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Fresh new COOGI gear now available

Submitted by on May 27, 2008 – 10:21 am52 Comments

With no marketing or sales gimmicks, COOGI is possibly the hottest brand on the streets.

Here’s a selection of their brand new summer gear for the ladies and the fellas:

Luxe Fitted Cap by COOGI

If Luxe Could Kill Track Jacket by COOGI

If Luxe Could Kill Tee by COOGI

If Luxe Could Kill Denim Shorts by COOGI

Rainbow Embroidered Color Overall Short by COOGI

Tank with Rainbow Nailhead Logo by COOGI

Signature Short w/ Embroidery by COOGI

Printed One Shoulder Mini Dress by COOGI

We also have a great range of new Big & Tall and Plus Size available too.

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  • Ocyris says:

    i might wear all that stuff if the shorts were pants

  • Carl says:

    Coogi pay celebs to wear their ish. And that’s a fact. Dont get it twisted

  • Russ says:

    We don’t pay celebs to wear our stuff, they just do! It’s called being connected and true to what we do, which is being creative and delivering creative, artist, and design worthy quality clothing! No gimmicks! We longevity! 40 years in the clothing game next year! Thanks for the support! We’re always grateful!

  • Victoria says:

    you know that show with Kim Kardashian? they all be wearing this stuff…even their dad [[I'm sure they are paying them to wear it, b/c they would not wear it just to wear it... and it happens to the only brand name clothing that they wear on that show]]. So yeah, they do pay celebs to wear their clothing.

  • FoxyBrownIsCrazy says:

    Most brands either pay celebrities to wear their gear or give them large amounts of it for free – it’s called EXPOSURE. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Yeah true… I mean there’s liking a brand but usually when you rock the ish 24/7 it’s because your getting paid to or it’s free. And nothing is wrong with that. Unless you deny it lol.

    I had a friend that was a dj back in the day (he still probably is), he got crazy gear from ecko (big boxes of the ish). Reason being cause he was allways doin clubs and other things.

  • IVAN G says:


  • IVAN G says:


  • Rick Lexington says:

    And some people just hype it cause it’s popular. I had some coogi jeans it was aite, I wore them like twice. But worth money… no comment. And I can afford it.

  • Russ says:

    Thanks Ivan! We are the hottest and will do our best to remain that way! Plus, I say that with a lot of humility!

  • Russ says:

    EVERYONE in this world buys what they want to buy Rick! We’re not into the hype thing! We just make our products creative and make our presence well-known from the streets to the country clubs! Keep supporting because we are grateful for our customers, fans , and clientele!

  • Dre says:

    Coogi is hot but they are starting to fall off lately. Yeah, some of their designs are hot but others are straight up busted (Oceans Away Splattered design comes to mind lol). Also, their shorts are pretty much capri style jean shorts and they are way too long. Sorry that s*it is just not hot whatsoever. Finally, I had a really bad experience ordering off their website. I paid for two products (both were like $80) and they only sent me one. Also, they would not respond to any of my emails to inform them of the situation. Fortunately, my credit card company came through for me but that was the last time for me dealing with Coogi. I don’t mind paying high $$$ for good products but when you start playing games like that I’m DONE.

  • IVAN G says:


  • Russ says:

    Thanks Dre for letting me know that happened to you because I will definitely get that situated because that is bad customer service! I am not pleased with that at all! I am glad to have blogs like so because it allows us to see where we go wrong and can correct! Any more suggestions Dre or anyone else?

  • Russ says:

    No comment! Just read what I’ve been saying and you will find out your answer! Don’t take what I just said as a smart alleck remark or anything!

  • Rick Lexington says:


    I’m just saying people jump on the band wagon. Whether it’s hating on something or hyping it up. I just don’t like it when dudes be coming on here and knocking other peoples opinions while swinging on a companies nuts. IE ivans comment “your just hating on it cause they can’t afford it”. Hell I can’t afford a lambo, you don’t see me hating on it. But that’s the type of thing that gets people hating on the brand and not the person who said it.

