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DrJays.com Debate: Is urban fashion still hot?

Submitted by on June 26, 2008 – 10:29 am32 Comments

Our Summer Sensations crew pose in the hottest urban fashion/streetwear

Today’s cover story of fashion industry bible Women’s Wear Daily is all about “streetwear’s new road”.

Writer Julee Kaplan gives an overview of how when hip-hop music ruled the charts a decade ago, associated fashion brands like Rocawear, Sean John, Phat Farm, G Unit, JLO by Jennifer Lopez and Fetish were launched to a huge response, thus creating an entire new style demographic.

Rap record sales have gradually been declining since then and as such, many artists are having a much harder time launching and maintaining street-oriented clothing lines than in previous years.

According to Kaplan:

Perhaps part of the reason for this is that hip-hop had to become more mainstream in order to grow, focusing less and less on urban specialty stores and more on department stores like Macy’s and Dillard’s. That in turn alienated those consumers who wore it because the look was considered to be cutting edge. Now once-notorious rappers like LL Cool J are doing collections for retailers like Sears.

Ladies’ urban fashion is of particular interest in the article, with Baby Phat, Southpole, Akademiks and Apple Bottoms still considered top brands.

However Aaron Jones, DrJays.com’s Merchandise Manager, is quoted in the article saying “[Today's] girl is not as brand driven as she used to be – she’s more item driven. That’s why it’s harder than ever to break into this market as a new brand.

“Our customers always like to mix up their looks with an H&M shirt, Akademiks bag and True Religion jeans. We do really well with brands like Miss Sixty, Creative Recreation and True Religion on [our sister site] DJPremium.com.”

Simone Berry, creative director of Signature Apparel (the licensee for Rocawear women’s and the upcoming relaunch of Fetish) adds: “There have been changes in the lifestyle so the fashion has to follow.

“Girls today are inspired by rock music and celebrities like Nicole Ritchie and the Olsen girls. We have this whole boho chic thing happening.”

What do you think about the current state of urban fashion/streetwear? Speak on it.

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  • Luxury Life says:

    I think it comes a time in your life where you have to simplify your style and really be comfortable in just a nice pair jeans and shirt and not worry that it isnt a popular name brand. You have to find your own taste in what you like and if you are 25 or older you have to comfortable in whatever you wear!!! Too many times in the past we are driven to buy things that are overpriced and they fade out the next year we have let these clothes grow and see if they have staying power the reason you buy prada and gucci and LV is b/c they have staying power and have timeless designs can you do that with coogie,parrish,miskeen etc no b/c they make clothes wont make sense in a year or two where as high end clothes you can wear for years to come its a investment not a fade and streetwear is getting more sophiscated as we move on because you cant even find baggy jeans anymore times are changing and its calling for a more simple and redefined way of dressing yes you can be different but you have to break the bank to be different and thats wat i appreciate about DR JAYS you wont BREAK the BANK!!! Big ups to DR JAYS wat up RICK LEX!!!

  • Shamika Rawlings says:

    at least i can still put my fat ass in booty shorts and its still hot.

  • Cha says:

    i am not inspired by no olsen twins or nicole. I do agree that its not really about logos (although it has neva been for me) I buy wats cute to me. I dont care wat name is on it as long as the quality is good.

    VISIT OUR FASHION BLOG (((((rhythmandshoes.blogspot.com))))

  • WatDatDo says:

    Stuff has been declining over the years because of new technology givin to people like the internet people buy bootleg albums or download music nowand days..dats why sales have been declining,, and streetwear is at an alltime high, its just that just like bootleg albums, people can by bootleg cloths thats not originally made by brands but they have brands logos on them…these brands like LRG gon have to step there game up and come out with better cloths it seems like there coming out with anything,,,cuz when i look on drjays lrg section i dont see any thing out of all there cloths that i would buy…

  • Roccade says:

