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DrJays.com Debate: Is Weezy the new Tupac?

Submitted by on July 8, 2008 – 10:02 am114 Comments

Quincy Jones‘ son QD3 (Quincy D. Jones III) recently called Lil Wayne the “Tupac of this generation”.

“In my career as a music/producer/film producer I’ve been blessed to have worked with some of the best artists of our time, including Tupac Shakur, LL Cool J, Queen Latifah, Ice Cube, and others,” Jones stated.

“Lil’ Wayne is hands down the Tupac of this generation in that he is a true artist, a world class writer/performer, and he’s not afraid to push the envelop on any level which makes him a true original.”

The renowned filmmaker (he was behind Tupac’s Thug Angel and the Beef DVD series) made the comments in advance of his upcoming documentary on Lil Wayne’s life, tentatively called The Carter, due for release in 2009 through Genius Products.

Do you agree Lil Wayne is the Tupac Shakur of this generation?

Source: SOHH.com

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  • yahhhh! says:

    It’s true.

    Lil Wayne is the new Tupac.
    They have the same work ethic: “Sleep is for sh*t-heads”

    Respect to both of them!
    I wish Tupac was alive.

  • yahhhh! says:

    I give respect where respect is due.

    Respect to Lil Wayne.
    Respect to Pac. May he rest in peace.
    Respect to Quincy.

    f**k B.I.G.
    He’s a fake. He’s a murderer.
    He’s a prime suspect for 2pac’s murder.

  • Vanessa says:

    Apples and oranges. Chicken and steak are both great tasting meats, however, I wouldn’t say they taste the same or even try to compare them. Steak is way better. Lil Wayne is chicken, Tupac is steak.

  • lool says:

    You can’t compare Lil Wayne to Tupac.
    None of the rappers today will ever get close to what Tupac was.

  • The Dae says:

    I read the forum here and i agree that being the best rapper alive don’t necessarily mean you have to make people believe it by stating it every time you open your mouth. its about your content, what you do and how you carry yourself. if the best rapper alive is worldly then the best rapper alive is just an illusion and this so called best rapper alive could be used as a vehicle to destroy what real artist have worked for since the early 80′s.

    We always said, when money got into the equation by corporate big wigs, things got a little tripped up. of course we got a chance to pay bills and reap the benefits but at what cost?

    Open your eyes people its just like they said on the Movie “the Matrix” the bottom line here is energy. If a person does or says what another person does or says that person is an energy vampire, they are trying to be what they are not by assuming another person’s essence.

    In rap music today, males are trying to be dominate each other by means of calling themself kings, prince, the greatest etc. but most of them lack the quality’s that put them in that category automatically. When it comes down to it, everyone is concentrating on making more cash than the next person.

    Some rappers will tell you, “im not a rapper” which tells you right there to expect the consequences of the role that they play. these days the enemy is working within hip hop culture. Other male rappers are talking jail talk by telling other rappers to “suck my D*” that in itself implements the gay culture into an area in which its not wanted.

    the hustler attitude in rap artist from the streets is not bad when you are making an honest living doing what you love but when a hustler from the streets become a rapper just for the bucks and tells you hes not a rapper, you can expect the same drama you get when you are hanging on the block. In turn, this can destroy an honest opportunity for real rappers.

    people got upset when Nas said “its dead” open your eyes people! that was a wake up call. when its cool to brag about money and how much drugs you sell then he means, “the content”. the content represents death.

    everytime i hear a new artist he is speaking gun talk, death, drugs and sodomy. which all relates to death. i figure that this approach also proclaims that they are to be the most feared.

    how much you glitter or shine does not necessarily attract good attention. for example, people say the movie Glitter was wack to me, thats another sign. your soul shines brighter than anything on earth and if you need a chain or rings to justify who you are then you may be a little soulless.

    Sometimes the artist on top is reaping those benefits courtesy of the hidden enemy (the enemy behind the gates) this type of artist is placed in position to cause confusion and death among his or her followers.

