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Would You Wear This?

Submitted by on July 9, 2008 – 11:04 am93 Comments

Stripe Williams Cardigan by LRG (RRP $80.00)

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  • Kayla M says:


  • Dee says:

    that shit weak period, it aint classy it look like pajamas to me, i dont like baggy clothes no more but thats just uglly to me

  • babygirl724 says:

    Im a a 30+ female and I don’t ever want to see a man wear this at all. NOT SEXY BY ANY STAND POINT.

  • misstbaby724 says:

    33 female and this is not sexy it is very gay I really dont want to see some fine buff dude in it lol

  • Big Sound says:

    That’s a lil too preppy 4 me. I may rock it if i was in a classy proper place, but i would neva in a million years rock it in my hood

  • dimi says:

    naw that just ain’t lrg 2 me, lrg is about killin’ overworn trends n’ depicting freshness at its best. i mean ye the cardigans kinda nice but the fitting ain’t right n’ it just isn’t lrg. I hope lrg doesn’t try to start a cardigan movement that ain’t hip hop thats like indie shit n’ thats not wot LRG is all about

  • dimi says:

    u know wot i actually thinkin’ bout it i could rock that if it was like a no hoodie sweater but the buttons n’ the blue trimmin’ would hav to go i think thats wot kills it

  • Kendall Worth A Millie says:

    that shit look like so polo wanna b shit this is LRG worse attempt at some non-street shit this dont even look hot the stripes, the color scheme, the shit is WACK!!!!

  • da duke says:

    DAT …is stupid FRESH!!!

  • KReid says:

    Yessir. That Is Clean&Fresh.

    Love it

  • model man says:

    man this shi* neat!
    plus the brand says L-R-G i would wear anything that says Lifted Research Group

    forget all the haters

  • G says:

    na .. wouldn’t rock dat .. if it was in a diff color maybe .. but looks 2 fruity


  • Flynes Sicknes says:

    NO doubt!

  • Noel says:

    Yea i would. a little more loose fitted but not to loose just enough room to breathe

  • James says:


  • Manny says:

    I love this!
    If it’s L-R-G I will wear it any day!

  • brodie says:

    If the model isnt rockin it correctly then i would need to see what it does look like correctly before I’d consider it…

    I definatly wouldnt wear it if it left me looking like that model that shit looks gay

  • Gwap says:

    yea i got some airmax wit the same colors in it….i could kill it

  • dj stein says:

    uuuuhhh no. looks kinda gay.

  • O.G.ANDERSON says:

    damn… sorry to my favorite brand of all time but i think they are starting to loss their touch… im sorry… ever since this years styles they have extremely changed and not for the good… and believe me… ill cop all the lrg i can as long as its fresh in my opinion… i aint no poser kid that just goes and buys a couple new gay style shirts just because he wants to be “hip” with everyone else and wears it a couple times before jumping on the next hip thing… i havent bought any new lrg this year… im still stuck on their legit shit form the last few years… idk about there new stuff… its changed WAY to much…

  • SIN says:

    As Much As I Love LRG That Shit Looks Gay

  • Adrian Sadeghi says:

    hell no lol if i was gay..even then maybe.

  • Terrail says:

    I don’t think I would look right wearing a cardigan.

  • Oliver says:

    cardigans ain’t gay, it’s all about how to rock dem, don’t like the colours though

  • Al Ko says:

    HEELLLLLL NAW!!!!! Thats not a good look!

  • PurP says:

    Yes I would wear this. Is it in stock yet?

  • shawntay says:

    doo dink do dat hosco posco jama con diego

  • The king says:

    Nope. That’s not my style. i rather wear a button up or something like that

  • Ryan3000 says:

    Model just aint wearin it right thats all.. And maybe change the colors on this one.. These colors on this piece of clothing kind of defeats the whoe purpose (grown and sexy), but the sweater is a yes tho

  • Reggie says:

    Flava at its finest! It’s all about your person swag, just gotta be rocked the right way

  • Lex iz god says:

    I’m a Cardi freak , gay? who ever said that’s gay is a straight bum, dude prolly rockin South Pole jeans and Kani boots with a Bear jacket = Mexican alcaholic, step your grown and secci game up

  • Montreal says:

    i’d like it if i was a flaming homo thug….but im not so bun dat battyhole cardigan

  • model man says:

    when is this going to be in stock?
    LRG at its oldest , finest style

  • taeyoung says:

    would look right on a little boy or a clown, but since im not a little boy or a clown. i wouldn’t rock that ronald mcdonald shit. if i saw a grown man wearing this id be rollin.. dont take a girl’s advice on men’s clothing. they would put glitter on ur face draw hearts on ur asscheek make u wear this ridiculous shit and ull be in teacup parties riding ponies to alice and wonderland in notime

  • Johnny B says:

    Fuck that. LRG is the shit. But that shit is wack. That looks like something staight out of Abercrombie.

  • Juan Y G says:

    hell yea thats the best

  • Lifted Skater says:

    Man…its L-R-G so…duh!!!!! Stay lifted…

  • abend says:

    been rockin’ lifted for 9 years.

    this is pretty bad.

    this is like Air Jordan Fusion bad, with even worse colors.

  • dylan7 says:

    uhmmm….i like it. but id only wear it with a freshh a55 pair
    of light colored blue jeans. the dark wash really aint right.

  • seesup says:

    haha hell nahh, thas boo boo

  • BenJustin Powels says:

    im feeling the sweat….. will rock this anytime…… keep up the good work…. ~get lifted~

  • Devon says:

    I would definitely wear that! I would however change the arrangement though. It’s ok how it is in the pic, but needs a little more. Plus with the right wrist accessory and smell good, you are on your way!

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