    The slow response dont have anything to do with Urban name tag or quality, it’s the economy, if you analyse even those other classi brand ( LV, Gucci, Prada, RL… ) are not selling as they used to sell in USA, the economy are bad people, after all this pass you all will see that will be all the same, dont have anything to do with that, one thing I’m not feeling though! this Male Street stuff, I dont know what people see on that Rockn’roll stuff with a lot of death signs, we need to have more fashion direction and stop following the Celebrities and I honestly don’t respect the brands following that, Brands following that stuff also need some fashion direction, I wish Urban was more independent of each other, its like if one urban brand is doing one thing all of them want to follow, that show how they creativity game is, if you see those big brand fashion show, each one has they own style, that’s what I call creativity, one need to think for them self, that’s why I still respect coogi, and Evisu they still doing what they do, fashion it’s not just business, that goes to all the URBAN DESIGNER OUT THERE!!!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    The reason rap records hasn’t been selling isn’t because rap of no interest. It’s because you can get it the songs online and the majority of time there’s only 1 good song, 2 aite songs out of a 12-16 track album. If you put the time and effort into an album it’ll sell. I’ll buy a dpg, luda etc cd in a heart beat. You can also throw in the economy and some record companies put retarded things on the cd, so that you can’t even put the cd on an mp3 player. But there’s still people who got the equipment to pull this off. Still if I paid 12-20ish dollars for a cd I should be able to put the music on whatever player I got.

    Part of that applies to fashions and rappers coming out with brands. Most rappers are just putting their names on it. Then you got to figure that no one is really coming out with anything new. Plus like luxury says the quality of a majority of these is jank, but the prices are high. So it get’s gradually harder because it’s “another rapper with another brand” In addition to that brands just play it safe and imitate others that imitated others. Very few brands actually grow with their current customers and bring in new ones sucessfully (sean john and coogi does this well). People aren’t going to be loyal to the brand if the brand isn’t loyal to them.

    Urban looks have expanded since the years, it’s a lot more versatile. I don’t think companies and stores realize this. I’ll walk into a store and I’ll look around and nothing will really pop out at me. If it does, it’s not my size. Again the quality 8 times out of 10 won’t match the price. Essentially no one is really listening to the consumer. Then there’s the whole clone thing. You buy something from the chain store and then you’ll see like 8 other people wearing it in a days time.

    Ever since I shopped at Dr. Jays and the compliments and jocking have gone up. Plus I don’t haft to worry about being a clone even though I tell other people where I got my clothes from. At school I’m most noted for dressing on point. Dr. Jays gives you the room to expand or be as versatile as you want. This is where Dr. Jays differs from other sites and stores. Props to Dr. Jays for this and props to Luxury Life too for the good points and the shout out.

  • FM says:

    Theres no alot of “urban” clothing brands anymore, hip-hop is one of americas fastest growing cultures in the US, so these “urban” brands have to step up their game so it appeals tos is mass audience, that means getting rid of the urban designs to make clean, sophisticated, casual looks, this is also better for the brands sales as it appeals to alot of people.

  • Sunnyblaze says:

    In reference to the current trends of fashion that are being displayed in the urban/streetwear market, alot of the usual suspects that have been proudly dispayed by many hip hop artists in the past (ie;Sean John, Rocawear, Phat Farm, and Ecko) have been showing the lack of spontaniety and brashness that was the cornerstone of cutting edge fashion during most of these companies jumpstarts. In my opinion, streetwear fashion has not evolved so much as to where certain looks are no longer acceptable (leather jackets, jeans, and Timbs are just classic), but it has incorporated many other cultures unto itself to create a whole new style that few are having the actual desire to catch onto. For instance, the rock and roll culture and fashions had found its way onto the back of many hardcore street artists that we are used to seeing in white Tees and Jordans. Speaking of Jordans, another subculture, The sneakerheads/sneaker collectors, have most recently left their indelible mark upon streetwear as we know it. Those whose only showed allegiance to Nike and Jordan in the past are now finding themselves scrolling thru their local shoe boutique picking up a pair of LE Vans or Converse. Then there’s also the skateboard culture to consider when speaking of current trends that have infiltrated streetwear. Pharell of N.E.R.D & Neptunes fame is probably the most well known artist to be mentioned when the subject of skateboard influenced fashion is brought up. Pharell and his BBC/Ice Cream brand of clothing, shows huge skatboarding concepts in their line, from the snug fit of their jeans to the skateboard inspired Ice Cream shoes. When we look at what streetwear has become, we have to only look at wear it has been. the rock and roll look is nothing new to hip hop, considering legendary groups like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five were rocking tight fitting leather pants, spikes, and chains way before any big name urban fashion brands put a skull on a t-shirt. Run-DMC made an ode to their favorite brand of sneaker,Adidas, with one of their most memorable hits to date. Which was also done years before Nelly uttered any words to show his affection for Air Force 1′s. The early punk scene, which spawned such classic hip hop collaborations as Blondie’s “Rapture”, show many hip hoppers back in the day that skateboarding and graffitti was just another form of self expression. So as you see, the current state of streetwear is not declining, its just being rebirthed upon a new generation that may have been too young or not born yet. These profound influences that have shaped and molded not only the music of hip hop, but also the fashion and styles that are being catered to in todays streetwear market. Now I cant say that I am in agreement with the big name brands that were mentioned earlier, because frankly in my opinion alot of their lines that are on the shelves today seem dull, boring, bland and simply lacking any creativity. Now some larger brands that seem to have more than one brain in the design department, yet stay true to their consumers are Miskeen, Coogi, LRG, and Parish. These brands display a versatility in their clothing that seems to find an equal yet deserving balance amongst true hood gear and high class fashion. My fashion palate is catered to more smaller and upstart clothing and footwear brands such as Crooks & Castles, Rocksmith, Supra, Shmack, Hama, and many, many others that are too numerous to name. I still rock Timbs, and Rocawear jeans too, but I’m definitely not scared to venture a little off the beaten path to find some excellent fashion choices to add to my wardrobe’s diverse, yet classic repertoire.

