + beats & let me know your opinion! =)


  • Obskure Starr says:

    why is ClassieLe bringing up GOD and Jesus into this? u can see how she tried to go ahead and reverse the subject and try to throw it back at Rick…haha!! good shii right there

  • lol am with you on this one james lol they silly propably dont even own their own house lol talkin about how many shoes they have

  • waterfallprincess says:

    you are who you are no matter the amount of shoes socks or whatever i have a lot a shoes but that dosent make me the leader that i am ima leader because thats the way i was raised and thats who i am im not a follower no matter how many shoes i buy

  • Dean says:

    Shoes are shoes. I buy lots of shoes but I’m the same ‘ol person. I just like to stay fresh….You feel me?

  • Rick Lexington says:

    yeah exactly, speaking of which I need some new white kicks.

  • Samantha says:

    Hey yall, this is what i think as it really matters but what the heck, I think the type of shoes can tell alot about you,because its your style, but they dont dertime if ur a leader

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