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The revolution of streetwear

Submitted by on April 23, 2008 – 2:12 pm34 Comments

DNR Magazine

Men’s industry fashion title DNR currently has a deep feature on the “revolution of streetwear”.

Sub-titled “From the City to the Suburbs, from Parachute Pants to Skinny Jeans”, the article covers the entire span of street fashion from the late 1970′s (tying it into the birth of hip-hop) till today.

Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD, is quoted as saying, “Five years ago this was only a half-billion dollar [segment of the] industry. It only hit the $1 billion mark four years ago, and since then it has basically tripled.”

With double page ads from Southpole (a company whose marketing budget seems to have no limit) and full page ads from Pelle Pelle and 5ive Jungle, the article focuses on how the concept of “urban” has evolved.

Southpole advertisement

“The word urban – versus even two years ago – has undergone a major transformation. Once defined as the ‘hood or inner city, it is simply not that way anymore,” says David Strumeier from Wicked Fashions (owners of Southpole and Lot29).

The fact that a majority of street fashion brands are “cleaning up” their collections with sleeker looks, slimmer fits that are true to size and smaller prints and minimal detailing is apparently welcome by the wider industry.

“Things that weren’t considered part of the urban look years ago are now in the forefront and there is a lot of crossover,” says Ricky Singh, owner of the brand Brooklyn Xpress. “You have the surf look, along with denim with vintage washes and an outdoorsy look.”

According to the feature, here’s a list of what’s “in” and what’s “out”:

Reversible hoodies
Varsity jackets
Colored denim
Button-down collars
Flannel shirts
Toggle coats

Saggy bottoms
In-your-face logos
Colorful, all-over print hoodies
Oversized anything
Extreme back pocket details

Do you agree with the magazine’s findings?

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  • Flippp says:

    interesting.. but the oversized n sagging is still in
    atleast in the UK it is

  • Naomiii says:

    I like colorful, all over prints hoodies still I don’t give a shit what they say I never even heard of that magazine…

  • Mezzy says:

    Oversized wear has toned down but i dont wear that jim jones tight ish
    I wear more fitted

  • Fashionhustler.com says:

    Wait…wait… wait….
    Crooks and castles is one of the hottest lines out, and all there stuff still has all over prints and in your face logo’s. So it really depends on the execution.
    What’s really NOT in style is Lot29 and Southpole… Nor Brooklyn Xpress.
    The people that purchse those brands can’t afford the real brands…
    True religion, Antik denim, Ed hardy, Affliction, Christian Audiguer, etc…
    So, I don’t really count their information above as correct.

  • Ric Lexington says:

    Fashionhustler: I wouldn’t say they can’t afford. Not everyone see’s the purpose in spending money on that or hiding behind the brand name. Especially Ed hardy, sorry i’m just not impressed with the designs but that’s just me. Lot29 does some aite stuff. I buy from a spectrum of things coogi, enyce, lot 29, dickies, girbaud, ggg, mecca, armani, phat farm, sean jean, lacoste, timberland etc etc.


    Haven’t seen a reversable hoodie yet. Varcity jackets I just don’t see around here either. Ok the whole in list is pretty much wtf.

    Saggin is still in well to a certain point, In your face logos well “no bitchassness” nuff said. I kinda agree on the crazy pattern hoodie thing allthough I get compliments on my black girbaud one.

    Oversized is still in. Okay this is what happends when you try to tell people what they want. And sell only a certain thing. Your shop goes out of bussiness. This is why I came to Dr. Jays, I got sick of the lameness at mall and the cuts of certain brands like ecko etc. And I got sick of looking like a clone. And this is why most brands go down or get beaten out. Ever since i’ve been shopping here etc i’ve gotten many a compliment on my style.

    Macy’s actually asked me why I stopped shopping at their place for certain item and I told them strait up that they need a better selection and size, because they’re missing so much potential clientel.

  • Bugs E. Bunny (CEO of Lot29) says:

    hey! lot29 still goes harder than some of that overpriced crap u named off bre- stay on ya raggady grind fashion hustler cuz you proably cop the fake ed hardy anyway ¥ dats all folks ¥ p.s u still a brand ho

  • i agree on fashionhustler on that crooks and castles note.

    Bugs E. u dont gotta hate overpriced “crap” if u really dont like it. ppl u gotta keep in mind that therez alot of kids coming into this site that need their parents to purchase them stuff from here..(not wanting to start anything) but thats real right there. us grown folk are out there working and making our own money, so why not let us spend our money on overpriced goods if thats what we like?

    RIGHT? some1 disagree with me

  • Brian Bruce says:

    screw whats out saggy pants is everyday style all that stuff thats in is for gay men expect varisty jackets which i kind of dug i don’t care what anyone says saggy pants are always in if you don’t like that then you will look you just came from a Barney show, gay people these days

  • Russ says:

    I don’t see why companies think just because someone in the fashion industry says well this is in and this is out, that they have to follow it! If doing that it means that the company doesn’t have any vision or direction! And you know when you don’t have those you parish and I’m not talking abput the company either!

  • OhioPlaya says:

    I’ll never wear f*** boy jeans they got to be relaxed fit atleast. Designs on the pockets will be in style for a minute its pretty much still new and coogi killin it with that, even Levis had the little stiching on the pockets since day one and dont forget jordash lol. No matter what wear what makes ya feel Playamade!

