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Brand Alert: Famous Stars and Straps

Submitted by on April 17, 2008 – 10:12 am25 Comments


Famous Stars and Straps has made its way to DrJays.com.

Created by Plus 44 (formerly Blink 182) drummer Travis Barker, Famous Stars & Straps exudes the California celebrity lifestyle.

Proudly worn by artists such as Paul Wall (check him promoting the line here), Fergie, Lil Wayne and Jermaine Dupri, Famous Stars and Straps has both a men’s and women’s line, with examples below:


Roll The Dice Limited Edition t-shirt by Famous Stars & Straps


Kryptonite Skull Shorts by Famous Stars & Straps


Influx Short Sleeve Hoodie by Famous Stars & Straps


Transmission Shorts by Famous Stars & Straps

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  • I’d rock Famous Stars & Straps. Not the studd in the pictures tho.

  • Flymike says:

    man this is ok cuz dude is accepted by black people not really a fan cuz its skateboard gear 2 me

  • waterfallprincess says:

    i wouldnt wear it look like any other clotheing line almost

  • Rick Lexington says:

    The female top is sic. There’s a few shirts in the mens section that i’d get. But the brand is warn alot here and being played out here.

  • Will973 says:

    I’m a fan of FSAS n I believe dat da quality of their clothing is great…plus it’s affordable and they also have good creativity…without dat this clothing line would just be another crap shoot like Southpole and G-Unit.

  • I think their line is doing good business, sales wise.
    Travis is smart.

  • killa chris says:

    i got some of this

  • ummm…nahh…i’ll pass.

    every1 wears this shii

  • not bad.. looks decent…. i’d expect a bit more but this isn’t a hip hop trends line anyway

    people jocked their style and i think their st yle might not be in tune with the current state of urban fashion folks

  • ariesdiamond says:

    Ima female and I stay lookin fresh in the famous gear…love it..

  • kristie says:

    fs&s is hella played out here in north cali. the men’s designs are wayyy better than the girls that’s for sure. the only thing i really liked from the women’s line was when they did the “7 deadly sins” series. the “roll the dice” tee would be better if the girl was hotter. that girl is way ugly. he should’ve had his (ex)wife do another tee.

  • forget the shirt i want the girl.

  • laughin out loud says:

    I’ll pass to many lames on here say they like it or they have it.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    yeah sampson, that girl is the buisness.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Its business. plz use spell check.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    hahaha ok you tryin to play that again.

    It is not “Its” it is “it is” or “it’s”.

    It is not “plz” it is “please”. And you forgot to use caps.

    That is all you have been schooled good day.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Okay professor. Rick seriously go get a life you fucqkin coward.

  • Mateo D. says:

    OMG rick you like totally come on here and like school people all day, you’re awesome rick, I wanna be like you.

    i spit mad rhymes and i bring the flames
    ill whip your asss in video games
    i kick funky flows on a tight ass beat
    i p*ssed all over yo toilet seat
    just loungin in my grandmas recliner seat
    watchin girls gone wild while i beat my meat
    i could take out like a whole damn army
    i fight like bruce lee you cant harm me
    how could you be
    so mean to me?
    im matayo dee
    the mutha f*ckin G
    threw a cat up in a tree
    for lookin wrong at me
    if a girl argues with me i wont dispute her
    im in your house jackin it on your computer

  • Swagga Vance says:


    L.O.L you spit rymes like the life you forced to live… lame.

    Differen’t aliases, but the trick behind the screen is the same.

    Mimic me you the one who still lookin like an idiot.

    Trying to get that 15min a fame, fool you need to quit.

    envy me, hate me, mimic me, ya mad cause you ain’t me.

    Keep using other names, cause Laughin out loud is history.

    You know you pissed that I’m flowin this damn cocky.

    Nigga’s wanna act a foo, I’ll show you how to get stupid.

    Your mom’s hooked on the nine like she got stroked by cupid.

    While you hatin, your moms nick naming me swagga vance.

    Like the irish dude against maywhether, you neva had a chance.

  • Biggie says:

    Your rhymes suck. Don’t make me school all you young’ns big poppa style.

  • Mateo D says:

    I spit hella rhymes and I keeps it phat
    a dog licked my balls and i f*cked a cat
    my pee-pee stiff like a baseball bat
    when i see a giant overweight b*tch that’s fat
    i like all the movies featuring bruce lee
    your underage sister touched my wee-wee

  • Skitlez says:

    I love Famous. FSAS for life.

  • BabyLove says:

    i f`uckin love famous i didnt kno travis barker created the line though….i learned today

  • Emer says:

    Someone know’s who’s that women?I’m having this TEE but I don’t know which image I’m wearin’.

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