  • its all absurd,from the excessively baggy over accesorized souljah bitch to the plain ol fake thug 50 spent gay unit gear to the nut huggin pants and premature shirts that lil wayne wears.go fucking kill yourselves,seriously go play in traffic.

  • Boss Lady says:

    Hey guys,

    Just a note to let you know we here @ DrJays.com really appreciate your thoughtful comments on this issue; we’re reading through all of them and definitely taking heed of what’s being said.

    Thanks for taking the time out to contribute!

    ~Boss Lady

  • Sunnyblaze says:

    Also, just to add another bit of insight into the streetwear fashion topic. In my opinion, fashion and footwear are at an all time high. I believe the reasoning behind this is because of the lack of truly good music that is being put forth to the masses. Record companies are steadily fueling garbage on top of garbage onto the airwaves of radio stations nationwide. So I believe that the recoding industry is tapping many virtually unknown talents in fashion and design to sell the image of the artist and let the music become secondhand collateral damage. When artists initially enter the industry, the first thing appointed to them are stylists professionals that know how to make the artist look good and appealing to a wide variety of audiences that probably dont even know their name yet. Think about it, how many awards shows and videos do you watch where it seems like the nobody’s that come out of nowhere with some lame ass single, tend to outdress the vets that we have been listening to and loving for years. Because execs know that the younger generation is more visually receptive and entertained by the music videos, and TRL/ 106 & Park Live apperances rather than the actual music that you hear is accompanying said artist. I think Kanye West (in my opinion a true fashion genius and icon) said it best in his song lyric that states: ” How am I supposed to get fly/when everybody gets dressed up?” Truer words have not been spoke Mr. West. Also, I gotta show love to DrJays.com. They keep a great selection of new gear to help further and push the fashion envelope for those of us that stay fly and fresh on a regular.

  • rachy says:

    As somebody born and living in the UK, alot of the urban fashion we have is either picked up from US fashion or is US urban labels. girls who have babyphat jeans or a rocawear handbag are looked upon to have money, because over here they are expensive items. Where as when I’ve been to america and get all my US brands and see how cheap they are it makes me wonder what the fuss is about, because really it’s just the name. And alot of us buy into the hype. I like to buy my babyphat bags and luxirie tees and stuff like that ,only if it is of good quality. Otherwise its not worth it. Plus alot of it is to do with the exclusivity of the product. Because we do not have alot of US brand outlets. Alot of the women will buy H&M clothing and mix it in with other brands. It really depends, how flashy you want to look.
    I don’t think it’s dying, as such. Maybe because the US is so used to it, you have’nt seen anything new, where to us it is something new and fresh.

