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Southpole launches brand new line

Submitted by on April 3, 2008 – 11:32 am50 Comments


You can now add Southpole Collection to the growing roster of brands from Wicked Fashions Inc.

Southpole Collection is the company’s attempt at raising the profile of their brands with a more style-conscious female audience.

“This girl wears Southpole, but she is a bit more grown-up now,” Wicked Fashion’s David Strumeier tells Women’s Wear Daily about the new line’s intended customer.

“She goes to the club, she has a job, she wants to get more dressed up and isn’t looking for a logo as much anymore. It’s sexy, elegant and chic.”

Southpole Collection will consist of printed jersey tops and dresses, dark jeans, jackets and career suits. It will be available on DrJays.com in coming months.

Wicked Fashions also owns and operates Southpole and Lot29.

Check out our exclusive preview of Southpole Collection below:









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  • Obskure Starr says:

    i’d smack my girl if she gets caught wearing that…jk i aint like that. lol!

  • h2 says:

    um. it’s still southpole.

  • Flymike says:

    southpole is southpole damn that homie!!!! get ya weight up baby!!!

  • waterfallprincess says:

    i think its ok i wouldint wear, it but it looks kinda normal to me and its too many clothing lines that alredy have stuff like that but i respect them for tryna do sutin diff doe

  • It’s aiight… still Southpole tho.

  • kristie says:

    i like the way they styled her but people who don’t buy southpole won’t start buying it just cus they hid the logo

  • jamaica says:

    um daey colthez lokaiight but i wouldnt wear dem still southpole

  • rachy says:

    nuffin new

  • disgruntledSP says:

    I work there and its
    so wack

  • disgruntledSP says:

    like every1′s comment says
    ” it’s still Southpole ”

  • mirah says:

    it looks alot better than what it used to look like! i really dont care, i would wear some of the clothing. stop being label hoes!

  • Declaration says:

    They mightest well stop their clothes. Only see mexicans wear there stuff. There next to go like Fubu.

  • Chatty Watty says:

    Looks okay, but should stay with the basics that they are known for. I really like logan milan (www.loganmilan.com) clothing. Why don’t you have them for sale on this site?

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  • Joe says:


  • ariesdiamond says:

    South pole tryna step they game up I see..its lookin better than what it did b4…but I wouldn’t wear it

  • you know yu n ho? says:

    oh southpole.. you wouldn’t wear it, i wouldn’t wear it..
    what i would wear is NORTHpole.
    tell them to give it up and stop being a HO…and a YUN

  • you know yu n ho? says:

    and just shut the mouse!

  • DaNiTrA Bey says:

    Is that Bre from ANTM? i’m jus wonderin… oh,and “yes” southpole is in my closest- esp. winter clearance sale @ jcpenny’s lol!=)

  • Rick Lexington says:

    you people go by name too much. If it’s tight it’s tight done deal. So if you want to spend a shit load of money ecko, enyce etc so you can have a label even tho it’s still bunk then go ahead. But the dark grey dress and that gold dress are nice.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Rick Lexington shut the hell up.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    I laugh out loud at laughin out loud says:

    haha don’t hate cause I speak the truth. I make the clothes, the clothes don’t make me.

    I gurantee I can rock shit from south pole, anchor blue etc and come out with a better swaggar than you, even if you were sponsored by lacoste lrg etc.

    But people who won’t rock a brand cause of the brand is just lame. Your basically saying you some wackass shit cause it was a highend name brand.

  • Tneisha says:

    Well i’m from England, and Southpole is not 1 of our “known brands” and therefore doesnt mean anything!!

    But i live by the moto ” its not where u shop, its what u buy”

    If it is nice it will get rocked…f the name and dont watch no face!!

  • laughin out loud says:

    Rick Lexington okay but that’s your opinion if I think Southpole is cheap and wack I can think that I see you must be one of those people who buy that shyt well I’m sorry you don’t have the money to buy real namebrands thats not my problem how bout this you give me yo address and I’ll send you some money to buy you some coogi or true religion better yet put some pradas on yo feet and then you will see how good it feels to be me a nygga who got money and who damn sho ain’t gon buy no southpole shyt.The offer still stands.

  • I get so sick of seeing people wear south pole like it’s something dope.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Laughin out loud… hahaha are you serious.

    1. Assumptions make you an ass. I never said I couldn’t buy the stuff I just said I could out dress you in it. Truth is i’ve been shopping here for a few years feel free to ask them my account is under the email of [email protected]. You can check with the people here i’m a loyal customer

    2. I’m versatile… here are the brands I wear. Girbaud (most of what I wear), lacoste, gino green global, kani, mecca, lot29, coogi, zoo york, dickies, southpole, timberland, lugz, phat farm, sean john, Ice cream, perry ellis, fitteds etc…

    Oh when I wear suits and acessories I use jones of new york, joseph and feiss, bostonians, my watches are esq, skagen, movado and kenneth cole. I rock diamonds in my ears. It’s not gigantic but women do take notice that they’re real.

    3. The lotion I use is $25 (hempz) and the product in my hair is $20 redken, american crew etc. I also use paul mitchell. But I also have a $6 gel that I use the most. Oh lets talk about calogne… blvgari, lacoste red, chanel etc.

