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DrJays.com Debate: Rappers and brands

Submitted by on April 24, 2008 – 7:55 am85 Comments

Producer Drumma Boy wears Young Jeezy’s Eight732 clothing

DrJays.com Debate Of The Week:

Which rappers should STOP their clothing brands?

Which rappers should START a clothing brand?

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  • flymike says:

    Yo somebody smack laugh out loud dude be trippin 4real!!!!

  • diggydddd says:

    LL’s BS: Todd Smith needs to be gone – so does Shady, G-Unit, Apple Bottoms, and Andre 3000′s wack shit. Who needs to do one is Ice Cube – NOT!! Rappers need to stop makin brands.

  • laughin out loud says:

    My name stay in some shyt damn ya’ll nyggas are so pathetic just go die do something cuz obviously I stay on ya’ll minds 24/7.

  • fresh says:

    All I got to say is Weezy clothing line needs to come out, Ya Dig!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • flymike says:

    24/7? naw money on my mind always chump i just like when you say some slick shit and you think nobody gonna say anything!!! you aint 50 and i aint jayz imma say somethin sucka!!! you start it imma finish it!!!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    word flymike, that’s all laughing out loud does is start ish. And he wonders why people talk ish about him. This lil kid done followed me and others through threads, made up aliases to support him (that talk the same), kept trying to start ish with me. It’s comedy…uhmm actually it’s sad. I’m comedy :)

    What’s also sad is he can’t even keep the right insults on the right page and he basically says something you said, but when he does it, he does it with the flare and precision of a kid that rocks the dunce cap and pee’s on himself in the corner of the classroom and then cries. Sorry laughin out loud if I brought back any bad memories from last week.

    He’s like that one dramacidle trick who talks ish about everyone and constantly starts ish for no reason… then thinks she’s popular and has haters for no reason the next day. lol.

    Comedy simply comedy.

  • laughin out loud says:

    I start it and bets believe Im’a finish it ya’ll really need to stop mentioning me okay and like I said 24/7 on ya’ll two minds I guess ya’ll hobby is to type shyt about me….lol man ya’ll some childish bytches chill out go to work or something cuz talking bout me ain’t making ya’ll no money broke ass lames.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    “I start it and bets believe Im’a finish it” <— nuff said right there ;) … wow keep talking because you prove everything I and others say right lol.

  • j.Are says:

    Damn I really set off a conversation huh? haha. I live in Seattle, and here 11 bucks an hour aint sh*t. I wasn’t complaining, or looking for a pity party from all those who thought i was. Only saying I ain’t one of those rich guys that all the Nike money goes to, or any clothing brands for that matter. I’m talking about the people at the very top of the payroll, the ones who don’t have sh*t to do with the brand itself, they are laughing all the way to the bank. And yes ‘laughing out loud’ you can buy whatever you please, chill your a$s out damn lol. I buy expensive clothes too (whatever i can manage) I wasn’t trying to stand on a high horse.

  • laughin out loud says:

    That’s understandable j.Are but um you need to watch yo tone it seems like you kinda mad just warning ya cuz you might want to save the embarassment. But Rick seriously you need something in yo life cuz it’s like all yo comments have something to do with me damn am I that important, thanks I didn’t know I could be on ya’ll minds 24/7 and flymike if money was on yo mind 24/7 then yo ass would be making it cuz obviously I’m own yo mind cuz yo ass is another cat who always ends up mentioning me how bout you and rick go do something constructive with ya’ll lame selfs and get on with yo pathetic lives.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Hey i’m going to say this now… when I come to south… I want you to super size my combo correctly. If you can even get that job. And don’t burn my fries.

    I’m sorry your not even old enough to get a job.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Lol…who still make jokes like that you must never go out you probaly sit in your grandmothers basement and be on here all day. Go suck a dick you pathetic bytch.

  • j.Are says:

    I’m not mad trust me, and it’s hard to express tone when I’m typing on a message board, which is probably why people get so serious about sh*t on here and everywhere else online. I don’t hate anybody here I don’t even think of it as relevant to anything important in my life. Peace

  • Rick Lexington says:

    THANK YOU j. Are…

  • laughin out loud says:

    See j. Are why want you tell that to Rick he insists on getting embarassed and sounding so damn dumb Rick take advice from j.Are cuz you need to know yo place and that is not to fuqck with me.

  • Rick Lexington says:


  • laughin out loud says:

    Trust I would never hate on you obviously you must of forgot that you wear mecca and southpole bytch your nothing your the bottom of a reebok classic a cheap ass dude plz you have to have something to hate on and trust I’m never a hater I always give props where props are due so nygga get it right hate is not in my vocabulary but bytch you on the other hand hate for no apparent reason it ain’t my fault I got money and yo broke ass got to settle for lame ass brands remember this and matter of fact take notes nygga I would never hate on you and you on the other hand choose to hate on me because I am better than you and yo dumbass seem to like getting embarassed so bytch take it, comprehend, and grasp it, cuz bytch you just another lame ass nygga who hate on a nygga because you ain’t got shyt and trust with yo mentality you will never have nothing huh shyt who am I kidding you are nothing so bytch learn to respect yo muthafuqckin elders cuz bytch nobody will ever respect a weak ass nygga like you and you best believe nobody will ever hate on a nygga like you.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    wow that’s a whole lotta…

    BITCHASSNESS… see thought I was gonna say hate huh?

