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Get The Look: Prodigy

Submitted by on April 10, 2008 – 9:27 am21 Comments



Rapper Prodigy has just begun a three and a half year jail stint for a gun possession charge, so he won’t be wearing this Varsity Wool and Leather Jacket by The Loots again anytime soon.

Maybe you can cop one and wear yours as a show of solidarity?


Varsity Wool and Leather Jacket by The Loots

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  • FREE P! word up. most ya’ll kids hating on him dont even know what his music is even about. but ey the jacket is BANANAS!!!

  • Dee says:

    Free P!!!, yea lets free him, wait! why?? what is he doing thats so positive? y did he have the gun, was he gonna make cakes for poor kids or shoot someone?? why free him he had a gun he does the time, jus cuz he aint shoot no1 yet dont mean free him. Thats like saying free me if im tryin to talk to your little sister and do stuff with her, but i get caught on da way there, and say free me cuz i aint do it yet.

  • kristie says:

    isn’t it appropriate that the tee he is wearing is called the “jailbird” tee?
    i like the jacket though.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    dee, honestly you don’t know what he goes through. So you can’t really judge till your in their position. So he could’ve had it around for self defense.

    As for trying to compile it with the pedofile thing is lame. That’s a whole different story/different circumstances and the way you put it didn’t make sense. If your trying to come with a point, please make a better comparison.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    on a side note the jacket is decent and I see he’s getting some practice on how not to let the cellmate inside

  • Ark says:

    Loots is pretty fresh I like that lil Crow guy as a emblem,,

    as for Prodigy he nice too,,,,I mostly ride cuz of the Alchemist beats tho lol


    Free P!

  • Definition says:

    unfortunately i think prodigy has lost sight of true hip hop. if you read his blog you’ll know why.

  • Dee, why u gotta go ahead and bring up someone like my lil sister? or even talk about wanting to do stuff to a child? seriously, i think u got problems. and like Rick Lexington said, “he could’ve had it around for self defense”.

    Dee, that comment sure doesnt make u look cool. If that is what you wanna achieve, u just dissed yourself my dude.

  • Dee says:

    he could’ve had it for self defense rite, thats always the excuse.. same thing with t.i right he had big ass army guns for self defense

  • Dee says:

    why free someone who did a crime?? jus explain dat too me. dats all im sayin. lets free the rest of the jail while your at it

  • mrtees.org says:

    i love ”p”but come on, still gettin knocked on gun charges.

  • Will973 says:

    FREE P!!!!!!!

  • Dr. Jay says:


    F#CK D! FREE P!

  • laughin out loud says:

    Shut the hell up with that free p shyt how bout ya’ll go join his a** in jail.

  • Flymike says:

    yo laughing out loud watch yo mouth 4real you sounding like a sucka and you say somethin slick but I know that you a computer gangster!!! Wat it is WILL973

  • laughin out loud says:

    Damn Flymike stop shouting out cheap muthfuqkas like will973 and get the fuqk of my dick you weak bytch damn your prepostrous to. I tell ya nyggaz is wildin on here and its funny cuz they all cheap bytches.

  • Obskure Starr says:

    laughing out loud, u nothing but trash my dude. and Flymike couldnt have said it better….u do sound like a computer gangster on this site. who the hell just pops in on a blog tellin other muthafuggers to shut up?

    lol…what a b!tch move

  • laughin out loud says:

    And who the fuqk are you obskure starr your just as prepostrous as the rest like I told flymike get off my dick and stop riding flymike’s dick you gay bytch…damn ya’ll some foolish a** nyggas.
    Just lame bytches.

  • Read more... says:

    Track listing – Invaders Must Die…

    The disc posisioned at the top of the UK Album Chart on the 1st of March with 97,254 copies sold, giving them their fourth consecutive #1 disc in the UK……

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