    And thank you russ for coming on here and commenting with everyone. Yeah the designs are creative. Still kinda mad about my pants but whatever lol. At least you guys never went down on quality. But I still gotta disagree on the everyone buys what they want comment lol.

  • Russ says:

    You’re welcome Rick and you’re quite comical! And I’m going to put it this way; “SOME people buy what they want to buy”! Also, there’s nothing wrong with buying something that is popular or what someone else have! I’m not going to lie, I’ve done it myself!

  • Dre says:


    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate that. I don’t really have any other suggestions but as I’m sure your aware, the customer service issue is a big one. Also, when I first checked out the Coogi website about a year ago I was quite impressed. I noticed a much larger selection from what most retailers carry and I liked that. However, I was skeptical about providing my credit card information (even more so since it was my first time doing business on your site). As it turned out, I had a good reason for being skeptical.

    I must admit, even now I check out the new stuff on your website. But it only gets me frustrated because I know I can’t order anything after the way I was treated before. Then I just get more frustrated when I see the Coogi products carried by Dr. Jays (sorry I’m just not feelin the Oceans Away design but I’m sure it’s somebody’s hot [email protected] lol). But I’ve never had a problem with Dr. Jays (maybe once or twice but their customer service is excellent and problems get resolved immediately). Because of the trust established, I don’t have to worry about dealing with Dr. Jays because they ALWAYS come correct.

  • foxxx says:

    Aye wassup Dre!

    It’s funny you should say that bout, you having no problems with the website Dr Jays…Because for the last couple of months or so, I’ve been trying to get my country added to their Internationals List. (New Zealand) I’ve been in their chat rooms to discuss my little dilemma, and still I get the same old B.S. line from them. Either they working on it or It’ll be up next month, the customer service agent is not sure when this will happen and the classic one, Please sign up to our mailing list and I still haven’t received an email from them lol.

    But yet I still frequent the website to check out their latest offerings lol.

    Strange behaviors from that one kid in NZ.

    Whats going on world…Whats good!

  • Russ says:

    Wow! I am shocked and not shocked but don’t worry, it will be taken care of, believe me! You shall value and respect your customers because they are the ones keeping the company going besides the employees! And Dre, I don’t care for the site too much! I would like to change it! Also, I’m sorry for your lack of trust but thank you for being loyal to the brand, real talk! Let me ask you, since you aren’t feelin the Ocean Group (I like some of the items) what would you like to see for yourself or others?

    New Zealnd what up too! I have yet to get there! Now, you make me want to see what’s good out there! I know you all existed but there are so many different places in the world, you just can’t see them all in one year or journey or know what’s what!

  • silencer says:

    Hey Russ,

    Glad I caught you…As a customer who has literally spent a pretty penny (as in close to 2 g’s altogether) ordering a various coogi outfits from your online retailer, I must say that I have been HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED in the customer service I have received. I sincerely dont mean to pile on here, but I too have actually closed my wallet to Coogi. I cant lie though, I still be checkin for that gear on the website and I am feelin that new polo with the large COOGI logo spelled out on the front…yeah thats raw, but like I told my kinfolk, I cant even do it anymore.

    Personally when I receive poor customer service, it really shows me that my business is unappreciated and my patronizing of the brand is kind of unnecessary. Thats just my outlook on customer service period; regardless of what product it is. But whatever the case the Coogi Customer Service center needs to be addressed..

    1). Phone calls dont get answered on Mondays AT ALL.

    2.) When they are answered, the representatives are short and abrupt with customers.

    3) When I try to contact Customer Service via e-mail, I am replied to with an extremely generic e-mail, that doesnt address my concerns (in most cases I just wanted a simple tracking number)

    Those are really my only complaints, because the actual apparel is usually fire…but yeah, I hate to let Coogi go, but IMO poor customer service has totally marred an other reliable quality brand.