  • Derrick says:

    As long as it keeps evolving with the times then it will it remain hot…and yes it’s still hot……………..kind of

  • angie b says:

    I personally have never been a fan of urban wear. For one, it is way over priced. I just don’t like urban wear. I dont like wearing clothes with these massive labels showing the world, “Hey, I have on GUNIT or BABYPHAT today.” No. But that is just me…………..♥

  • yung albino says:

    i’m a sneakerhead and a lover of the urban fashion look. i refuse partly because im a big dude and because of how ive grown to feel comfortable in my jeans to wear skinny jeans. All my friends and I think the skinny jeans are not meant for men. What we do like is Nikes and Jordans with a pair of heavily stonewashed or destructed(jeans with imperfections for yall who didnt know) wit some back pocket designs and a long black tee plain or with skulls or money. And where skate shoes are involved I rock Nike SB only. i hate tight fitting tee’s and slim jeans and feel excluded for liking my current style over how the designers want to go, and end up buying from independent companies who have hung on to our look to get our service. i might be country but i know how i like my clothes. I feel offended that they will leave us to fight for scraps while others buy clothing because supposedly its “in” if they’re going to sell jeans slim fitted then they should offer a relaxed pair alternative. Brands should remember how long this look has been around, how deep its roots go, and who made them who they are.

    SunnyBlaze me and many sneaker heads still only show alleigence to Nike and Jordan. i’ll never rock Vans or Converse. We aint gon Nowhere and we NEVER will respect that

  • E-zy says:

    I Feel As Akademiks Will Always Be Hot!

  • Sunnyblaze says:

    Yung Albino, I didn’t mean any disrespect to you or any other sneakerheads out there. Please believe Im a big dude too so I know how it is to find you favorite designers shrinking the legs of your pant just cause it’s “what’s in”. I dont dig on the skinny jeans personally, I think they are for women. Not to say that I dont buy jeans that fit me more properly nowadays, I just try to find a happy medium. No tight ass nuthuggers and no super huge ultra baggy balloon jeans either. When it comes to the talk of sneakers, bein a sneakerhead myself, I must say that I do have more Nikes and Jordans than anything else (Timbs especially even tho not actually sneaks). But it is just plain and utterly amazing to me how people wont venture out of there comfort zone in search of something new and diferent. I say why wait for Nike and Jordan to satisfy my want for some fresh ass kicks. If Nike or Jordan isnt putting out anything worth rocking, just like a fiend Im goin to a new dealer to get my fix. Yeah I’ll keep rockin Nikes and J’s cuz thats what I grew up with, but you gotta ask yourself sometimes. Why show such undying loyalty to a brand that hasn’t shown any to you or your community? As much money as nike has made of the blood, sweat, and tears of so many kids, athletes, and Asian factory workers, what have they honestly gave back to show you they appreciate your business?
    P.S.: I really dont dig Vans or Converse either. I was jus using them as an example.

  • Roccade says:

    Brands that still hot ( My Point of View )

    COOGI ( every body are going for Rock’n roll and they made they own Rock’nRoll Style )
    Used to think Akademiks are a self creative company ( but they kind went down on last collection )
    LRG ( well they kind started with those crazy stuff and I guess still hanging there )
    SEAN JOHN ( Smart move, doing all, classic/Urban )
    ROCAWEAR ( kind confused ) but they still anging there
    ENYCE they continue doing they stuff I am pretty sure that still sell pretty good over sea
    GG ( was all business )
    Miskeen ( authentic Art, they need to continue doing they own design and create they own style cuz they’re different )
    EVISU,AZURE,RED MONKEY, ( they already got they own place ) I guess
    CRW Holder still kind have to show more than just use those metalic embroidery garments…
    I know I am missing some others
    Remember it’s just my point of View


  • yung albino says:

    My Bad Sunnyblaze you kinda generalized on sneakerheads. but u are right about nike they are unethical to workers and their prices are going up to see just how much we will pay for a pair of their shoes. And i have seen alot of skate shoes at my spots that i dont feel at all except maybe DC and Supra but i really dont feel like spending money on a pair to try out and have them not work out. But I am a fan of Greedy Genius and i think they’d sell well on DRJays.

  • Russ says:

    First, big ups to Boss Lady and the entire Dr. Jay’s crew! Next, thanks to all of our Coogi customers and supporters! Now, I believe the question should have been, is it in or instead of hot! From an executive point of view, everyone in the offices screaming this is hot, hot, hot but what about sell, sell, sell! Will the actual item sell? A designer is not thinking about that but someone else at the office should! When that happens, that means that you actually know your customer and can relate to your customer! I hate to say this but a lot of these companies or higher up don’t know ya’ll! They think and others that work in these offices think they do as well but don’t! If we can get back to the essence of what is really REAL and not what I/we (brands) think then Urban brands would be how they should!