    4. Let’s talk cards… Macy’s gold card, boa platinum check card, visa platinum plus credit card, AMX gold card and I stay using quap

    Like I said your nowhere near on my level. Oh the cars I own are a lexus sc300 (paid with cash) and a new chrysler 300c. Honestly I could care less about you. You can pretend your rocking that shit and even if you are who cares I only spend money for my happiness or when needed. What do I need those jeans when most people can’t tell what they are anyways.

    hmmm do I spend 400+ and still look like a thug or do I spend that on a suit and actually get more attention than I would at that price. And which would you be let into the club with? I could go on forever but there’s no point.

    It’s not what you rock but, it’s how you rock it. You my friend have confidence issues lol.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    And no that isn’t long cause i’m mad, it’s long cause I have a lot of shit.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Rick Lexington lol… u really make me laugh okay you really must want me to know your whole closet u got to be lame on #2 everybody look at that tell me this nygga ain’t cheap and lame….lmao

  • Rick Lexington says:

    ok look i’m not going to do a net battle. YOU tried to call me out… I stated my point… you made assumptions and I corrected it. And if you still don’t get my point it’s that:

    I do spend money and it’s all about how you rock it’s not just the brand. I make the oufit, not the outfit makes me. Rock what you like but don’t justify it by the namebrand.

    Don’t be mad cause you thought you could show out and got showed up. Now you trying to switch ish like rodman switches sexes.

    What’s funny is you trying to rally people against me and no one has said anything lol. haha clown.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Um let me correct you bytch you really think you show’d me out hahahahaha you could never show me out you wear shyt like mecca and southpole muthfuqka you show’d yo own self out bytch lets get it straight muthafuqka and as for getting people only you it was just a random statement you retarded bytch i petty you cuz you have no money but my offer still stands you poor muthfuqka.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Wow. All that money you claim you spending on clothes you should be spending on “hooked on phonics”.

    Now stop being a bitch and get off my nuts. I’m not even going to bother argueing cause you lack the intelligence to comprehend what I said.

    Sad part is, it took you 2 days to come up with that sad attempt at grammar you call a correction lol.

  • laughin out loud says:

    And again I petty nyggas like you matter of fact that dude described you well a your a fuqkin geek do me favor get out yo grandmothers house that smells like mothballs and do something with yoself you pathetic bytch.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    It’s not “and again” just “again”. And why you talking like the shit you says matter. You ain’t saying nada foo. Not to mention you put the wrong subj in the wrong threads lol… clown.

    Your moms coochie smells like a fishmarket. Cats follow her when she uses the shopping cart as a car. Her right calf looks like popeye’s forearm.

  • KJ says:


  • laughin out loud says:

    Kj I agree with you oh rick lexington don’t mind your overlooked I’m just still stunned that you are saying yo mamas jokes on here how old are you 5, 10, 12, and by the way I meant to put that shyt you fucqkin geek.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    If I’m overlooked, then why you still talkin about me? How you going to talk when you did the grandma thing? You ain’t innocent lol… *yawn* up your game foo, your boring me.

    And KJ your view of the stuff isn’t based on the design of the product, it’s on the name.

  • laughin out loud says:

    So I guess i’m on trial now and I pleaded innocent and you think I’m guilty go get a life you fucqkin low life.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    why do u still talk? I’m done playing with you now good day mam.

  • laughin out loud says:

    lol…I was just reading some of the brands you say you wear and this just stood out to me lugz, and perry ellis damn nygga its 2008 yo ass still stuck in the damn 90′s. but no harsh feelings madam.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    *yaaaawn* wait you went back up lol? Damn I’m really doing work on your a$$ ain’t I? And come up with your own ish, stop bitin mine lol.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Excuse me….biting what. Let me remind you I’m not cheap u are, I’m not lame u are, I have a life u don’t, Rick stay in yo place cuz right now your a damn disgrace…Damn ur just a lame muthafuqcka get use to it.

  • BabyLove says:

    that shit cute but do ppl still wear southpole?

  • Sub-Uurban RecordZ says:

    I hate southpole,Its for fake people Who wana say thier clothes are sick..No dood your clothes are from jc penny.HA
    Get sum real threadZ

  • NorthFace says:

    I like a lot of Southpole stuff, people should learn to be original and not worry about what everyone thinks is in style to wear… If u like it wear it,, all the big name brands that ur buying ur paying for the name, wake up people! Stop hatin on Southpole, sometimes it’s not the name u wear it’s how you rock it and if u only know how to rock name brand clothes then that says a lot about who u really are!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimbo says:

    You’re all pretty shallow. You can’t take it with you y’know. Some of you would better spend your time and money seeking therapy to help you act human.

  • annie says:

    iv been working at against all odds for about 2years and southpole is wakk as hell but some of the new shit is mad cute and half da girls in the store buy it n rock it and ppl compliment them and they dnt even know its southpole….shit its just a shirt….fuk it lol

  • Red-g says:

    i was reading everyone comments and it seem like so much negitivty and yet the one that r saying must have in there cloests Enyce, Phat Farm, Sean John, etc. Be thankful that there is a clothing line out here. unlike Tommy Hilfinger who was racist but yet every one of color was buy his labeled clothes

  • Debbie says:

    Hey Rick Im with you!! Sure are alot of stupid , Shallow people in this world arent there??
    Really paathetic!! lol

  • Working Girl says:

    I LOVE SOUTHPOLE can’t nobody tell me SP sucks!!! I love their tees & jeans most of all, from what I c above, their style is becoming more female oriented. KEEP DOIN YA THANG SP!!!

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