  • quinton says:

    just curious to know if the coogi shorts with the sweater material on the pockets are capri style or do they fit regularly?

  • Russ says:

    Thanks all for the expression of concern! I too agree with you and I am the same way you are! Believe me, I am a fighter and fighting for a lot of things here at Coogi! Change is always due in due time!

    Quinton! They are regular shorts and not capri style! I’ve been doing my best to get the cut of the denim changed! Go ahead and purchase it with the polo to match! Oh! We have the long jeans like the shorts as well!

    Thanks for being loyal and great customers! Seriously!!!

  • Russ says:


  • Rick Lexington says:


    Yeah dr. jays is always up on their stuff, I’ll fo sure stay loyal to here and a few spots (sometimes I got to get my grown man on). Sorry to hear about your expierience I had the same thing with the whole sean jean shirt thing.


    Yeah I tried to be entertaining yet still provide a valid point at all times. I agree there is nothing wrong with it at most times, does get annoying at times though. Yeah I got a few shirts sittin around that I look at thinkin “What was I drinking on the day I got this” then I remember it was popular lol.

    I’m trying to think of some stuff I would like to see, but I can’t. Which is funny cause I usually do have ideas.

  • Hernandez says:

    I like this brand but its too expensive.I dont mind paying over $100 for hoodies or denim.But whens it comes to shirts,thats riduculous.My average price for a shirt is about $30-45.If Im gonna pay $70-$100 for a shirt,it better last me for the rest of my life.

  • patrick says:

    I like the brand also and teh detail but i dont own any COOGI items becuase it is to flashy for me im a real low key person when it comes to wht i wear. But i do not is hot and what people will buy and COOGI is one of those brands that i think willl be arund for a while expecially with the younger generation becuase of the color and detail the BRAND has. COOGI keep doing your thing.

  • Russ says:

    Thanks man! Since you are so low-key, you need to be wearing Coogi Australia which is available only at our site for the moment! Sooner or later, we do plan on having it in Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom! I love Australia especially for this time because its cool and casual! Go check out what we have!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    damn I like those shirts in the austrailia collection. And other stuff on the site.

  • I love COOGI !!!! I see a outfit that I will purchase soon for my son. COOGI will always be around, especially with people like Russ working for them. LOL.

    Keeping up with the Kardasian’s does bring attention to the COOGI Clothing line. Me and my three children watch that show and we notice how they wear the line. That’s what’s up !!!

  • Russ says:

    Thanks Jacqueline! Sooner or later the Boy’s items will be available via our online site so more of a selection would be available that isn’t available on others site like here and else where! Also, I mentioned to began developing Girl’s after seeing Kendell on Keeping Up…. with a hoodie on when she was walking her dog and got the neighborhood helper to do it for her (that was a smart move and funny episode)! Plus, I believe when they both exist together it will be Coogi Kid’s versus Boy’s and Girl’s!

  • PHOLLA says:

    Cool i will check it out Russ i like what COOGI is doing and hopefully i will give you guys some competition one of these days lol becuase you guys are doing it big and i like the grind and hustle that you guys put in. 100

  • PHOLLA says:

    I just checked out the COOGI Australia i like the track jackets going to have to get one it is more my style.

  • Russ says:

    Yeah Pholla! That Australia is on some classy, wealthy, Miami, cool stuff! Wait until the linen is available and more items!

    EVERYONE just stay in tune and in the know! Plus, go to the site and become a part of our monthly newsletter so you can stay in the know!