    Open your eyes, the battle is amongst us all in different ways. My approach is to be individual and then and only then you will experience the real (the soul) sometimes the enemy could work within us and we dont realize we are being duped. the real treasure is not gold its knowledge.

  • Dagg says:

    Why the fCK would you compare an untalented lil’ sh!t to 2PAC? listen to an old 2pac album and compare it to the carter 3 & try not to laugh

  • 2pac says:

    lil’ whayne is getting 2 much credit. He is like chicken nuggets and 2pac is a fucking Filet mignon

  • BIG L r.i.p. says:

    2pac had to much charisma! Lil wayne is not as deep. 2pac was actually smart, an educated thug, unlike wayne who cant read a book.

  • Britt says:

    How could u put PAC and that dude in the same sentance? Wayne aint real or deep, he is an industry cat. PAC was the truth!

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Pac was the truth, but you gotta give weezy some cred. He’s been in the game for a while. Not to mention outlasted the lifespan of the average rapper.

  • Rick Lexington says:

    Oh and damn straight jacket designs have made moves since then lol.

  • Mr.r_L.O says:

    Lil Wayne can never ToP the best. even if he says he is. tupac rapped about the gangsta **** not about lil female officeres and makin it rain n’ ****. my point is that lil wayne is crap. all he has is good beats in thats it.

  • Randal Pitts says:

    good luck

  • MakaveliTrained says:


  • Dutch P says:

    man,that person”laugh out loud” is dum as fuck,even pac said it him self that he’s not promoting thug life orbeing a gangsta he talked and rap’d bout dat shit cuz he,HE! was a thug,he came frm the gutta he woke up somtimes wit nothin in the refridriator.but he was gangsta to me in my eyes which i respect BECAUSE unlike these fuckin bubble gum rappers today,he had to rob and shit like that to survive.these rappers nowadays just do tha shit to fit in OR sell records OR both.i dnt even listen to rap today nigga and im only 16!!! this industry is fake as hell. tupac is a fuckin legend right now and his music was for a purpose,wayne just linkage words togetha cuz he’s good at it he’s not doin it for change,well he is doin it for change(money).lol but niggaz that listen to lil wayne dont even know his fuckin history,they wasnt fuckin wit wayne when he was in the hot boys,i was tho and he was real while in the hot boys cuz he was around real niggaz(b.g,juve,turk)now he’s just fake…as hell.

  • Sean99 says:

    Haha, this is funny. Lil wayne = Tupac? HELL NO! Lil wayne just makes baby noises half the time, while tupac raps from the soul.. Like “Brenda’s got a baby” Or “Dear Mama” if Lil wayne makes a song about something other then himself, let me know.

  • Rara says:

    wayne is at the bottom and tupac is up high unreachable. these two people can’t be mentioned togather


  • chriscross says:





  • M7 says:

    Hey man not to hate on anyone and i hate to genarlize or offend anyone but people are goin on bout how they love tupac and all that but dont even understand his words… ive seen all types of people black and white talk big bout tupac and how he’s a legend and then when you try to have a decent discussion bout his lyrics, movies poetry ect they don’t know shit. so yeah we shouldn’t stereotype and all but seriously i dont take most people seriously when they say they love Tupac espesially if you use it as ur defense honestly if your trying so hard to prove that you love him and he’s ur role model you shud ask yourself if you’re trying to convince yourself or the person infront of you. and Lil wayne??! seriously now i mean hey he’s got a few good lines and play of words but comparing him to Tupac should be classfied as a crime. he is hip “pop” artist and a very commercialized one Tupac is a legend and all ya’ll who are taking this blog or whatever to argue with stereotyping should stick to just acclaiming Pac and stop the damn hate.

    One Love

  • star da el says:

    whoever came up with da idea that lil wayne is even on the same level ass Pac has lost their damn mind. who’s idea was this to even put their names together? in da Chi you could get hurt iF you even considering mentioning that lil wayne is da new Pac. what has da world come to????