    Oh and I didn’t even bother to read the baby rant you just posted.

    it’s funny tho you wrote a novel to the word HAAAAAAAAAAATEEEEEE!!!!


  • KB says:

    Ummmmm Coogi is deff not new. Its old school pimpin’ Jus being brought back like Karl Kani. But yeah i agree…… Shady & G-Unit need 2 go.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Rick your hestatic…lol like I said before and I’m gon keep saying it 24/7 on yo mind.

  • laughin out loud says:

    And KB who said Coogi was new…words of advice keep yo hands off the keyboard cuz you typing some wreckless shyt.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    laughing out loud stop biting on the shit I say unless you can do it right.

    The only person on my mind 24/7 is your moms… wait nevermind that’s my head, she stays on my head 24/7.

  • laughin out loud says:

    She stays on your head okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy……….think about it you typed head…………………………….stays on your head………….. just like I thought a dumbmuthafuqcka and biting what please tell me what I am biting Mr. 24/7

  • Rick Lexington says:

    If you don’t get it, then you need to keep not having children lol. 14yr old kids these days I swear.

    Do you not realize your mine and flymikes bitch? You follow us around, working all extra credit and ish. Yeah and that lil “in yo mind ish” I been said that and proved it.

    The times I ignored you, you went on a posting tirade trying to get my attenetion lol.

    But let’s get it straight though no matter what you do or say just know THAT your the B!TCH that put in the work for that FREE “no bitchassness shirt”. I pulled your strings and got you to do what I wanted, like I’m doing now. Be clear I’ve BEEN in your head, and still am (it’s empty by the way).

    PS: where’s my sammich.

  • laughin out loud says:

    Like I said bytch I stay in yo mind 24/7 and I don’t recall you using that phrase so shut the hell up and far as the head comment bytch if you read yo comment you said she’s on top of your head bytch if you was smart you would of put giving me some head you illiterate muthafuqcka and trust you and flymike are nothing but nyggas that envy me 4 no apparent reason like I said save yo self the embarassment but naw yo ass just wanted to show out and best belive you ass got showed out by the infamous “laughin out loud” and you better believe I am sitting laughin at yo weak,cheap,lame, dumb,ass and yo prepostrous friend flymike cuz ya’ll both lame as fuqck and ain’t got shyt, ain’t gon be shit, and ain’t never gon have shyt so sit back and type stupid shyt you stupid bytches.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    ^point proven

    These lyrics by eminem are appropriate for you.

    “You just a .. (hoe)
    You just my .. (hoe)
    Dirty-ass .. (hoe)
    I’m yo’ pimp, you my bitch

    Go get my .. (dough)
    Go bring me my .. (dough)
    Dirty-ass .. (hoe)
    I’m yo’ pimp, you my bitch”

    Nuff said lol

  • laughin out loud says:

    lmao………your hilarious….bravo….hand clap for that tremendous performance in typing some lyrics kudos 2 thumbs up…Encore, Encore.

  • Hernandez says:

    I respect people who arent rappers that started brands.I wear brands like Lot29,Avirex,Coogi,5ive Jungle,GGG,Mecca,1928 for Disney,Parish,FUBU, Timberland,Scarface,& Enyce.(Ecko,Southpole,& Makaveli are too over rated were I live.)Sometimes I’ll rock some Rocawear & Sean John.G-Unit,Shady, and 8732 need to stop makin clothes.

    BTW:Clothing Companies shouldn’t make shoes.Leave that to Nike,Adidas, Jordan,Reebok,Etc.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    haha most clothing companies actually have other brands do it IE: icecreams are reeboks etc. It’s a lot easier that way. And wouldn’t jordan fall under nike?

  • Lopez says:

    WHO Cares!!
    If you like it and got the money buy it
    its that easy

  • Definition says:

    the wu wear quality needs to be stepped up. like the wu-tang x alife collab, that shit was hot and everything was copped in a minute.
    makaveli-branded needs to come up with nicer designs.

    g-unit needs to die. as well as shady.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    damn wu wear is still around?!?!

    Yeah the g unit gotta go or do some major revamping. I don’t see shady around. I kinda miss state property tho

  • Pee Female Pee Pee Hole…

    I can not agree with you in 100% regarding some thoughts, but you got good point of view…

  • Mervin says:


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  • Dee says:

    sorry but laugh out loud u really sadd :) n y is everyone haviin ago..stick to the topic!!!! lmfao

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