    Now, on these jeans! Okay, the cut of these Urban brand jeans are so wrong! I’ve even mentioned and discussed that here at Coogi and its about to change! Not only that but guys still like their slightly baggy jeans! I know I do! I have thick legs (don’t take that wrong, I leg press 450 lbs. Like its nothing)! I hate tight pants! Although I do have other cut jeans for my casual dress when I go out but they aren’t sloppy, they fit me right! And these damn skinny jeans need to stop! Only White skater guy truly wear those or those edgy White guys wear those! And let me clarify that! They wear them in a fashionable way because my friend from Ghana has some Seven jeans but wears them casually but not. How these guys out here looking ridiculous with those small ass jeans and some sneakers that are bulky or that don’t fit the style of jean right!

    I wish everyone would stop living in the facade of things and live in the reality! Although I do use my imagination for creation but that’s totally different!


  • Roccade says:

    Oh I guess I forgot to Mention
    PARISH ( they’re kind true to them self, I guess is kool )
    Crooks & Castle ( I will put them on the same category as LRG, doing they own stuff )
    Artful Dodger ( I guess they were better before they sold, it was more love of fashion than just business) now feel like is the opposite, just rushing to put stuff out, a lot of those brands do that and start lowering the quality and signature, LRG is kind going to that direction,
    BRANDs to wash out for

    SUPRA (I Like their Sneakers )
    OBEY ( Smart Street Clothing Co. they do make sence and love the Graphics )
    Todd Smith ( Honestly they ain’t going to far, is more business than love for fashion )
    Schmack ( They’re cool )
    and many others of course
    Majority of those above are more on the street, kind skater/Rock side, than the initial Urban/Hip Hop Fashion Side.Now for Urban/HIP HOP
    Songs of Freedom! Hey where they at? kind of dying already
    Honestly I don’t see a lot Urban/Hip Hop Brands coming out, oh yeah a few days a saw a link for a new Brand BAC2DAROOTS, they ain’t got a lot on their site
    http://WWW.BAC2DAROOTS.COM but I will watch then out also, they got something different and love the what they trying to show, kind of Obey but on Urban/Hip Hop side
    5ive Jungle- I don’t know if they already made and are dying already or if still fighting, lol

    anyway I’m pretty sure there’s more out there hiding, we will see,
    Overall Urban Still IN ( HOT ) and Still have a lot to Give, it ain’t going no where, those Skinny Jeans stuff sooner will die, and what Kanye, Pharrel and Lupe are using it ain’t even Skinny Jeans, they’re just fit Jeans, Skinny jeans are tight and they better don’t use that shit, because a lot of youngest follow them, hahaha

  • Rocboy says:

    urban brands are dead except maybe lrg, ppl are more interested in more upscale lines true religion, rock and republic, e.t.c. Basically what all the SUCCESSFULL rappers are talking about.

  • Solja Girl says:

    I think urban wear is so HOT. I love it. I only got a little bit of urban clothing. Guys who wear it are usually hoy. Not all of them but. I like the style. I were urban clothing even though it really isnt “in” at my school since i live in a small school up north. It sucks. But anyways i still think its hot, very hot. I dont know what yall thinking when you say its not hot. Im sorry but i cant stand a guy with skinny jeans. Its gross, girls are supposed to wear them not guys. I like the bagge syle on guys.

  • RSX says:

    Pretty much everyone has made valid points, and I would just be reiterating what yall have said.

    Obviously, we see that we’ve been having a shift from urban brands to a mix of rock brands (Affliction, XC) and Upscale (Christian Audigier, Gucci, LV). Me personally, its tough to wake up and get fresh early in the morning, especially if im not planning on going anywhere special. On Jeans, I like baggy, i find them more comfortable, but I’ve been slowly moving towards more “normal” jeans. I refuse to wear nuthuggers tho.
    Me, being a white guy, I tend to wear whatever style I feel like, from preppy (polo & plaid shorts), to casual (whatever I grab from my drawers, baggy (oversized T and either Windpants or baggy shorts), and fresh (buttondown, fitted jeans, and either AF1s or loafers).