  • star da el says:

    oh yeah pac aint never kiss a man like weezy gay ass how you gonna compare God to the devil? this sickens me.

  • Jen says:

    Of course you’re white chriscross we can tell by your list, Wanye as #2 lmfao. I’m not surprised though, you added your favorite rapper then the obvious legends who can’t be disputed to make yourself look good. You’re not all bad though some lil girl on YouTube told me soulja boy was Tupac reincarnated smh!

  • Marlon X says:

    Lil Wayne shoUldnt be compared TO 2PAC!! besides the tattoes and popularity their two different rappers!!! Wayne is wack anyways!!

    Do you find the content of most songs repetitive and predictable???
    Well,.. if that’s the case, check out Da V.O.R for some new Hip Hop and Reggae!!!!

  • Arantxa Buenrostro says:

    dontEVER EVER compare tupac and lil wayne!!! tupac best rapper ever absolutely no comparison.

  • JB says:

    hell fucking no lil wayne could never ever ever ever be good as Pac… saying hes this generations Tupac is fucked up. The two of them shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence.

  • Diary says:

    No lil wayne is not the 2pac of our generation. Lil Wayne is alright for what he does but 2Pac is a different story. They’ll both go down in the history books though. 2Pac is waaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better than Lil Wayne!

  • Dennis Horan says:

    2 different type of artists but wayne is no pac…pac was a poet…lil wayne sucks yes his music sells and this brings me to the two parts of hip-hop and rap there is the stuff that sells then there is stuff that is a lyrical masterpiece but no one will ever buy…lil wayne sells however lyrically he just doesn’t make sense at least on the carter 3 and yea yea wayne we all know u want to be misunderstood but its played out homeboy whatever happened to the wayne on carter 2…now tupac and other artist who aren’t just club and radio material they are real hip-hop however there has been some successfull artists to do it lyrically and to be appreciated by everyone for example jay-z,eminem,biggie,tupac,nas,,kanye, and etc. They are what this music was and needs lil wayne I could care less what he does he has such a large white fan base that he will sell no matter what he puts out and im white and have the carters but c3 sucked quincy was wrong with that statement u can never compare artists to one another its just not right look what happened to ja when he thought he was pac haha nuff said

  • zev says:

    I was never the biggest tupac fan in the world, but he was nonetheless a great artist (although contradictory). But for QDIII to compare Lil Wayne to Tupac is a disrespect to Tupacs legacy! First and formost, Pac was a lyricist/poet…….he could evoke a plethora of emotions in the listener, from anger to sadness, from rage to happiness and hope. NOTHING about lil wayne suggests LYRICIST. Granted, he has swagger (something that alot of artists lack) and confidence. But since when is swagger and confidence a substitute for genuine skills??? If you wanna see someone who is in lil wayne’s age bracket and has plenty of swagger and confidence, let’s look at Juellz Santana! The kid has legitimate skills, yet noone is comparing him to tupac!!!
    However, I can’t really be upset with the attempt at making lil wayne the “tupac of this day and time”. Hip Hop has been in a major drought for a some years now (don’t confuse it with rap music), and there is this big scrammble to find the next Biggie, the next Tupac, the next Rakim, the next Nas, the next Jay Z, etc. But there’s the problem right there……….the current state of the music is so frivolous, that we have to constantly compare it to the past! When Rakim came on the scene in ’86, noone said he was the next Melle Mel!! Why?? Because Rakim was great in his OWN right, and his greatness didn’t have to be justified by a comparison to Melle Mel’s greatness!! Many of the artists of this day and time didn’t learn from the former masters, and that’s why much of the current music thats out now, is remedial at best, and horrendous at worst!! Lil Wayne embodies the spirit of this delinquent generation. QDII would be better off comparing lil wayne to artists of his generation, not the generation of the masters. (NOTE: This is not an attack on Southern artists, just wack artists; there are artists in the south that are of high quality, such as Ludacris, T.I., Outkast, Scarface, Three 6 Mafia and YoungBloodz, to name a few. Like Common said in the song “6th Sense”, “……..IF I DON’T LIKE YOU, THEN I DON’T LIKE YOU,……THAT DON’T MEAN THAT I’M HATIN’”