  • grownANDsexy says:

    I believe the term for the new look for the older urban gentleman is “urban casual”. Pants that don’t hang below your [email protected]@ and colors that don’t leave you blind.

  • flymike says:

    First of all you gotta wear what you feel you look good in nobody or no magazine can tell you wats hot!!!! You gotta know your style hence so many clothing lines wether you look southpole who is getting it!!! Or you like lrg who is getting it!!! Wether you like $400 jeans or $40 jeans you make you!!! I like artful dodger true religion affliction blac label rich yung laguna beach prada gucci and some may feel im crazy and stupid to pay what i pay but thats me and imma do me!!! plus you cant get no girl to take you serious in lot29 or brooklyn express lol maybe in elementary school lol!!!

  • grownANDsexy says:

    All over print died when it started LMAO!!!

  • waterfallprincess says:

    i agree with flymike and lexington i may b trendy most of the time but i wear what i wanna wear and aint gon let no dumb mag tell me different cus i wear what i look good in and what i feel good in and who are these lil writers to tell us diff? what r they wearing y dey talking

  • Real>Fake says:

    I generally just read blogs for the amusement but sometimes I’ll throw my opinion in so with that….style is half clothing and half character as some of the previous posts have stated for those of us who pay more for clothes it’s because it is something we are able to do for those who are not you do what you can until you can do better variety is what it’s all about and everyone has a role to fill you have people in expensive things people in mid-tier clothing and then people in bargain stuff but there’s also people who comfortably roll in bootleg clothing and they’re comfortable with that BUT no matter what you have on it’s nothing without knowledge of self or in other terms you gotta know who you are before you get dressed and I say that because I have seen too many people who think what they are wearing makes them better than others and at that level that means the clothes validate them but alot of old sayings never go out because they continue to ring true lesson: The man makes the clothes the clothes do not make the man

  • c.austin says:

    That whole inlist if wrong. Saggy jeans are still in, it’s just that they’re slimmer than what they use to be. shit like antiks,t.religion,levis,evisu, shit like that.

  • Russ says:

    Man, everyone has valid points! Its a time and place for certain kinds of jeans! Although if I see one more guy with these skinny tapered a** jeans and sneakers…ooh! I wish they could see what they look like!

  • ariesdiamond says:

    Yessss flymike you hit it right on the spot

  • laughin out loud says:

    Even though i don’t like that muthafuqcka flymike he made a point cuz i wear the same shyt well he forgot Coogi but it’s true Lot29 and Southpole are such jokes in the fashion industry but if yo ass wearing it big ups to you cuz i be damn if I would wear that lame ass shyt I mean I know plenty of people who seen someone wearing that shyt would automatically depict them ass being a cheap ass lame ass person.

  • South Pole says:

    you know you like wearing me “laughin out loud”

  • Underground Ghost says:

    Is there really a thing as fashion judges to let the whole world know what’s “in” and whats “out”? They gotta realize that fashion is different in various parts of the world…hey maybe scarves and multi-colored shoes are “IN” New York and maybe out somewhere in…i dont know…ALASKA. maybe dudes over here in Texas wearing something completely different that ppl in Florida and its considered out over there.

    what if wearing skirts in Scotland is considered gangsta and over here in the US we consider it something weird.

  • laughin out loud says:

    lmao at South Pole.

  • flymike says:

    laughin out loud you a sucka but good to know that we agree on somethin!! But you know i will go to tha ass!! “cuz you can do all tha pushups to pump up your chest cuz i got a mossberg pump to pump up yo chest!!!”

  • laughin out loud says:

    Okay…so am I suppose to be petrified(yikes) flymike give it a rest chill homeboyyyyy u makin a fool of yoself…lol u bettta stick to typing other shyt cuz trust yo ass ain’t nothing but the runs(a piece of shyt that runs off with the mouth and typing hands but know damn well they weak ass ain’t gon do shyt.)

  • flymike says:

    Keep telling yoself that laughing out loud, I wuz making a joke to a person who is a joke! See you keep you a lil punchline like FAB but i jab like ZAB!! But its good to see you hip to fashion cept that coogie!!! Arent you to grown for bright colors sucka but realtalk you a cool ass nigga tho like you cuz you got backbone wonder if you like that face to face lol!!!!

  • laughin out loud says:

    Believe it and I ain’t never been a nygga to back down from anybody and especially a bytch ass nygga like you.

  • flymike says:

    Come on homie you aint hard go on and admit it and then come out tha closet you will feel better bout yourself lol

  • Kill Em All says:


    death to all….

  • laughin out loud says:

    I didn’t claim to be but i damn for sure ain’t gon let no muthafuqcka like you type some wannabe gangsta shyt to me nygga are you crazy… oh and especially a bytch ass dude like you damn do something else with your worthless spare time you fuqckin lame.

  • Hernandez says:

    Anyone who wears tight @$$ pants desersves 2 b $hot.As 4 reversible hoodies, I haven’t seen one yet just track jackets.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    yeah same here hernandez.

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  • Z.c.K. says:

    i can’t some shit ass magazine who is openly endorsing southpole AND Lot 29 (yea i said it!) is trying ta tell us what’s in and out….that’s like so funny to me. I wouldn’t wear any of these lines and if i did i wouldn’t tell it to anybody! all they shit got too much colors, look cheap, and got wack ass people trying to endorse em, lets not forget they had 3lw all up in the wack ass ads, and mario….yall just pissed off for tha day with this southpole shit!

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