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Urban fashion pioneer Karl Kani is back

Submitted by on April 14, 2008 – 2:11 pm32 Comments


Karl Kani with DrJays.com’s Boss Lady

The one and only Karl Kani dropped by the DrJays.com offices today for an interview with our Boss Lady.

The urban fashion icon is gearing up for the national launch of his new line, Kani Life Denim.

Born Karl Williams, Karl Kani chose his last name because, he says, “Can I?” is a challenge he poses to himself every day.

The Brooklyn, NY native created Karl Kani Clothing back in 1989, pre-dating urban fashion staples Phat Farm, Sean John and Rocawear.

He was shown love from hip-hop greats such as the Notorious B.I.G., with Biggie boasting, “So recognize the d**k size/In these Karl Kani’s/I’m in thirteens/Know what I mean?” on his hit “One More Chance”.

After dropping past our office, Karl was in fact headed to the set of the upcoming Biggie Smalls biopic, Notorious, as his brand is naturally featuring heavily in the film.

Another legendary rapper who rocked Karl Kani was Tupac Shakur, pictured in an early 90′s magazine ad for the brand below:


Tupac Shakur for Karl Kani

Our very interesting and informative interview with Karl Kani is coming to DrJays.com Live soon.


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  • Rick Lexington says:

    To be honest they never really left. I’ve been buying the kani stuff for a while… Not real sure on the kani life. God I miss pac.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Oh and boss lady is BANGIN!!

  • laughin out loud says:

    Shut the fuqk up see thats the shyt I be talking bout yo lame ass buying kani shyt but then you talk about me like buying expensive namebrands is a bad thing huh I can tell you a jealous mutafuqka when kani gets more publicity maybe just maybe that’s when others and I will purchase till then ou on yo own you stupid,wack,lame,cheap,a** bytch.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Shut the fuqk up see thats the shyt I be talking bout yo lame ass buying kani shyt but then you talk about me like buying expensive namebrands is a bad thing huh I can tell you a jealous mutafuqka when kani gets more publicity maybe just maybe that’s when others and I will purchase till then you on yo own you stupid,wack,lame,cheap,a** bytch.

  • h2 says:

    those boots are fieeeeeeeerce, bosslady.

  • Boss Lady says:

    Oh and you too H2 ;)

  • Brian Bruce says:

    naw it looks ugly

  • Big ups to Kani.
    A true pioneer to other designers, like myself.
    Keep getting them M’s, karl !!!
    1 Million, 2 Million, 3 Million, 4…..


  • Rick Lexington says:

    i’m sorry laughing out loud you just got over shadowed by boss lady lol. Your welcome boss lady.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Oh and laughing out loud since your stalking me. I just want to say this.

    1. Your an idiot

    2. I played your ass, you following me through different posts. I pissed you off to the point where I stay on your mind lol.

    3. You didn’t get anything I said in the first place did you? Everything you said I said is contraditory to what I said. If it ain’t quoted leave my words and my name out your mouth.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    PS: Next time watch who you pick a fight with.

  • hommz says:

    welcome back karl its been a long time coming kani has always given us some of the best, and boss lady you are jus too hot and you rock

  • laughin out loud says:

    lol… let me dust you off Rick Lexington your worthless and I’m priceless your cheap and I’m expensive your hamburger helper and I’m Filet mignon u are irrelevant.

  • Rick Suarez says:

    haha thanks for the attention and all the talk about food. But dude get over it, i’ve been over it. Just for the hell of it i’ll write a flow since you can’t write for ish.

    Shut it lil kid, everyone here knows your E-ballin.

    Only money you gettin is from your mom hollerin.

    Like your moms, your up on my jock, strait feenin.

    Till I appeared your life had little to no meanin.

    If i’m irrelivant why you stalking me on every thread.

    I pimped you so hard that my name stays in your head.

    The mentioning of my name makes you wet the bed.