    I also agree with the point that the market is more item based than brand based. Example, I’ve been trying to get my hands on the shirt from the Bun B That’s Gangsta video that says “Smart is the New Gangsta”, took me a few months to find the brand for it. (DangerousNegro is the brand)

    And yes, the market is also leaning towards upscale stuff like Gucci, LV, R&R, True Religion, etc. which are accessible to any style. I really don’t know what to think, perhaps there will be another shift. We’ll have to wait and see.

    oh, and as far as shoes, J’s, Supra Skytops & Vaiders, Nike’s, Puma First Rounds, and GN$

  • Allurre says:

    Here’s my thought regarding this subject..

    Fashion is moving at a direction where consumer’s demand to attracted not just by quality, aesthetics, or comfort.. but also the emotional supplements the brand instills.

    For a clothing line to become a mainstay, consistency + versatility is key. Dare to be different, but never stray too far from what the buyer wants.

    Btw, invest just two minute of you time to come check on my premium business streetwear =) expect us on your local boutique store’s shelf sooN!


    Take care guys. Shout out to Boss Lady.

  • OhioPlaya says:

    I always say if its new ironed and worn with clean shoes, socks and underwear you can’t go wrong. And brush your teeth.

  • b weez says:

    It’s really a simple discussion really: whether people like it or not, hip-hop will always, ALWAYS determine what ppl consider hot. If wayne decides he is gonna start wearin brooks brothers suits, tomorrow and it catches on and otha rappers catch on, best believe boys will be comin out of pocket to dress that way. But on the real, jus do u and whateva makes u feel comfortable rock it. Don’t worry bout if everybody thinks it’s hot or not. Do u…

  • Z.c.K. says:

    yeah but its fading tremendously! nobody really feelin all tha baby phat tshirts wid big ass cats and glitter. Fashion is evolving and some of these designers need to get with the times. Now its more about fashion on a budget and separating yourself from the crowds, as opposed to the usual coogi, akdmks, and southpole or ed hardy shit. Yeaa it was cool for awhile but it gets ta be too much btw how many fuckin lines christian audigier gon have, he got like 10 already!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sasha says:

    that whole urban street look is not hot nemore nobody except kids 13 and under still dress like that now itz the whole extra expensive grown n sexy look and the fashionista thing

  • t says:

    i think it’s all about style, fit, fabric and color when it comes to my clothes.. i can rock stuff from any brand and if it makes me look good in the mirror when i try it on, has good quality (check those stitches — tug on them and see if theyre strong and around the neckline, make sure that when you put it on you don’t hear any threads snapping) and looks like it is a quality garment, feels good on, and matches something else i wanna use (i.e. shoes, handbag, whatever), it works.

  • Dave says:

    To be really and brutally honest, it’s not the brand name that counts, it’s how you lean with it, rock with it, and lastly, present yourself. Some people are such d%$^ riders just to look cool and be noticed. In addition, they spend hundreds or sometimes, thousands of dollars but their clothes they wear doesn’t look good on them. plain and simple is more.

    Nowadays, people are rocking the rockstar outfit, even the most hood certified rappers like Jim Jones, Juelz Santana, Lil’ Wayne, Swizz Beatz, and so forth. Hey, I know they’re the “in” trend now, but not everybody can pull it off, and that’s where the trying WAY too hard and nut-ridin’ begin. (lol) Not all dudes (including myself) can pull the rocker outfit look.

    Even though everybody is switching to Van’s and Chuck Taylors, I still prefer Nike and Jordans over the latter. However, since I live on my own and paying all my bills, I can’t afford to buy a Nike/Jordans like easy but I always get some other alternatives like Reebok S. Carters or classics, adidas
    ,310′s, and so forth. I don’t see myself wearing Van’s and converse, for I got big legs and wide feet.

    I don’t think that people will leave urban gear for more upscale stuff. Since not all people can afford it, they still gonna rock the same ol’ stuff, but they’ll
    upgrade into more classy but gangsta. I just hope no body get shot or killed over a LV scarf or a gucci sweater, which I find it stupid.

    I still had much of my urban gear, and I wear it to some events that require less formality, I don’t say that I don’t like the current trends, for I had some but I’ll mix it up sometimes to see how it looks like. However, there are some current trends that I don’t really dig at all, that’s my opinion.

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