  • The Roc says:

    In a store we have here in my hometown they sell name brand items for cheap and I paid $110 for my coogie jeans and somebody else paid $40 why r u branching out to stores like that some people say coogie is cheap now and they will not buy it because u sell it in stores like that me personally I still like coogie

  • Russ says:

    Well The Roc, first its spelled Coogi and not Coogie and yes we do have our items available in Marshalls (for a lower price) because there are a lot of people who cannot afford the mall prices (especially parents who kids beg for Coogi) and sometimes those whom would like to go shopping but know they can’t hit the mall up on this round hit up a store like Marshalls! This gives everyone a chance to stay fresh in a well-known brand that is quite dominating in the market! Plus, it helps business wise too! Multiple streams of income! Expand your mind, expand your wealth! And don’t forget that there are many different types of people out here in this world and everyone doesn’t live the same! That’s having knowledge of human nature!

  • love Dr.jays shit he do what he can 4 every boby keep it up my boyfriend like your coogi alot so keep that shit coming …and i love your apple bottoms
    thats all love william im his baby girl 4 life and he’s my daddy 4 life i love u will

    angelica jones

  • WHITE OG says:

    coogi is good but not good enough for there prices

  • JULIE DEMERY says:



  • NENE says:


  • mo says:

    coogi is the hottest shhh out and alot of rappers wear it

    example lil boosie he wears it cuz he likes it

    many celebs go to my cusions store and buy coogi

    ppl need to stop hating

  • Chanel says:

    Me and my bestest love COOGI for women. Its definitely where its @ . . . when we go to the club we always turnin’ heads n constantly gettin love 4rm dudes n females who like wha we rockin . . . be it coogi authentic to jeans n shirts COOGI IS THA SH!T

  • destiny says:

    i agree i love the line for woman but as of now i too am experiencing the poor customer service at the coogi.com website and very dissapointed in the lack of service an have yet to speak with anyone regarding my order or at least a tracking number i also chose the 2day shipping which is a total waste if its been over a week an have not recieved as much as a response so at this point i am extremly upset and wondering if this is some type of scam with my money i think its very rediculous that a number of people have the same issues regarding the site an it has yet to change and wonder if this is the type of business people you are also the phone lines are never answered an the email is bogus sends the same response showing that you really don’t care for your customers concerns as of now i have no intrest in contributing to the coogi website in the future although love dr.jays.com have yet to have problems with them.

  • Working Girl says:

    I never noticed Coogi before. I was always a SP, BP, Rocawear, Mecca, and Lot29 fan but after seeing these pics I think I really like Coogi.

  • Dave P. says:

    Coogi is cool, especially the jean shorts, they’re tight. Uncle Luke rocks them a lot from his TV show “Luke’s Parental Advisory.” on VH1. From T-shirts to jean shorts, Luke rocks it like that.

  • Erica says:

    I would like to say I do like Coogi I by it for my three boys, but I am a plus size woman and there is a few pairs of jeans for us but not many and I wonder why. For the smaller sizes there are a variety of jeans why is it not the same for Plus Sizes?! I would order more for myself it they at leaste updated the clothes, why havent new items been added to Plus Sizes?! Since Plus Sizes is offered look like we would have just as much to select from as the other sizes. I talked to someone in Customer Service last month and she said by the middle of January there would be new items added and that has yet to happen. I just see old items maybe returning but nothing new! So if I could get a better understnding on this I would appreciate it a lot!! Thanks

  • Erica says:

    I would like to say I do like Coogi I buy it for my three boys, but I am a plus size woman and there is a few pairs of jeans for us but not many and I wonder why. For the smaller sizes there are a variety of jeans why is it not the same for Plus Sizes?! I would order more for myself it they at leaste updated the clothes, why havent new items been added to Plus Sizes?! Since Plus Sizes is offered look like we would have just as much to select from as the other sizes. I talked to someone in Customer Service last month and she said by the middle of January there would be new items added and that has yet to happen. I just see old items maybe returning but nothing new! So if I could get a better understnding on this I would appreciate it a lot!! Thanks

  • shonte says:

    why the skinny girls coogi look better than plus size woman i love coogi and i have a hard time trying to found some

  • Yeah all dats fake coogi i would know thats all i wear i getts mines from chi-town

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