    Laughin out loud your homo, cause u crave my attention.

    Face da facts that your fake a$$ isn’t worth the mention.

    Get it through your head that lil drama boy you suck.

    Comparing yourself to me, eh your pushin your luck.

    The ish you say is lame, honestly I could give a phuck.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    yeah dats me too like how u got your other name muahaha

  • I remember when Karl Kani used 2 be the sh*t.

  • laughin out loud says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha….I got this lame nygga writing rhymes about me like I said your prepostrous you make me laugh but seriously Rick the cheap,lame, wack a** nygga Lexington this isn’t freestyle friday or yo mtv raps so stop with the weak rhymes you fucqkin coward ass bytch. Gosh you really crack me up hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  • super fresh says:

    laughin out loud Kani Gold does not cost a lot of money so you must not know a whole lot and just like to run that mouth(or move ya hands). They have clean ass clothes for a nice price! I hope Kani Life does not go too high on the prices like the couple pairs they have for sale on here now. If thats the case I’ll stick with Kani Gold.

    Like Rick said! What do you mean back? Kani Gold has always been here! Are they invisible to Dr. Jays cause its not sold here?

  • laughin out loud says:

    Omg… super fresh shut the hell up I don’t know where you from and to be honest I could careless but I’m from the south and that Kani shit ain’t gettin worn down here.But it’s good to see that my comments offend yo cheap a** nygga plz your more prepostrous than that weak a** Rick Lexington you do me a favor keep yo hands off the keyboard cuz you talkin wreckless hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha damn you lame lol I mean who wears Kani I mean really :Cheap Bytches

  • Rick Lexington says:

    laughin out loud: stop trying to use words that you just learneded. If you have so much money, use it for a good school. You keep trying to pick E-fights with me and losing. I dropped my email around Dr. Jays. Like I stated before i’m not going to contribute to poluting the threads.

    SuperFresh: Ignore the lil kid he’s just here to pick E-fights and get pimped out like the bitch he is. Yeah I like alot of stuff on the kani gold. I think I might haft to get used to the designs on the kani life brand tho.

  • rigity rack to the migigity mack with the crickty crack in his pickty pack says:

    ^shut the fuck up with ur internet thug shit

  • laughin out loud says:

    Man shut up plz and how bout you take yo own advice and go to schoo cuz you spell learned like this not no damn (learneded)…lol you dumb bytch plz find yo self a new hobby and superfresh take my advice and keep yo hands off the keyboard for saying something wreckless before you regret it bytch.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    What’s funny is I put “learneded” on purpose… The sarcasm so flew by your head lol. Look at thegrammatical shit fest you wrote lol.

    I found a new hobby it’s called “I won a no bitch assness shirt by telling a story of your bitchassness.” U need to get a hobby dude, all your in here for is to start shit with people lol. You need a hug.

    And as for rigity wigity wack… scroll up and see that he’s the one who starts shit with people. You accusing me is like accusing a lil gurl of jumping on rkelly.

  • laughin out loud says:

    And again your prepostrous everything you type is hilarious just sit back and look at what you type and tell me you don’t laugh cuz nygga to be honest you could be famous I mean really you could be a comedian cuz the shit you type is so funny I petty broke a** people on here tryna make a name for theirselves do me a favor go get a job or sumthin you lonely a** broke a** cheap a** bytch.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    blah blah blah whatever dude… As usual you ain’t saying anything. And you still talking like I care what you actually say.

  • laughin out loud says:

    And you still responding so you must do.

  • rigity rack to the migigity mack with the crickty crack in his pickty pack says:

    orange county Rick Lexington e thuggin on the blog

  • Rick Lexington says:

    hahaha hypocracy

    where’d you get that from rigity? I don’t live in the OC. hmm this probably another alias lol.

  • Markie Furr says:

    sup up BossLady yah yah yah

  • Markie Furr says:

    yah yah yah

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