  • shartaeia says:

    do i think Lil Wayne is the Tupac Shakur of this generation umm YEAH
    more than any other artist he is most like tupac but diffrent because he
    can do rock also prom queen is my shit i dont think there will
    ever be anyone exactly like tupac but there will also never be anyone like lil
    wayne so i think its safe to say he is going to be one of the greatest like biggie and pac and type in who is the best rapper all you will see is
    lil wayne or you will see a list of rappers but you can be sure lil wayne
    is at the top of that list !

  • maxxman says:

    weezy will never compare to paccc. pac was the best rapper alive the only rapper that can compete wit him was biggie. their are rappers out now dats a better rapper then weezy.

  • c4ponie says:

    lil wayne SUCKS!

  • c4ponie says:

    How can anyone listed to lil waynes bullsht more than once. he raps about suckin xxxx for crying out loud! Dude up top is right every sluty white girl has him on her ipod. i mean hustles white women for they money i givem that but please dont compare with 2pac. 2pacs songs had real feeling in them when a radio station plays his music that jst cheers you right up! lil wayne makes you wanna turn that shit down with dat lolly pop bs, hes a rapper for young horny girls. tupac will b known generations from now. he made history and a lot of his music is still to come out. he has raps for the ages and will give lil payne a run for his money after being gone since 1996. I think i speak for everyone when i say LiL WAYNE WHO? THUG LORD 2PAC > lil wayne. wayne dont even belong in this topic QUEEN LATIFA has tha drop on wayne that has better comparison…. essays can b written on tupacs greatness! THUG LORD TUPAC FOREVER! R.I.P

  • c4ponie says:

    some girl on youtube said soldier boy is pac reincarnaded? haha thats about the dumbest most idiotic thing ive read…. soulja soldier whaever is a lil bitch! ice t dont even like his goofy ass. america became more stupid when his shit came out…. OMG! PPL STOP COMPARING AND I KNO ITS ALL THIS STUPID NEW GENERATION KIDS STARTING ALL THIS. WHEN THEY PROB DONT KNO ANYTHING ABOUT REAL RAP. SOUJA BOY IS CLOWN MUSIC. CIRCUS MUSIC NOT THUG MUSIC. A GANGSTA WILL NEVER BUMP SOULJA GIRL

  • Dee says:

    No!!! no one can replace tupac….No one!! plus Weezy has gone rock now…!

  • JOJO says:

    Yo foreal i think lil Wayne is the new Tupac when it comes to talent and work ethic. Lil wayne is more talented than any rapper to date other than Jay. Everyone is always compared to someone like lady gaga is the new madonna and Beyonce is the new tina turner and lil wayne is deff the new tupac shakur.

  • HAHAH says:

    lol i love it the way if anyone disses tupac we get a million comments defendin tupac… shows how much hes loved. rip tupac

  • nangi says:

    Lil Wayne ain Legendary he is Lil Money. Thats all he is. Lil Money. Talent yes, hardworking yep but how many talanted & hardworking Brothers r out there. Very many but they all ain legendary juss like this young muffucker here Weezy.

    “Y’all know what time it is, I don even know why im on this track this Lil Wayne nigga ain even on Pacs level imma let Pacs real Lil Hommies ride on this Young Money nigga”… Hit em up

  • Bryant says:

    The fact that lil wayne ever got a record dead is shocking as hell, then when people started liking him i knew rap was about to be officialy gone and i was sad.It made me very upset that anyone can even like lil wayne but when someone tries to compare him to the greatest rapper of all time it actually brings a tear to my eye i cant believe someone would ever say that thier are some things you just dont joke about. Lil wayne sounds like a cat thats dying he doesnt deserve to touch a microphone ever it actually brings pain to my ears

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